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Visual appearance is an essential element when presenting content for marketing purposes, such as images to be presented on social media, blogs, or print. If you think that image design can only be done by a graphic designer, wait a minute. Now, you can use the Canva Apk premium version for free to create image designs.

Canva is one of the tools you can use to create various visual content designs for your website or blog. If you use Canva, you don’t need professional design skills. Because Canva Pro Apk has provided various premium features for free that is easy to use; the design process will be even more comfortable. In this article, you will get the Canva premium version for free, and you will learn how to use Canva with its features. Happy reading!

Canva Apk Premium Mod – Design, Collage, Logo Maker

Canva is a software that can simplify graphic design. Now, you can create anything, such as posters, backgrounds, pictures, book covers, and many other types of graphic designs, in seconds using just one device.

The design elements of Canva’s software are easy to add. Start buddy by selecting a selection of one of the pre-created base bookmarks. From there, you will compare with decorative elements, a trademark of a trade, or your portrait, whatever it is.


You can use Canva’s built-in portrait collection or from your collection stored on your phone kit, enhance or remove text boxes, apply filters, and much more.

When you have finished editing the portrait, and the results are the best, you can immediately send it to your social media account.

Overview Of Canva App

Name Canva
Genre Art & Design
Offered By Canva
Size 30.4 MB
Current Version 2.95.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated January 29, 2021
Pro Info Premium

Download Canva Apk (30.4 MB)

 Benefits Of Canva

We previously mentioned that Canva is known as a graphic design app known for its ease of use. However, Canva’s advantages over other apps are not only that. There are a variety of designs you can create with them, including:


Branding is essential in building your online presence – be it a blog, online store, or business landing page. So, the logo is a means of branding. In Canva, various templates make it easy for you to create a unique logo.


Want to create an ad for a product, service, or event? Signs are an ideal means of achieving this. With Canva, it’s easy to create attractive poster designs.

Featured Image Blog – The existence of a featured image in an article can enhance the blog design and make visitors feel more comfortable reading. To make it instantly, you can use Canva.


To make your blog content more varied, you can intersperse articles with infographics. This kind of content is complicated, and not everyone is capable of making it. However, Canva makes the process of creating infographics incredibly easy.


If email marketing is on your list of marketing techniques, you are familiar with newsletters. Well, with Canva, you can save time on creating this email content.

Social Media Content

Facebook content accompanied by images is 2.3 times more effective at attracting netizens’ attention. Luckily, Canva makes it easy for you to design various visual media suitable for social media.

Youtube Thumbnail

The thumbnail or image is representing your youtube video does not have to be a snippet of the video. With Canva, you can design unique Youtube thumbnails.

Product Packaging Design

Is this your first time selling a product? Canva can help you design packaging for various types of products, from bottle labels to cardboard boxes.

canva pro apk


Not only shops in the real world but online shops also need to provide invoices or payment details for buyers. To differentiate your invoice from other stores, you can take advantage of the convenience that Canva provides.

Banner Ads

Want to create a banner for your website ad without graphic design skills? You can do this if you use Canva.

Features Of Canva Apk Premium Version

Design Logos, Posts, And More

Choose a favorite template and turn it into yours straightforward: click on a template and add a photo from within All pictures. Canva offers a vast photo library of over 1 million images. They are entirely free; you can download, tweak a bit, change the colors, add filters and transparency to turn them into personal works of art.

Photo Trimmer

When you want to upload photos to social media, it is not uncommon for you to feel unsuitable because the image’s size to be uploaded is not the right one. If you have a problem like this, then the Canva app can help solve it. You can crop the photo to the size you want or choose the one application ratio.


Have you ever thought about making a photo look like a comic? Indeed this is very interesting to try, right? If you want to try it, you can use one of the Canva application features. You can add bubbles in which you can fill in the words or sentences as you wish.

Font Or Text

Sometimes adding text to a photo will make the image more unique and funny. Well, you can use Canva’s text feature if you want to do this. There are many different writing styles to choose from. With this, you can pour all the inspiration into a photo by adding writing.

Photo Adjustments

When you finish taking photos through the camera on your cell phone, it is not uncommon for you to feel that something is missing with the picture. Indeed, there is no way you will repeat the same moment. To solve this problem, you can use the Canva application’s help to make adjustments from lighting, sharpness, and much more.

Stickers &  Emojis

Apart from text, stickers or emojis are considered capable of making a photo look unique and funny. Well, this application also brings lots of emojis and stickers that you can use. Even if you feel that the stickers and emojis that this application has are still lacking, you can download them again.


Canva has provided many of the most exciting frame options. Frames are separated into various categories, each of which has more than 100 frame options that are unique and ready to use.

You can also create the most creative portraits with the right composition. The frame is what you can edit again to adjust the color or text you want. You can also create the most creative portraits with the right composition. The frame is what you can edit again to adjust the color or text you want.

canva mod apk


To be able to give a perfect fade effect, you can use the transparency feature. Canva Pro has powerful features so that you can adjust the Opacity of design elements according to your needs.

So that your portrait display has more weight | weighs | quality and like a professional. You can also layer each of the elements with transparent effects with cool, impressive shapes, colors, and outcomes.

Light Settings

Canva is also able to enhance your portraits with complete lighting settings. You can also remove elements that don’t look good enough, for example, blemishes, dullness, uneven skin, acne, and so on.

With the technique of increasing saturation or a subtle effect on the skin, your portraits will look much prettier.

Blur Effects

There are times when young people do not like blurred portraits or usually called blur. You can create this effect solely using Canva software.

Canvanua has provided a blur tool for the portrait section to give a fantasy, elegant, and trendy impression. You can also sharpen certain parts and other elements to create blur or blur without minimizing the photo’s quality.

Photo Vignette Effect

For those of you who like vignette effects or vintage style, you must use Canva Pro. This app already provides vintage features using a useful vignette tool.

You can also make old movies using fashion styles, nuances, and effects that are both warm and sentimental.

You can also increase the composition of the gray vignette in certain parts to give a retro and attractive impression.

Texture Features

Canva’s editor app already features a wide range of textures and nuances. Apart from colors, there are various kinds of textures that you can use as backgrounds for your photos.

Starting from the texture of paper, pencil, mosaic, cloth, patterns, designs, and much more.

You can also add filters and transparency to make your photos much more elegant and professional.

After you know what features you can get by using this canva opened apk. So here is an example of the edits on the Canva apk.

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How to Use the Canva App

Ok, now we enter the section on how to use the Canva application; when ready, please read the guide to using Canva below until it’s finished. Happy reading!

Creating A Canva Account

First of all, to use the Canva app, you need to create an account. The method is straightforward; you have to access the Canva link. After logging into the Canva, you can click on the “sign up” button in the screen’s upper left or right corner.

After registering, you are ready to use the Canva application.

Designing With Canva

The next step after your Canva account is successfully created, you will go to the main page of the Canva application as above, and to create a design or visual content, you can click the “create a design” button on the top left of the screen or in the image with a red box.


Choosing A Canva Template

Once you have chosen the type of content you want to create, you will be taken to Canva’s editor page. You can design with the help of a template to make it easier for you and speed up the design process. You have to choose a template that suits you, and you can edit it on the right side of the screen, such as text type, text size, background, and others.

Edit Background

You first select the background you want to use, and as seen above, the image doesn’t fit the canvas. For the image to match the canvas, you can click on one of the four edges of the photo, press the “alt” button to make it proportional, then drag it. The result is as shown below.

The writing you make is clear later; you need to edit the background so that the text to be added is easy to read later. To edit it, click “Adjust.” After clicking, you will see several sliders to slide left and right to get the desired edits.

Or you can use a black shape to bring it above the background. After that, you adjust the opacity as shown below.

Add Text

To add the text, you click on the “Text” sign on the left. There are two options for adding text, the first you can choose an existing template by Canva, and this method is more effective and practical because you only need to change the text.

Edit Text

You can also change the size, color, and writing style by clicking on the text you want to customize. You can pass the text again; also you can press and drag in the manner you want.

Download And Share Your Design Results

When your design is finished, your plan will be automatically saved in the storage folder because Canva has an autosave feature. You have to download your design or share it on other platforms, such as websites and social media. You can also transfer your designs to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Click “Download” in the top-right corner of the screen to download the design—the screen. After clicking the “Download” button, there are various file formats that you can use, such as PNG, JPG, and PDF.

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Canva Pro APK – Free Pro Version Download

Without a doubt, Canva Pro APK is here to revolutionize the industry. It provides the ease and practicality of obtaining professional results with simple actions like drag and drop.

Those who already have design skills will be very easy and will be a delight. Those who don’t have it can rely on pre-made templates and designs for quick and uncomplicated edits.

Try Canva Pro APK right now and get Canva’s Premium features for free! Download the app.

How To Install Canva Premium Apk For Free

  • Download the free Canva pro first via the link above and wait for the download to complete.
  • Install the application that has been downloaded.
  • If the user has never previously installed an application, the user can first go to setting – security – then check the unknown source.
  • Then the user can continue to install it.
  • After the application is successfully installed, the user can use it.

Canva Apk

As said above, you can download this Canva application for free. And you can use all kinds of paid features for free too. So what are you waiting for? Download Canva APK now and produce a satisfying design.

The FAQs about Canva Apk

We are using this application and face something important issue that you need to know for using it on your device.

Can I use the Canva Apk on a PC?

Yes, you have to install the Android emulator so you can use this Canva app

Is this apk Safe?

Safe, while you have installed an antivirus application for smartphones, all apk downloaded here will be scanned first so that it is safer for you to use.

What does Canva stand out for?

Easier to use and more superior features than others.

Why download the Canva pro Apk?

Canva is an incredible graphics-based online tool. Everything you need to create or design and redesign, use the canva application. Access a library that has been stored thousands of free stock and icons ETC, that can be used easily.

Can I make a logo?

Yes, Canva help to making an awesome logo without knowing deeply any graphics knowledge. It is effortless just to drag and drop your logo frame.

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