HushSMS APK for Free Phone App Download [v2.7.8]

Do you want to bypass the FRP lock on your locked phone? Then, HushSMS APK might be a perfect choice for you that will help you bypass the FRP lock when your phone is locked.

This is completely a new application that can remove the screen lock on your smartphone. This application can eliminate Google account verifications at the time of resetting your Android device.

HushSMS APK Download

This is such an android tool that can send popup short messages. This is worth saying, these types of SMS are only sent by telephone transporters.

Moreover, this tool is extremely essential to complete entrance tests for framework shortcomings.

HushSMS APK Overview

App Overview
App Name HushSMS
Developer HushSMS
Category Apps, Tools
Latest Version v2.7.8
File Size 290 KB
Requires Android 2.2 and later versions

Download HushSMS Apk (290 KB)

HushSMS APK Download

With the HushSMS app, android users can send short SMS that only phone authorities can send. Don’t worry about carrying out penetration tests to look for system weaknesses.

Just download the HushSMS app on your phone and solve your problems. This is a phenomenal android APK that lets you send short messages/push SMS to remove the Google accounts.


This push SMS includes some functional information that can remove your Google account from your locked device. Interestingly, this tool has extremely good performance with Samsung phones.

But do not worry if you are the users of other devices. This tool is applicable for any android device but works better with the Samsung phone.

How to Use the HushSMS application on your device

  • First of all, you have to connect your two phones to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, your task is to explore the Google account verification process on your phone. Then, you need to test out the talkback option.
  • Okay, now you have come to a crucial step. You have to replace the SIM card with your locked phone.
  • Finally, you have to install the HushSMS app on Now, you will penetrate the targeted URL.

This is how; you can unlock the FRP lock from your Samsung phone.


Do you wanna penetrate the FRP lock from your locked android device? Then, I will suggest you download and install HushSMS FRP APK.

The v2.2.8 is the latest version of this application. Download this one to get a good performance. The FRP lock is not the name of an obstruction nowadays.

This wonderful app has eased the unlocking process. There is no way to lose pocket money for this silly issue.

This app is able to send messages in the CSM network. Even this is the first app that has this feature in the CSM network.


This wonderful tool is used in Ethical Hacking or pentest. This can send the popup SMS that contains the information of other mobile devices.

The system of this application lets you unlock your phone without a Google account verification process.

Let me introduce you to the major features of this application:

  • It can penetrate the FRP lock of Samsung devices.
  • This app can send normal messages too.
  • The FlashSMS that is sent by this application system can include up to 160 characters.
  • In addition to this, this app can send WAP service indication too. You will be amazed to know that this service can load up to 40 characters.
  • Besides, this tool offers to send MSSN that can be of 30 characters excluding PING, MWIVD, MWIVA, and iPhones.
  • This amazing app has the ability to notify even when this is not running.
  • Besides, this tool offers an Android Xposed Module.
  • Finally, it’s worth saying, the app does not charge any from your pocket money.

This is a marvelous technology that is developed due to solving the FRP issues of the Samsung mobile devices. It can bypass Google verifications with its outstanding system of encryption and decryption.

HushSMS APK Latest Version

Download HushSMS APK Latest Version (v2.7.8). Actually, the HushSMS app is equipped with encrypting and decrypting systems.

Due to this system, this can offer you open any types of FRP locks of Samsung device. So, it will save your pocket money. Otherwise, you had to spend a lot of money to unlock the screen locks.

This is notable to say that it performs exceptionally well with Samsung devices. This is a plus point for Samsung users.

In addition to the Google account bypass, it includes so many important features that you need to know. You will come to know the features of this content.

So, if you are interested in this, you should read the whole article very carefully. Moreover, I will let you know how to utilize them practically. All of these features are notably essential.

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HushSMS APK UptoDown

Download HushSMS APK UptoDown. Undoubtedly, it is a useful application to look for the weakness of your android system.

This is best-suited for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Note 8, and Samsung Note 9. This FRP unlocking tool has a very simple user interface.

It works with only one panel. Moreover, the users of this panel can take access to some options.

The older versions are

  • HushSMS Version 1.9.2
  • Version 2.2.2
  • HushSMS Version 2.4.1


In the latest version, it is able to serve any of the android devices along with the Samsung phone. Get ready to install the latest version of the HashSMS app if it is necessary for you.


The FRP lock in the Samsung phones is not a problem today. Just bypass the FRP lack using this application. Download and install HushSMS APK FRP.


HushSMS is such an application that might be a great solution to the FRP lack of Samsung phones. So, install this tool on your device and solve the FRP issues. However, I strongly suggest you not use it for evil purposes.


HushSMS provide the best and real solutions to the FRP lack of Samsung phones. It helps to use your phone and fast. If you have any query please follow the questions.

How can I get the updates?

This app has an update checker. There is an option to enable or disable it. When you enable it, the system will let you know about any updates.

It is Free of Cost?

This is SMS Apk does not require any payments, it is free to install and use unlimited time.

Can I any Data Loss?

HushSMS app is very safe to use and no chance to any data Loss.

Hush SMS, what is it?

HushSMS is an application for sending messages that only providers can regularly send (among others).
In addition, HushSMS contains an alert function that displays details when specific SMS messages are received (like the ones HushSMS can send).

How does a text message vary from an SMS?

But although you may call a range of other forms of communication a “text” in your day-to-day existence, there is a difference: an SMS message only comprises text and is restricted to 160 characters (no photos or videos).

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