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DiskDigger Pro Apk Recovery File: This program helps you recover all deleted data from your device’s internal or external storage.

Recover all the data: music, videos, apk, and so on. DiskDigger analyzes your instrument and restores any lost data in a few easy steps.

Check that root access on your device is installed, else the complete program capability will be significantly more limited. You can clear out unwanted data on your device and free up storage space once each scan is done.

DiskDigger Pro file recovery will now make sure all of your missed data can be retrieved using helpful and robust application features.

DiskDigger Pro Apk Download

Feel free to collect documents, pictures, movies, music, and many more inadvertently erased lost files. And unlike other substandard programs, DiskDigger Pro file recovery provides you with an outstanding way to recover all lost data and scan your storage.

What does Diskdigger Pro Apk do?

You will indeed discover DiskDigger Pro file recovery as a beautiful mobile software for those of you who require a safe tool to protect your file and app data.

Here, the program offers several fascinating capabilities, which allow you to hunt for data on your Android devices that have been deleted or lost. Feel free to select any files you want to restore and have them ready again on your mobile devices.

DiskDigger Pro Apk file recovery will simultaneously give several practical storage management tools that allow you to deal with your data and make sure your storage is organized and optimized.

Feel free to search your limited storage files for redundant files, transparent unneeded files, and liberate mobile device spaces on your hold.


Mobile users will have to pay for the premium edition of the software from the Google Play store to start having DiskDigger Pro file recovery available on their Android devices. So, it’s going to be hard if you don’t want to pay for your Android apps.

At the same time, you will need to provide DiskDigger Pro file recovery root rights to gain all of its functions. Otherwise, you may utilize DiskDigger Pro file recovery just for easy scanning and recovery operations.

And it is necessary to have the DiskDigger Pro file re-established on the newest firmware version, ideally Android 4.0, and higher, on your Android devices.

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Additional Information

Genres Tools
Version 1.0.PRO.2021.06.27
Developer Defiant Technologies, LLC
Requires 4.0
Size 0 bytes
MOD Features Paid for free

Download DiskDigger Pro Apk (3.13 MB)


Here are all the exciting features of the app:

No need to recover several types of files. In the beginning, Android users may easily search the app and retrieve any of your selected files using DiskDigger Pro file recovery owing to its full compatibility with most file types.

Feel free to scan your system for images, movies, documents, music, and many more file kinds, readily recoverable by DiskDigger Pro file retrieval. The program now supports and expands over 40 file formats. This is the case.

Carry out full system scans

To start using a program, you can scan your system to find hidden and retrievable files on your system. The application is not available for download.

Here, DiskDigger Pro file recovery provides several scanning choices based on whether or not your devices are rooted.

DiskDigger Pro

You can only do a rudimentary scan for missing pictures if you do not have root rights. On the other hand, you may try to search for all sorts of files in various parts of your storage by root permissions enabled.

Filter and pick your various files easily

You may continue filtering your search results on DiskDigger Pro file recovery with all the gathered results. You can easily pick and bring back files that need to be retrieved.

U may choose file types or filter the search results using names, dates, and more before searching for them. All of these should make the application incredibly easy to use.

Remove your gadgets from storage

You may now utilize the DiskDigger Pro file recovery for people interested in scanning your store and extra files to be cleared away.

Feel free to remove the unneeded caches you don’t use. Also, remove log files that are recently produced that do not have to be edited in any place.

Remove the storage altogether

Also, you may utilize the Wipe Free Space function on DiskDigger Pro to redeem the files and do not desire them to be recovered so that you can entirely remove all of the potential backup possibilities for any of your lost files. This will permanently erase them and not retrieve them.

Online backup and local storage of your files

If you are interested, you may now back up your files on the DiskDigger Pro File Recovery online disks or local storage, making retrieving them much easier afterward.

Online backup and local storage of your files


Feel free to download or email your restored files to any of your Google Drive, Dropbox. Further, if you have an FTP server, you may store them whenever you wish on that server. And last, you may keep your local storage files.

Enjoy the mobile app that’s free and open on our site

You may choose to opt for an unlocked release of DiskDigger Pro file recovery on our site if the paying release of your program is not appealing on the Google Play Store.

We provide here plenty of fascinating in-application features completely free of charge. And at the same time and without advertising, Android users may also enjoy their favorite software.

All it takes is for you to download the DiskDigger Pro Recovery Mod APK file and install it on our site, and you will be good at following the instructions provided.

Conclusion: Storing and backing up your files is undoubtedly an excellent tool for Android users for DiskDigger Pro file recovery.

And even if your storage system has to be reorganized, you may uncover all the files of your system by scanning choices in DiskDigger Pro File Recovery. Feel free to remove or arrange them easily.

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FAQs About Diskdigger Pro Apk

You will be glad to know that we are providing some F&Q from our experience.

How to pro-DiskDigger?

Choose a ‘start basic photographic scan’ for a non-root phone; complete scanning can be done with a root phone Scanning for lost files will begin. Select the thumbnail of the photos to choose from.

DiskDigger Pro can get the contacts back as well?

If you delete them, I don’t believe they are kept in the database and can’t be retrieved using the app.

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Is the Pro Mod Apk DiskDigger safe to use?

Yes, this application is fully secure as it doesn’t record or request users’ personal information. It’s the same as any other software for recovery.

DiskDigger retrieve thumbnails?

This software retrieves photos from thumbnail caches on your devices and is the sole limit.

How is the DiskDigger Pro mod apk downloaded?

By following these instructions, you may get the mod apk

  • You may also enjoy the game by clicking on the download button.
  • And you may download from our site a lot of other fantastic games if you like.

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