Dark Rock Pro 4 RAM Clearance Review

Especially when trying to construct a quiet, high-performance system, an AIO liquid cooler is the specific solution, with the only room for improvement being a complete bespoke circuit. This inevitably carries various problems, including more excellent prices and an increased number of possible failure sites. Colder air is always an excellent choice for people who are seeking simplicity and remain silent! High-quality top-performance air coolers were well-known as a producer. The Dark Rock Pro 4 RAM Clearance provides cooling power of 250W TDP with a price point of £79.99, also high-end.

Specification of Dark Rock Pro 4 RAM Clearance

  • Model: 4 heats sink Dark Rock Pro
  • Material: Aluminum Material
  • Ventilator size: 120 x 120 x 25mm, 135 x 135 x 22mm.
  • Ventilator speed: 1,500, 1,200 RPM @100% PWM.
  • The Noise level of fan: 24.3 dBa @100%
  • Fan Pin: 4-pin connector (PWM)
  • Compatibility of Intel socket: Intel LGA 2066, 2011-v3, 2011, 1151.
  • Weight of Heat Sink: 1.3kg
  • Dimensions for heat sinking: 145.7 x 136 x 162.8 mm.

Dark Rock Pro 4 Reveals the cooler

Be silent! Be still! The packing of Dark Rock Pro 4 reveals the cooler on the front and demonstrates the cooling potential of 250W TDP. The Dark Rock Pro 4 comes with two premium Quiet Wings fans that will probably add silent performance and cooling advertised. There are precise dimensions in the rear of the box that verify the cooler is in place and that disconnected.

Dark Rock Pro 4 Reveals the cooler

The accessory box is fully assembled, and several instruction handbooks covering the most prevalent languages are provided at the opening date.

You also receive a plethora of brackets and parts for all current CPU connections and some older ones, in addition to many instruction manuals. A four-pin PWM fan fraction is also supplied to allow fans and two sets of fan brackets linked to your CPU fan header.

The 120mm smaller fan is prepared, while the 135mm fan has to be deleted individually for Installation. It is good to have another fan at the rear of the cooler if necessary for a repair set of brackets.

A big worry! Screwdriver and thermal component for easy Installation are also provided.

Silent Coolers

Dark Rock Pro 4 is similar to others in its esthetics to silent coolers, and with an all-black ceramic particle filing, displays no indication of aluminum or copper. These ceramic particles should be used as isolation for the heat transmission, not as a black covering. A little silver be still! The emblem on the top of the cooler is the sole exception to this all-black appearance.

The weight of the cooler at 1.3 kg is quite good and sturdy. There is no flex for the cooler, and sound improvements are given for both ventilators on either side of the more remarkable, such as rubber vibration damping strips.

Silent Coolers

Installation takes several steps and seems a bit hard from the beginning. The instructions include instruction manuals that help you navigate the procedure, but it makes sense to follow them in detail to avoid making mistakes.

You start with the plate and cross the corresponding socket holes with four screws. Four rubber o rings are suppling. You may then pass through the backside of your motherboard.

You screw on the four stopping nozzles with the rear plate attached. One thing I have seen at this point was that the nuts are a bit tight to thread and screw-on, and when the long tires travel through your mom’s board without clips or brackets, they tended to slide away from the backplate leaving me twisting the nut together.

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Mounting Bracket

The top mounting bracket must be placed over the CPU block and aligned to the outside backrest with the backrest fixed. The four full mounting nozzles may then be screwed together to hold the block firmly with the CPU block in place.

There must be four standoff spacers on the top of your motherboard, and then two mounting brackets may be installed and put into position above these standoffs.

To allow the supplied vent to pass the center of your cooler, you must slash two tiny caps off the cooler’s top. The thermal compound may then be placed on the CPU die, and the mounting bridge passed through the more open center overturns the CPU block of the coolers.

It is possible to pass through the cooler with the provided long screwdriver and reach the screws used to install the bridge to the brackets.

Mounting Bracket

You may fix the central fan and connect the top caps with the cooler fixed using the supplied fan clips. The fans may be linked with your CPU fan header and hooked to the splitter.

All in all, this is not a very difficult procedure, and I work for approximately 15 minutes. It’s a bit tricky, but that’s great to watch! Improved the process of Installation simply by adding an easy access long screwdriver to the package.


Note that RAM clearance is somewhat limited with the cooler fitted. The front 120mm fan stretched over three of our four possible RAM slots, and with the front placed on top of the more excellent, memory modules had a clearance of about 42mm, just for a low RAM profile.

We have conceived a technique that is easy to replicate to test all CPU coolers with no factors apart from the coolers. This assures the comparability of figures from all simpler tests.

Rig test

At KitGuru, we have upgraded our test set-up lately and are currently measuring Z170 temperature. We test the CPU on the ASUS Z170 Pro Game motherboard mounted on the Intel Core i7-7700K. For RA M we have a single 8GB Geil EVO X RGB stick for a 3200MHz bling, and a 120GB SanDisk SSD Plus storage is handled. The seasonal Prime Platinum 650W PSU is our bench-powered.

The testing procedure

We carry out many tests with four distinct temperature measurements for each refrigerator for testing. The i7-7700K locked in at 4.0 GHz is measuring at idle temperature for the first time before its load temperature which is measuring at the same frequency.

We operate the i7-7700K at 4.5 GHz for overclocks, with a 1.275 Vcore applied to idle and load. The temps we have are temperature deltas, where you can deduce both idle and loads from the temperature collected from the CPU. We know that a 4.5GHz overclock with a 1.275 Vcore does not give the best possible size to the i7-7700k, but this allows us to mimic the cooler’s performance with a less powerful CPU i3 i5, or hotter CPU, such as an overclocked i7-7700k.

Leaving Windows on your desktop for 15 minutes is an idle reading. The load reading comes from the 15-minute Small FFTs test Prime95’s (version 26.6) – enough time to get to the plateau. To measure temperatures, we utilize HWInfo64 v5.82.

Output of noise

Our sound meter is located 1 foot away from the test bench to detect noise levels. A high amount of noise is seen. The noise floor (i.e., room ambient noise) has been measured at 34 dba, and the great majority of cold clocks do not generate noise levels above this number when tested at the inventory clock. Therefore, in our overclocked CPU test run, we provide one chart with sound levels.


Every temperature diagram is sorted at the highest load temperatures.

Our 7700K at 4GHz performance is the most outstanding air cooler we’ve tested at full load, yet behind the double fan coolers, it sits just 4 degrees compared to the Cryorig A80. This is a very excellent example.

The silver medal just behind Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 is its idle performance.

If overclocked, the Dark Rock Pro 4 is in the 3rd position, both below the Criorig A80 and Arctic Liquid Freezer 240, compared to its performances.

More importantly, the Dark Rock Pro 4 is the quietest cooler tested throughout the management of this additional heat. It is followed closely by the MA410M; however, given the efficiency, it takes to keep your CPU cool, if you are not very interested in RGB lights and LEDs.

Be quiet overall! The cooling performance of Dark Rock Pro 4 is soft, while the most silent cooler is also being evaluated. If BeQuiet says Dark Rock Pro 4 is “outstanding for overclocked computers and challenging workplaces,” they do not lie.

It is an excellent alternative for quieter operation, and even while overclocked, it does an outstanding job of treating temps.

It’s a bit fiddly, but this is significantly improving with the screwdriver, clear instructions, and suitable labeling assembly hardware.

It’s an excellent alternative for people searching for coolers to operate more quietly using higher TDP CPUs like workstations or overclocks heavily.

The budget-oriented constructor isn’t suitable at £79.99, but you would probably not match it with a Pentium. It looks exceptionally well in esthetic terms with an all-black paint scheme, and every mounting device having the same black treatment is another great advantage.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is available for £73.99 inc. VAT HERE from Overlockers UK.


  • Excellent cooling when overclocking.
  • Even overclocked and full load, low audible noise.
  • Clean aesthetic, all-black, ideal for professional use.


  • Still a bit tricky Installation.
  • Air coolers' price at the dearer end.

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FAQs About Dark Rock Pro 4 RAM Clearance

Some important questions are providing with this article which will help you to solve your doubt about the app.

Does RAM block Dark Rock Pro 4?

TOWER LAYOUT DOUBLE. Dark Rock Pro 4 has two heat sinks of aluminum. The cut-offs made available improve RAM compatibility.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is how quiet?

The Dark Rock Pro 4 more excellent kit is all black, which fits the cooler's black appearance.

Is it worth the Dark Rock Pro 4?

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a strong cooler readily suitable for various liquid coolers of AIO 240mm. The main advantage is fewer potentially failed points and more attention throughout extended operations.

How is Dark Rock Pro 4 supposed to be directed?

They should travel in the same way. This would usually pull the exposed fan through the heatsink, the middle fan, and the case back. You can point this to the top of the issue at some AMD mountings.

Is there a thermal paste in Dark Rock Pro 4?

The cooler supports the most modern AMD and Intel sockets, with AMD's Threadripper being the significant exception. A tiny thermal paste syringe and six installation instructions can include with the package (English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German).

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