Descargar Whatsapp GB – Huge Facts You Need to Know

Descargar Whatsapp GB is the best-adapted application of the unique messenger system in WhatsApp. Visitors can use this modified version on their devices without being banned.

That’s the exciting thing. And the application will help you make your life easier with friends. It’s another of the great-known unsanctioned WhatsApp Premiums for Android.

By using this application, you can create multiple WhatsApp accounts and appreciate some cool structures. Most people use this submission to use multiple WhatsApp accounts at a similar time.

Whatsapp GB

It has popular instant messaging features and functions that will make you install it by loving it. Let’s go to know the application.

Explanation of Descargar Whatsapp GB

It’s time to talk about the best WhatsApp Premium ever created, the premium that has managed to unseat WhatsApp Positive as the most downloaded and favorite for users.

This application is because no user has agonized blockages or problems using this application and its vast diversity of functions that we will explain below.

What makes this application so superior? We could be talking at dimension about all the good it brings us. However, we know that you are only concerned with the best and attractive one.

For this, this premium will allow you to hide all your chats in a simple snap. Thus, defending your privacy will be more comfortable than ever.

You will be able to record messages for up to 600 people concurrently—preview photos and videos without downloading them and Install new melodies and much more.

As we mentioned in the article, we could be talking endlessly about its characteristics. Therefore, a little below, you will find a list of its main physiognomies.

However, the most important thing is to know how to download the app and install it on your stratagem, don’t you think? Yes, everyone feels like that.

We know that many visitors already have knowledge of downloading and installing APKs; however, many users are new to this.

Descargar Whatsapp GB main features

As we promised above, we will inform you about this application. So, firstly we need to know its features which are working for the application.

We have already progressive some of them, and surely you will already know some of the most important ones. However, here we have them all with a specific version as well. Let’s see what they are:

  • Anti-band
  • No root access obligatory
  • Unlimited labels accessible
  • Check message antiquity of contacts and groups
  • Forward messages to anyone without a forwarding ticket
  • Audio clip size is nowadays up to 100MB and video size is 50MB
  • You will receive a statement if your friend changes their image
  • Copy the status of anyone with a simple click on the position
  • Stop getting calls from specific links or groups
  • Send broadcast script messages to groups
  • Can be locked without nosey with third-party software
  • You can change your notification sign and app icon
  • Pin chat limit has improved to 30

Features for Android

Now we will describe the features of android, which is very crucial for visitors. We know that most of the users want their favorite device. Here we are mentioning all together with separating by partition.

  • Greater privacy: you can hide all your chats.
  • Maximum dissemination: you can broadcast letters to more than 600 people at the same time
  • View all the photos and videos customary without downloading them!!
  • Customization to power: you can obtain different exclusive themes to give the WhatsApp app an exclusive look
  • Bulk sending: send videos larger than 30 MB and up to 90 images at the equivalent time
  • Copy the positions of your friends
  • Change app icon and notifications sign easily
  • Name and date are not imitative when numerous messages are copied
  • Hide the blue double pattern of WhatsApp and the last communications seen.

As you can see, this application is a box of amazements. With this WhatsApp, you can enjoy unique and smart functions that you could not with the official app.

Descargar Whatsapp GB download

This application is what primes many users worldwide to install and replace it with the authorized WhatsApp app. Are you one of them?

Go ahead and download GBWhatsApp APK for free on your device right now and start enjoying the dedicated WhatsApp practice!!

Information About Whatsapp GB APK

Categories Communication
Requirements Android 2.2 or higher

Android OS: 4.0.3 or higher

Unlimited internet data plan recommended

Current version 11.20.0
Size 3.9 MB
Price Free
Downloads 4197767

Download Descargar Whatsapp GB Apk (3.9 MB)

Then we look in the “Downloads” folder, which will be inside the files, the authority site, and click on it. So, the installation will start and, in a few seconds, we will have the app ready to appreciate it.

New application account features

As has happened with other Modes, GBWhatsApp has combined many options that WhatsApp has copied finished time.

However, other decisions are private to this version, and you will not enjoy it unless you install it on your device. These exclusive features are as follows:

  • Two WhatsApp accounts on the same device: You can have up to two books with different numbers on the same machine without replacing the application.
  • Privacy: You can fleece your status, create a password for admission to chats, and hide the memorandum that tells your contacts that you are writing a message or footage audio.
  • Share files: You can share all types of documents, in addition to videos and photos with an upper bound of megabytes, you can transfer PDF, TXT, and DOC documents.
  • Custom interface: You can alteration the theme of the app, downloading the ones you like, or creating your particular. You can also modify the menus to your liking.
  • New text fonts: You can select from a wide variety of typefaces, so your messages don’t look so repetitious.
  • Send 90 photos at the same time: The original app only permits thirty.
  • Broadcast emails of up to 600 people.
  • Hide or adjust the date of the last connection.
  • Remove mention: With this selection, you will not be able to be mentioned in chats.

Whatsapp GB Download

The production has been thrown in many famous varieties such as 5.90 or 6, but these are outdated with new versions.

You need to uninstall WhatsApp to install this database (if you don’t want to hazard it, you should back up your chats).

And don’t worry, anti-ban security comes along so you won’t be stricken out for this mudded version of this service.

In summary, if you download the application, one of the best WhatsApp versions currently on the marketplace can help you boost your favorite chat and messaging app functions and functionality.

However, to have access to all the features in the official base version of the app’s latest version is very significant, so we suggest visiting Malavida regularly to download WhatsApp’s GB update.

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Download APK Application for Android

Here, we will explain how to download Descargar Whatsapp GB APK for Android from our authority site. We will also tell you step by step how to install this version appropriately.

It may look to be a simple task a priori, but errors may happen if all the steps have not been correctly tracked. These are not major mistakes, but errors that may lead to a breakdown of this WhatsApp premium. Let’s go through the steps; let’s do.

Descargar Whatsapp GB apk

You’ve got it very easy to download the APK. You’re just going to need to click the “APK” button upstairs. You have to wait a few seconds before the download starts after you have connected the switch.

You will have to download the APK file from your Android device in a material of seconds.

Now, on our device, we will need to install the APK heading. To do this, we need to ensure that our incurable is activated with the “Unknown Origins.”

To do this, we will go to our device settings, look for, and access the ‘Security’ option. In this section, the “Unknown Origins” option will be presented. Once found, we’ll stimulate it if it isn’t already.

This “Unknown Origins” option will allow us to install APK files on our incurable. So, now that we have already, we will go to the file and tick on it. We select, install, and wait for the procedure to finish. To enjoy!

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How to install GBWhats App without losing the chat

The application is one of the best-known and most desired Modes of the original WhatsApp application, which significantly expands the possibilities and offers new roles.

There are already several WhatsApp on the market, but it can be said that this is the conclusive premium since it is the most downloaded by users and has never agonized any obstructions.

The application has been running for a long time and has gotten outstanding achievements with its previous versions. And it is 5.90 and 6, which have had a higher transfer rate than any other version of the submission.

Now you can download the 12.00.2 version, which is the latest version, below, and see the new functions and options that it has combined.

If you want to install this app without behind your chat history, here is a way of possibility mentioned. And you need to follow some of the steps given below.

  • Enable the “Unknown source” option from your phone settings.
  • Now download WhatsApp GB free application on your device.
  • After downloading, open the apk file and hit the install button.
  • After the installation is complete, launch the application and enter your number.
  • Wait a few minutes to verify the number.
  • If you want to back up your old data, click the restore button.
  • Then, set your name and profile picture for this app.

N.B: Always try to use the latest version of the application on your favorite device to avoid a WhatsApp ban.

How to Download the App

As it is an unofficial application, you will not be able to invent it on Google Play; you can only take it from third-party sites. But don’t worry, because you can download the APK file from this authority site by snapping on the following link:

Remember that it is now companionable with official WhatsApp, so you do not need to uninstall WhatsApp before arranging the installation.

But if you want to do it, go to the “Settings” menu, inflowing “Applications” or “Application Manager” and snapping on “WhatsApp,” then the “Uninstall” button will seem that you will have to press to advance.

Descargar Whatsapp GB News

  • Two chats at the same time: You have the option of descending the conversation in which you are cooperating, to open another one, and be able to view the two chats at the same time on a split-screen.
  • Fingerprint: Optional, to get the application as a security process.
  • Choose a topic for each chat: You can choose from those you have downloaded or from those you have fashioned.
  • Copy the statuses of your contacts: If you do this, then paste them on another app.
  • New Emojis: you can copy others’ emojis by putting that in your favorite list.
  • Change the application icon: You can change the icon that seems in the application and the icon that appears in chats.
  • Improved Anti-ban system: In each version, this organization is improved, and that is why no application user has ever been banned.
  • WhatsApp compatibility: It is unnecessary to uninstall the only app to enjoy this premium version on the same device. Visitors can enjoy both together.


Alternatives to GB WhatsApp Application

You may be interested in Descargar Whatsapp GB, another of the most downloaded premiums and is well-matched with the authorized version of the application. But compared with the GB version, then YO will get fewer marks.

The best and most robust WhatsApp, in addition to the one most demanded by Android users, is WhatsApp Plus, which presents boundless opportunities. But don’t forget to try the GB version due to its specialty.

And if you are looking for the official version, you can quickly get WhatsApp on this authority site and any device you want. If you read all the posts from the site, really you will be benefited.

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