Best Laptop for Writers & Bloggers – Best Buyer Guide

It may seem weird to choose a gadget as the Best Laptop for Writers. But authors like video editors, 3D designers, and photographers have unique demands for their primary device. In addition, they require a working keyboard and word processor to proceed beyond them.

For example, if you type away for hours at a time, a functional keyboard is not enough. It must be touching, accurate, highly reliable, and with tactile feedback and a good bounce.

You’re probably going to require one of the most excellent keyboards on the computer if you expect to type for extended hours without tiredness.

It would help if you also had a great display that doesn’t damage your eyes after extended write sessions and is available outside, along with an excellent keyboard.

In addition, you may desire something compact and portable so that, no matter where you are, you may explore your ideas.

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What Makes Best Laptop for Writers

A large write laptop offers various primary qualities, including battery life, storage, keyboard type, and more. Below are our ideas for fantastic laptop functions when your primary objective is to write using the laptop.

Writers Storage Recommended Laptop Features:

At least 250GB is excellent these days. You may want to check out an SSD disc upgrade if you’re traveling a lot. Of course, you may always utilize a storage solution such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud if you need more.

Battery Life

Most laptops have a lot of battery life these days, but you should search for one with a minimum battery life of 4 hours unless you intend on being tied to a desk all day long.


Comfort is the keyboard’s most significant aspect. Laptops with convenient keyboards are hard to find, but you can always get a lightweight wireless keyboard.

“Bounce” and “click” keyboard loudness are personal tastes thus; we can’t provide any suggestions. You can write in dim light; we strongly recommend having a backlit keyboard.


If you’re carrying it regularly, choose something lightweight (less than 4 pounds).

Touchscreen/Tablet Writing

This is an option; however, if you intend to take many handwritten notes, you might want to acquire a touchscreen or write pad.


Get 4GB or more, but prefer more than 8GB.


Buy your favorite word processor or Windows or Mac OSX, respectively.


These days, or better, you should obtain an Intel i5.


It is advisable but not required to have a discrete one. Don’t forget to get your new laptop bag and laptop accessories!

What should writers think before purchasing?

Hundreds of models are on the market, but a writer has several features. Here are a few factors to examine before the most excellent choice is purchased.


It doesn’t necessarily imply that you can’t acquire friendly equipment because of a low budget. There are many decent models on the market so that a laptop that doesn’t break the bank may be found cheaply.

Best laptops for writers on a budget

The good news as a writer is that to support demanding software applications, you do not need a powerful CPU.

Programmers, players, and photo publishers might be interested in a highly developed and RAM processor. Most authors can utilize laptops for surfing and writing in the middle class.

Life of the Battery

It would help if you had a trustworthy battery that will not deceive you when you participate in meetings, work throughout the commuting process, and make some changes before mailing the finishing edition of your item or novel. If you browse for a laptop, having a long battery life is a great benefit.

It is not always simple to find a power outlet as a writer, as you may inspire yourself on the beach or a plane. Only because you run out of batteries will you not want to submit your work after the deadline.

Therefore, you should make sure that replacement batteries are easy to locate so that, when necessary, you can install a new one.

Portable Most

It would help if you had a portable laptop that doesn’t tighten your shoulder or back while carrying it. So it is between becoming inspired when having your favorite cup of coffee and going from your office to a peaceful place where you can write.

Laptops are transported either in suitcases or in laptop bags. This implies your laptop’s weight plays a decisive role while considering several possibilities to discover the most practical.

In our following options, we have listed various tablets, but a portability deal always exists. For tablets, it is commonly included – anticipate fewer major apps to support it.

It could seem tempting to use a massive laptop with many terrific capabilities, but it will not match your lifestyle as an author. If it’s tough to transport, you don’t have to get a high-end laptop.

Remember that, frequently with your computer, you are leaving the city and can travel. So it’s not supposed to drag you down.

Best Taskboard

You may push the keyboard too hard with all the zeal. This implies that you should remain away from a dim keyboard even if the computer is beautiful.

You have to ensure the keyboard is adequately constructed to handle writing every day. In addition, the arrangement should be suitable and easy, so that you do not spend time finding the relevant letters.

Finally, backlight keyboards may be utilized in different lighting circumstances – nothing may be worse than waking up your partner at midnight when you’re inspired by midnight and have to put the words down!

If you are in the market for a new laptop for an external keyboard, check out our survey below (though note that our top picks all have great keyboards).

Most trusted

A computer is a value-added investment (don’t forget that it may also be deductible!). Therefore, a laptop should function for years with very little maintenance that delivers the same performance.

Laptops should be both physically and software-friendly when it comes to dependability. You, therefore, need a robust and well-constructed laptop that can resist every day.

You’ll take care and don’t chuck it about your computer. Yet you’re not always going to be around. Therefore, you must have a strong body.

High-quality materials should be manufactured of the hinges and screen, which will show no symptoms of wear after a short length of time.

One example of this is the incredibly dependable yet lightweight devices from Apple like MacBook and MacBook Air. Therefore, they are instrumental. These machines have a strong, unheavy, or narrow frame.

As for the software, based on your tastes, you have numerous alternatives to consider. Apple products employ IOS, so the user can easily navigate via the Internet. To explore the full capabilities of a laptop, you can download your favorite writing program.

The most common options for most people are Windows operating systems. Windows is user-friendly and straightforward to explore, whereas IOS may be more professional and refined.

Regular updates are, however, essential with Windows to your antivirus software. Your laptop would otherwise be constantly at risk.

Chromebooks employ the Chrome OS to suit writers who routinely explore the net. The cloud-based storage method allows your data to be protected but requires a solid connection to your memory. But you don’t have to install a virus scanner to secure your laptop.

Best Screen Display

You don’t have to show the gamer very professionally. However, it would help if you had a trustworthy display that you can see and write effortlessly.

The display should be clear and secure so that you won’t be stressed after many hours of labor. In addition, you have many size options so that you may feel comfortable writing.

Your laptop is tiny and portable with a small display. But if you experience headaches or your eyes strain after writing long, it may not be the ideal alternative to consider.

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Best Laptop for Writers 2021: The Shortlist

It could be challenging to choose the correct laptop – not all technical people are, and a labyrinth of jargon might be the laptop choosing process! For this reason, we have developed a list of ten of the best laptops to consider.

Check out these top-quality selections with adequate keyboards, battery life and mobility, on-the-go qualities, and enough processing power to deal with the average daily needs of most journalists, editors, novelists, and copy-writers.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 –Best Laptop for Writers

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 — Our preferred writers’ laptop.

This year, the Lenovo Ideapad was upgraded to Ideapad 3. The laptop currently has 12GB of DDR4 Ram, 256GB SSD, and a very convenient keyboard.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo is recognized for producing lightweight laptops of high quality. The Ideapad was always one of its most affordable laptops for the budget-conscious author.


  • Lighthouse
  • Affordable
  • Processor Fast Quad-Core


  • Battery life for 4 hours
  • The unit is equipped with a 3.6GHz Inteli5, a 12GB DDR4 RAM, a 256SSD, and a high battery life.
  • Even with these capabilities, the Ideapad is just 4.07lbs in weight and 0.8 inches thick, so that this laptop will not drag the bag down.

2. Chromebook Acer 1. (Best Budget Pick)

Explore a Chromebook’s full potential on this convenient notebook. The Celeron processor enables you to use several software packages as a successful writer to start your journey.

Chromebooks aren’t for all people, but everyone else appears to move into the cloud, and that’s just a future-proof computer to accomplish that. Unfortunately, no one can install conventional software packages.

Thanks to the cloud storage system, you can be confident that all your information is safe and available for beginners.

Therefore, this is a decent choice. In addition, you may think about it if you have a tight budget because it costs less than 300 dollars.

Chromebook Acer 1

It contains an integrated SD reader with numerous connectors and up to 9 hours of the lithium-ion 3-cell battery.

This PC couldn’t support excellent games with only 2GB of RAM storage. However, it is a good pick, as it weighs 2.43 pounds for free or professional writers (1.1kg).

Window size is not unbelievable, but it is probably the most excellent tiny laptop to write since it’s unbelievably compact with only 8.03 x 11.57 x 0.73 in the 11.6′′ edition.

The Acer Chromebook is one of the finest laptops for writers on a budget, with prices from a little over $200.


  • Weight and cost-effectiveness
  • Chrome OS Built-in SD Reader Easy to Understand
  • Audio and webcam of the highest quality
  • Keyboard Backlit


  • CPU isn’t speedy
  • The display is tiny and not that amazing in quality

1. iPad Pro from Apple (Our On-The-Go Pick)

If you are on the move, you need dependable, lightweight, maintenance-free equipment. You can view and edit files wherever you are, with Apple iPad Pro (in fact, this post was edited mainly using an iPad Pro).

It is equipped with a 10.2-inch or 12.1′′ retina, with high-quality details in every lighting situation. Moreover, you know that your data is secured with Face ID on the Pro models since no one can go to your smartphone without your consent (Touch ID works well also; hence, these models don’t need to be selected just for security issues).

iPad Pro from Apple

You can write, draw and edit whenever you want, thanks to the clever keyboard design. It turns into a cover for a compact and polished appearance when not required.

However, perhaps not everyone is favorite because it is not ergonomic, and unlike many of our other recommendations, it is not a backlit keyboard.


  • iPad lightweight
  • Retina display of high quality
  • Battery life time’s Hours
  • the intelligent keyboard, which becomes a cover


  • Restrictive OS — more an iPhone than a PC
  • Ports Limited
  • No keyboard backlit

FAQs About Best Laptop for Writers

The best Laptop for writers guide is provided by Apkadviser, which will help you get the best information. Here we are going to share some people asking questions and answer more explicitly about our article.

Is it Good for Writers’ Chromebooks?

My Chromebook is compact and lightweight, with a battery life of about 8 hours and an extremely quick “waking-up” like a tablet.

This is perfect for writing and editing on the fly. (Naturally, while tiny devices are convenient to edit and comment on, writing on a laptop with the right keyboard certainly is much superior.)

Is it good for authors for Lenovo Thinkpad?

A Lenovo ThinkPad can and is worthy of a compañera if you’re a serious writer who writes many words every day. There are the E series models for you if you are more budget-driven.

I had never looked back once I had my Thinkpad. Oh, and you can easily install Linux on Windows if you dislike it.

What is JK Rowling’s laptop for?

Air in MacBook

Try viewing this video at or activate JavaScript if your browser has been disabled. Rowling has been recording since completing the Harry Potter novels and currently writes on a MacBook air.

What’s the most dependable laptop brand?


Said Apple is today’s most trusted laptop brand. There’s no discussion. Apple creates laptops and PCs that are the most.

What do I do on my laptop using symbols?

Press and hold ALT as you type in the character code to enter an ASCII character. To join a grade (o) sign, for example, tap and hold the ALT on the number keyboard while typing 0176.

To order the numbers and not the keyboard, you must utilize the numeric keyboard.

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