CSR Classics APK – Download Latest Version 3.0.3 [Unlimited Money and Gold]

Who does not wish to ride cars through the streets of an awesome night city? Hey, download the CSR Classics APK to fulfill your dream.

This is an excellent game that makes your virtual life worthy. Here you will ride in an old sports car. Your contest is to win the competitions.

You can now able to upgrade your car to be the speedy king of riders. Your fans will support you to give you confidence. Show your skill in handling super-competitive circumstances.


Unleash your talent. Conquer the streets and win thy world.  It’s the game of legends. Legends never lose.

CSR Classics APK Overview

Name of the app CSR Classics
Compatible with Android 4.0
Publisher NaturalMotionGames Ltd.
Price Free
Mode Yes
Category City Racing
Latest Version 3.0.3
Size 870 MB

Download CSR Classics Apk (870 MB)

Download the game right now from the google play store.

Link to google play store: com.naturalmotion.csrclassics

The Best Racing Game for android

If you like to play racing games, I will recommend If this game. This is not only my choice for this game but also the choice of hundreds of thousands of race-loving gamers all over the world. This game shows excellent graphics so that you can move your car more correctly.

It’s a drag racing game. Have you ever heard what a drag racing game is? If yes, it sounds good. If no, I am here to let you know. There are some types of racing games. Drag racing is one of them.

Download CSR Classics APK

In general racing games, you don’t have control over the car. There you only control the shifts and brakes. But a drag racing game allows you to control the car just like the real-time driving experiences.

Unlike the general racing games, there is no scope to do wrong with your driving. If you have an error turn, the game will be ended in a few seconds. Now, you must realize how serious and competitive this game is.

No other racing game will give you so many thrills as the CSR Classics. Seize the day by riding these legendary virtual retro cars.

CSR Classics Features

The features of CSR Classics cannot be explained in some words. It has so many extraordinary features. Among them, I am describing here some of the notable features.

Great Classic Cars

This game offers you over 50 great classic cars of some marvelous car companies. Just imagine how thrilling the game is!

They offered cars are Plymouth Superbird, Ford GT40, Shelby Mustang GT500, and so on from BMW, Mercedes, Shelby, Pontiac, and more.

Great Competition

You can easily play the game, to be the master is not so easy. You must keep the timing of the shifts very accurate. Otherwise, your competitors will leave you a hundred miles back.

How would be the situation if you were 100 miles back from your competitor?

Real-Time Competitors

You can play this game online with real-time competitors from any part of this planet. Challenge them.

CSR Classics APK for android

Incredible Graphics

The incredible graphics give this game a new dimension. The cars and the backgrounds are so crystal clear that you may be wrong in marking them as real cars.

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A drag racing game like CSR Classics Apk is able to make your pastime more colorful. In this game, you can go in a challenge against so many global competitors. Besides, it gives you a real-time feeling of car riding.

FAQs About CSR Classics APK

You will be happy to read these questions with a good answer.

Can you sell CSR Classics your cars?

Your car cannot be sold in CSR Classics.

How did CSR Classics happen?

Similar to its sister’s sibling title, but historic racing vehicles from the fifties through the eighties are included in CSR Classics. At the end of March 2018, CSR Classics announced its online discontinuation on 1 May 2018, and the online update on 21 May 2018 was later cancelled.

Could you sell CSR 2 cars?

You cannot sell your vehicle at CSR Racing at this time.

Could you sell CRS2 cars?

In Crew 2, players, unfortunately, cannot sell vehicles, which means that whatever car they gather will remain in the garage for a while. On the other side, there was limitless garage space in Crew 2, so players must never worry if they are out of space or can’t buy another car because they have insufficient space.

How are CSR classics getting free cars?

First, by runners at the conclusion of a stage with the crew boss to win a boss vehicle, is the most apparent means of getting a car free. To do this race, you only have one shot and at least 20 Gold is needed to save your gold.

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