DMCA of Apkadviser

Our policy is to respond to any infraction notifications and take corrective action in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other relevant intellectual property legislation. Please provide a written communication outlining your copyright details, whether your copyrighted material has been posted on Apkadviser, or whether the links to your copyrighted material have been found via our search engine and you want this content deleted.

We remind you that we cannot promise that all materials will be deleted; for any publication containing illicit material of your own, please give us direct clickable links. We will guarantee the elimination of all content in this case only.

If an effective DMCA notice is issued, or if the Apkadviser website would otherwise intentionally infringe copyright, the infringing links to such materials would be deleted or deactivated as soon as practicable. You don’t need to wait for our confirmation in this situation. For an answer via email, please give 2-3 working days. Have an eye on your email box, and do not send multiple emails to the same complaint. We fix the dilemma of deleting files or connections in compliance with the legal specifications so early as possible. And your case will be properly filed with our provider to not happen in the future.

Send the written violation notice to the following email address:

Attention: We do not create or include the material they contain inside any of the applications posted here on the internet and our app.