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Dead Space 2 APK is a wonderful science fiction android game that will keep you immersed in the mythological world of science fiction.

There is tremendous heart jerking events in the fictitious space.  You will love this game due to its mind-blowing gameplay and exciting graphics. Along with the clear and eye-isolating visions, you will enjoy the rich sound accomplishment.

Undoubtedly, this is a masterpiece from its developers. This is really exciting to say that you are going to enjoy a space tour on the android platform.

This game is made on the basis of the eponymous cinematic masterpiece designated with the outstanding plot.

Dead Space 2 APK

Dead Space 2 APK Overview

Game Overview
App Name Dead Space 2
Developer Visceral Games
Platforms PlayStation 3

Microsoft windows

Xbox 360

Modes Single Player


Genres Survival Horror

Third-person shooter

Ratings ESRB Mature 17+/ PEGI 18

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Dead Space 2 Android APK

Dead Space 2 Android APK has brought about a new chapter in android gaming technology. The enormous plot tends to bring the youngsters in the shadow of a gleeful gaming experience. However, the plot of this game is quite unique, so attracts the users to play. Everything in the story is set in a hostile space.

This is a survival game. Anyway, you can address it as a third-person horror game due to its gothic gameplay. This exciting game was first released in the United States of America on January 25, 2011. Dead Space 2 comes approximately three years after the release of the events of Dead Space. Issac Clarke, a former engineer built a civilian space station on the remains of Saturn’s moon that were devastated into pieces.


Actually, it has been build on following his outlandish attack on the USG Ishimura. Here begins a new Necromorph epidemic. Issac is the sole witness to the panic of this outbreak. As this is fictional video games you will meet some heroic characters. They are:

  • Issac Clarke: He is the main character or protagonist of this story and the worth survivor of the Ishimura
  • Ellie Langford: He is a CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capability) pilot. He helps the protagonist throughout the game.
  • Nicole Brennan: She is Issac’s dead girlfriend. Nicole comes to Issac through strong hallucinations.
  • Hans Tiedmann: He is the Earthgov Force Leader on Titan Station. Basically, he is the main antagonist who is one of the main threats to humankind.
  • Daina Le Guin: She is a mysterious woman character who teams up with Issac very early in the plot.

Dead Space 2 APK Download

In the very beginning of Dead Space, the players are introduced to a hospital in Sprawl, a metropolis that has a dense population. It is built on a splinter of the Titan. You know that Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. Franco is murdered and transformed into a mysterious condition, known as a Necromorph.

Then he meets Daina Le Guin who guides Franco to her location. Then he meets another patient, named Nolan Stross. Issac continues fighting across the city. However, the plot is very interesting and simple to grasp. I have mentioned just a little bit. You’ve probably got my point about how interesting a game you are going to play.

As a heroic plot has some heroic characters, you will meet several enemies too. Without enemies, a hero cannot show his heroism. So, this is urgent to have some villains to make a plot more interesting. Issac confronts some variants of the Necromorph infestation. They are:


This is the most common infestation of Necromorh. This type of Necromorph attacks with two large blades and stabs you. You will discover its advanced form later on.

Dead Space 2


This is also a very common form of Necromorh. It attacks with its corrosive bile. By projecting the bile it can make big harm. Besides, it slashes at the victims using its disfigured claws. Then comes the advanced Puker later in this game. You will first meet this form of Necromorph in the Dead Space 2 game.


This is a three-legged Necromorh that is very large in size and strikes with the long-bladed This is not so common in this game.


This form of Necromorh looks like the bat. It can infect dead bodies with its proboscis. Besides, it has the power to change the corpses into new Necromorphs.

Apart from these enemies, there are also some strong enemies in this game. They are Spitter, Leaper, Exploder, The Pack, Stalker, Lurker, Swarmer, Pregnant, Cyst, Crawler, Brute, Guardian, Pods, Nest, Divider, Twitcher, etc.

Are you ready to download the Dead Space game?

Dead Space 2 Android APK + Data

Get ready to download Dead Space 2 Android APK + Data. In this game, you will have some chapters. I’m gonna mention the chapter titles.

Chapters Title
1 Where Am I?
2 I Need Transportation
3 I’m Back to Walking Again
4 Going to Church
5 Cold and Cryptic
6 I Need Some Transportation
7 Power from the Sun
8 Through the CEC
9 Transportation Preparation
10 Deja Vu on the Ishimura
11 Down in the mines
12 The Drill
13 Government Sector
14 Marker Access and A New Threat
15 It Ends Here

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Dead Space 2 APK Free Download

In that hostile space, you will be leading a parasitic life. Obelisk creates the human corpses in this world. The Obelisk imposes people to sink into the hallucinations. So, they will think, they are leading a dead life. This is known as Nikromorfov. You see it will spread like a contagion. De facto, this mental disease will affect the psyche of the players. Download the Dead Space and conquer the space.

Download Dead Space 2 APK

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Final Words

The gameplay in the DS2 is different from the early released Dead Space game. Undoubtedly, it will give you completely a new taste. This may be played by a single player or several players. The new update has expanded the single-player operation. We have provided this with a downloadable link. If you have further queries, please feel free to express them in the comment section.

The FAQs about Dead Space 2 App

In this section, We mention all repeated questions for users. Please follow our FAQs section and clear about this Apk.

What is dead space Apk?

The science-fiction android game will keep you immersed in the mythological world of science fiction.

Can I direct download it from here?

Yes, You can direct download the link from here. Just scroll down and find out the button. Just click the download button and get it free.

Which type of game is this?

This is a horror and survival game from the third-person point of view.

Is this game available for PC along with Android?

Yes, the developer released an official patch for PC on Feb 24, 2011.

What is new?

In the latest version, there are a lot of bug fixes and expansion of the single player’s field.

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