Edifier R1280DB Review Updated | Extra Features

It’s pleasant to evaluate goods such as the Edifier R1280DB Review in a market of continual inflation, which delivers better functionality than their predecessor at the same reachable USD 130 price.

The evolution of the before-known R1280T now has Bluetooth and accepts digital inputs from the famous budget speaker Edifier.

It delivers aesthetically and musically similar performance as the R1280T, using the same design and driver configuration; however, Edifiers also provides a brighter All Black variant that appears a bit more modern while keeping a certain historical appeal.

With a total RMS power of 42W, they sound comfortable, smoothly textured, and the room filled instead of wall-shaking bass.


The Edifier looks beyond the studio monitor and is a complete solution. The Bluetooth feature provides comfort in the connected world of today.

The four-inch woofer wants to give the sound of a clean studio. Does this method function differently? Let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Features of Edifier R1280DB Review

Let us have a look at the specifics of the building blocks R1280DB.

The quality of sound

The center and the top are perfectly balanced and provide a reasonably flat response. If you enter into music production, this is great for perfecting your music.

It also helps you to identify from the DJ’s perspective where your mixing may require adjustment. It is a crucial competency to test your transitions. The exact depiction of the combination helps you create this ability.

For a 4-inch woofer also, the lows are pretty good. The middle and high are appropriately matched. Do not wait for earth-splitting bass while satisfied.

For such a little studio monitor, they are also remarkably loud. When you begin to reach the upper end, you have a little distortion. The sole problem. You might be better off having a larger studio monitor if you truly love your music loudly.

Construction of quality

At this pricing point, many studio monitors seem like a blind person has slapped them together. Fortunately, the Edifier R1280DB is not.

It’s not genuine wood. That is the wood grain finish. It is the typical vinyl-wrapped MDF board. They still feel solid and sturdy, despite this. I don’t suggest these you’re harsh, but they’re going to endure the distance.


You also have an additional remote control. This is rare for studio screens and indicates a desire to attract both professional and casual audiences.

Sadly, the speaker does not transmit the excellent build quality remotely. It’s flimsy, yet not awful. You can also not program another remote so that you will stay with it.


The Edifier R1280DB offers a 55Hz-20KHz frequency reply. This means both high and low frequencies are well covered.

The average human ear can only listen to 20Hz as a reference. Everything lower tends more than to be sensed. Also, 20KHz is generally the most commonly heard by an ordinary individual.

Options to adjust

I’m constantly looking for good tweaking possibilities. A poor speaker might frequently be a good choice. A characteristic worth checking for is the additional freedom to adapt the speaker to your environment.

The Edifier R1280DB has fundamental controls which provide bass and triple adjustments. This is a pleasant bonus and is unusual at this price bracket.

Specially designed knobs adjust the bass and the triple on the speaker’s side. This is an excellent variation to the traditional speaker rear of the studio monitor. Adjustment is much accessible.

Design is subjective, but I enjoy the appearance of the studio monitors from Edifier R1280DB. These don’t seem like an average speaker with a blend of wood grain and textured black plastic.

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Three fourth view of the speaker’s Edifier R1280DB

An attractive pair of speakers, the Edifier R1280DB. They are also not overdesigned and are a classy studio choice. The cover choice is a significant difference from other speakers as well. This allows you to look flexibly as a speaker.

If you want your speakers to make a big statement, there are more showy alternatives. But it would be an excellent alternative if you like a more polished, understated style.

Edifier R1280DB


Speakers do not often offer numerous connection choices at that price point. You’d expect the Edifier to include the typical RCA connection choices.

However, they also provide an optical and coaxial connection. These digital possibilities make it an excellent choice to connect it to your TV or your computer.

Connection Options for Edifier R1280DB Review

The primary connection method is RCA. However, multimedia-based alternatives are also available.

A Bluetooth connection option is also available. It enables you to connect the speaker to your smartphone or another Bluetooth device.

The philosophy of these speakers is underlined. They may be your speakers for all your devices, not only meant for use as studio monitor systems.

Although Bluetooth is a valuable choice, it doesn’t have faults. It can be a bit hard and cumbersome to connect to gadgets.

You fight if something blocks the line of view. I don’t use Bluetooth to connect speakers too often. Thus, it has not been the deal-breaker. In the rare event if you plan to use Bluetooth a lot.


The Edifier R1280DB powers Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Studio monitors may get costly and frequently extremely low-cost choices.

These can overlap the cost-effectiveness line without losing quality. There are cheaper choices, but it would be difficult for you to match quality and functionality.

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Do you want to purchase?

In-studio monitor space, the Edifier R1280DB is an attractive alternative. They are an enticing alternative, even if they are seeking more wireless connectivity.

It is not observed in most studio monitors that they can connect with a range of devices. Moreover, the intense sound quality is exceptionally enticing when combined with an extensive array of functions.

Edifier R1280DB Review

I can strongly suggest them if you take the price point to anyone seeking a cheap yet high-quality pair of studio monitors.

The FAQs About Edifier R1280DB Review

Some critical questions with a good answer are providing in this article from our experience. Don’t miss this part that will help you to clear your doubt.

Is R1280DB valid for construction?

The lower lows are also quite nice for a 4″ woofer. The middles and highs are very balanced. Don’t wait for earth-shattering bass while satisfied. For such a little studio monitor, they are also remarkably loud.

Are there excellent talkers from Edifier?

The speakers of Edifier Pro performed an excellent job while streaming using Bluetooth. These speakers are two-way, not three-way speakers, but they sound well.

Indeed, premium drivers pay off. The large woofer aluminum with loads of space and a bass port in a speaker cabinet combines unexpectedly low-end solid performance.

Is the R1280DB building loud?

The Edifier R1280 DB may be tiny, but it has a great quality sound. The bass provides good deep audio and still sounds, even in various bass settings, from middle to ample loudness.

Is the R1280DB function Object [native code] an active speaker?

The Edifier R1280DB is a couple of powerful speakers mainly suited for desktop PC use. However, they also make it easy to provide a TV or a single-stop Hi-Fi solution with an audio enhancement.

Where does Edifier produce the speakers?

China 1999 – The first to produce 2.1 and 4.1 speakers in China using wooden boxes. Edifier was a household name in mainland China for computer speakers thanks to its satellite + subwoofer architecture. January 2020 – CES 2020 is launching the brand of gaming headphones.

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