Air Battery Pro Apk Download Latest Version for Free

Air Battery Pro Apk shows the Apple AirPod or Dr. Dre’s Beats the latest battery status (Gen 3). The latest update of AirBattery for Android is [Pro] APK Free Download. AirBattery v1.2.7 [Pro] Complete APK download.

Descriptions of Air Battery Pro Apk

This program reveals the new Apple AirPods 1 and 2 or Dr. Dre’s beats battery status (Gen 3). To see the Apple AirPods / Beats load, open the app by Dr. Dre. Or use the notification (pro) clearly if you’re only looking quick.

The battery state is shown in an interval of 10% (Full | 95% | 85%), as only with this accuracy can devices submit their battery status.

Air battery pro apk for android

And with the AirPods, the Bluetooth transmitter fails. Therefore, only when at least one AirPod is placed in the case, the case’s battery level is shown. Bluetooth’s BLE protocol is used for the program.


  • See Dr. Dre’s system charging speed for Apple AirPods and Beats (Gen 3)
  • Apple W1 and H1 chip help
  • Notification for automated upgrade
  • The status bar notification icon displays the lowest load pod (pro)
  • opens while AirPods / Beats are on the handset
  • Reveals AirPods / Beats Nearest
  • Small pop-up window to show the AirPods/Beat’s battery status
  • Spotify Ear recognition # (only with AirPods; experimental)

Download Air Battery Pro APK (4 MB)

The status of the air battery is seen at an interval of 10% (Full | 95% | 85%). A Bluetooth transmitter also fails in the case of the AirPods. Therefore, only when at least 1 AirPod is inserted is the battery level seen.

The software uses the low-energy interface (BLE) for Bluetooth. Location permits are only used to the API for Bluetooth LE, and the Bluetooth LE beacons are often used for indoor navigation.

Air battery pro apk

Just by connecting to an iPhone or Macbook, can you configure AirPods and adjust dual-tap functionality. You can then use Android to modify the double-tap function.

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FAQs About Air Battery Pro Apk

We have shared our experience due to all the questions about this application.

How can I use the battery air application?

On Android, install the app. If the attached AirPods’ loading case is mounting, open the lid. You will see the battery level of each AirPods and the battery case on your screen.

Does Samsung deal for AirPods?

Wow, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and every Android smartphone are working with Apple Airpods. There are, however, several features that you lack while using non-iOS computers using Apple AirPods or the AirPods Pro.

Is the AirPods fake good?

Fake AirPods are pretty okay, though. Therefore, you look the same as the first Airpods and have identical battery sounds and lives.

How are the Air Pro batteries checked?

Open your case deck on your iPhone and keep your case near your device with your AirPods inside. Please wait a few seconds for your AirPod charging case to check its charging state. In the Batteries widget on your iOS device, you can also check the charging state of your AirPod.

Can I use Android AirPods?

AirPods connects any device with Bluetooth. Go to Connections > Bluetooth and check sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Android smartphone. Then open the box, touch.

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