AIB Graphics Card “Add-in Board” | Market Hits $11.8 Billion

In the Q2’21 period, unit shipments of add-in boards climbed from the previous year, according to the new research study by analyst Jon Peddie Research, while Nvidía raised the market share by 0.3% and 2% year-over-year to 80% from last quarter. AIB Graphics Card exported more than $11.8 billion a quarter – a 179 percent increase year on year.

AIB Graphics Card Details

Add-in boards employ discrete memory-based GPUs (GPUs). AIB’s usage is available on desktop computers, workstations, servers, mining renderers, and instruments.

The AIBs are purchased from resellers or OEMs by consumers and corporations. They can be installed as an update or part of a new system.

AIB Graphics Card

The highest end of the graphics sector are systems with AIBs. Entry-level systems employ slow-moving system memory built-in GPUs (GPUs) in CPUs.

Since the crypto-love of recent years has declined, the trend in AIB quarterly sales has steadily declined. But AMD and Nvidia have reported record game sector income because of the epidemic and increasing popularity of the sports.

In the light of these trends and Intel’s inclusion in the AIB market, the sector generally has favorable signals.

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Desktop dGPU

The number of shipments of Desktop dGPU increased year-over-year both for AMD and Nvidia, and the usual seasonality could be seen as a little decline from 1Q.

In the following graphic, you can see the relative changes from quarter to quarter.

Desktop dGPU

Overall, AIB shipments climbed 13.4 percent on an annual basis, more than desktop CPUs, up 8.0 percent from the previous quarter of one year.

AIB Market

There are two dGPU providers in the PC AIB market, which are also building and distributing AIBs. AMD and Nvidia are the major providers of GPUs. 54 AIB providers are available. They are the clients of the two main GPU providers called “partners” for AIB OEM. Some of the AIB providers offer the products of AMD and Nvidia, while others offer only one.

Last year, the AIB market was $29 billion. By 2023, we expect $44.1 billion. Intel might lead to an increase in unit shipments and TAM because of the strength of its brand and position with the OEMs. AIBs have been in use since 1981 at 2.094 million.

Normally this quarter is less than the last quarter. It fell -2.9 percent in the last quarter this quarter. This is a bit lower on average than the desktop CPU market, which grew 1.2% compared to the prior quarter, with an average of -9.7 percent.

FAQs About AIB Graphics Card

All Graphic cards are AIB, and it means Add-in Board. Here we are mentioning some important ask from people with a good answer. Hope you will enjoy it.

What do graphics cards mean by AIB?

Add-in boards (AIBs) employ dedicated memory for discrete GPUs (dGPUs). AIBs are used by desktop computers, workstations, servers, rendering, mining farms, and scientific tools. AIBs are purchased from resellers or OEMs by consumers and businesses. 

You can be installed, or part of a new system as a system upgrade.

Is the graphics and video cards identical?

A card is an expansion card that provides output pictures to a display device, sometimes called a video card, display card, graphic adapter, or display adapter (such as a computer monitor).

What card is ideal for 3080?

The MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio is your best choice if you want the greatest overall RTX 3080 graphics card.

What is the cost of graphic cards?

At the moment, it is difficult to get your hands on a fresh card. 

All cars that come into stock recently have inflating prices and restricted availability, whether you’re searching for a second-genre or an older one. In brief, today’s demand for graphic cards is far more than the supply.

Is it better for Nvidia or AMD?

Nvidia and AMD take significantly different methods when it comes to functionality beyond just rendering games. In general, the approach of AMD is considerably more customer-friendly since it provides features and technology that may be utilized even on graphic cards – although AMD’s proprietary silicone typically works best.

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