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CyberDroid Apk is an android app used to fake the device’s location. So, without getting out of your house, you will catch the pokemon. You may also enjoy the 2016 launches of the Pokemon GO app, which was hit on the Google Play Store if you viewed the Pokemon series. As you know, we have to walk out to catch new Pokemons, and for many people, this becomes a huge challenge. CyberDroid is called the Computer.

I will share a little secret of this Apk file with you in this post, so you can catch a pokemon on the map without heading anywhere. A Cyberdroid software is available that can grub your position with a joystick.

Cyberdroid Apk Description

This Apk file is used for the creation or exposure of a false or simulated role. The Ninjas app creates the Cyberdroid program. In this app, you can skip the person’s place free of charge from Pokémon GO. This means that you can grub the place. And it’s also using a joystick.

The Apk is available as Bogus GPS Location Apk on Google Play. It is also located on Google Play Store’s navigation and charts. The app has just been revamped and is best known by Android users with this update. This is primarily attributed to the settlement of bug problems. Even the ratings show a positive 4.5-star rise to 5 stars. This is so many people worldwide download it.

cyberdroid apk

You can like it’s hard to deal with right from the very beginning. But over time, you will probably feel optimistic about the framework when you get available the user interface. Another 2 or 3 applications that support the Cyberdroid program have to be downloaded around the same time. Through using this software, you can also enhance game abilities. Daily updates will be available. There are some minor improvements that you will have to face. When a mistake exists, you have the right to email the developers.

Download Cyberdroid Latest Version for Android

Get from the link below the new APK version of the file. Please note that we are upgrading our URLs with the developer’s new update of the software. Then make sure you periodically update the website.


  • Quickly and conveniently, users can modify GPS with the Cyberdroid software.
  • You can pick the current position by using the joystick.
  • The other main aspect is that you can move the position to any point of the joystick.
  • Users can also build custom routes.
  • It would help if you paused from the joystick directly, at the same time.
  • Reverse mode on the path you go is also available.
  • By the way, keep track of the lovely places that you meet, for you don’t have to dig for it at the other time. The spot is safe.
  • Range and cool-down time details will show.
  • You should set the joystick to your specifications.
  • 3 speeds for your joystick are adjustable.
  • You can download this online tool free of charge. For you, it’s open.
  • It assists you in having the wrong GPS location.
  • You can also boost Pokeman gaming by getting all these advantages.

How to Install & Use CyberDroid APK?

First Step: Second, from the source above, download the APK file.

Second Step: Go to Settings and switch it into Settings > Protection > Unknown Tools.

Third Step: Next, go to File Manager > Folder download and tap the install file in APK.

cyberdroid mod apk

Fourth Step: Start and have all permissions for the app (If your install gets blocked via play store, tap on Install Anyway to continue)

Fifth Step: Press the Set located to open Cyberdroid to verify all accuracy settings.

Sixth Step: Google Maps now begins with the desired location.

Seventh Step: Finally, PokemonGO opens, and the spoofed switches the location.

How Cyberdroid Application Work?

It’s a little hard work to do that. These instructions have to be taken step by step. The program also works for unrooted computers, which enable you to launch another VMOS application. Lucky Patcher and ES File Explorer are also available.

  • Download and update Cyberdroid Apk on your computer.
  • Download and update VMOS Apk on your phone unless your phone is root.
  • Place your Android phone in Lucky Patcher.
  • And install your phone with ES File Explorer.
  • Ensure that the feature is enabled for your developer.
  • Open the VMOS app and allow the position, and start the game afterward.
  • Return to the home screen and restart the VMOS software and open the game in the VMOS.
  • You’re done now. Please enjoy the gameplay.

Is it safe to use Cyberdroid App?

CyberDroid is a third-party program that is programmed to get and grub. So, we cannot promise that this app is 100% safe; but it is not a concern for thousands of people. Another main problem is to make sure that this APK is downloading from a reputable website.

Since certain spamming sites supply Apk files to malware or backdoors after the updates, be careful to search it using an anti-virus program or a virus-based website after uploading APK files. Our website has every confidence, and we have a trusted app file.

cyberdroid apk mod

It is also necessary to carefully read your program permissions before installing the APK file. Please don’t install this software if you don’t want to grant these access permissions.

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Additional Information of CyberDroid

Name Cyberdroid
Version v6.4
Size 6.96 MB
Developed By Cyberdroid
Package Name com.cyberdroid.apk
Price Free

Download Cyberdroid Apk (6.96 MB)


If you understand the protection of the Cyberdroid APK, it is a third-party product used to exploit and pick. This app is secure for your telephone. This is a game of immense pleasure. While certain unlawful tasks exist, you can still do them for legitimate purposes. 


Some available specific questions are clearing more doubt about the application, and here we are going to give a solution to that questions:

Is CyberDroid available on google play?

Yeah, it is available with a different name. This app recently became popular with consumers, as you can use this app to fix bugs and some other problems.

What is the feedback of the CyberDroid Application?

This app has downloaded thousands of users worldwide, and the result is positive, with 4.5 out of 5.

Can visitors download the CyberDroid here?

Yes, you can download this app here; if you already play the Pokeman game, you can, free of charge, change your site. Do not hesitate to share this chance with family and friends, as you feel this is a nice app that you enjoy well.

Is it safe to install?

Yes, It is safe on an android device. We provide always malware-free.

Have any free hidden charges?

No hidden charges appilcable


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