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Online games with the theme of life simulation are familiar to our ears. So that many developers make a modified version. One of the modified online games with this theme, which you cannot underestimate, is the Episode APK.

This modified version of the episode will make your days more colorful. There are lots of tales of adventure, brilliance, and splendid feats for adults to appreciate in this game. If you want to know more, it’s good to listen to the article below.

Episode APK: Let’s See If You Know What To Say To Spark The Love

We simply love those games where we are put to the test when making the best decisions in an engaging narrative game. Even better if these decisions are intended to arouse love.

As far as we can see, you – our readers – do not dispense with such a challenge, do you? So, today we brought an app that brings the best of romantic stories, full of twists, lots of seduction, and the constant need to say the right thing at the right time. Prepared?

Episode Apk Unlimited Gems

We present the Episode Choose Your Story Apk Latest Version: a game of choices within a series of enchanting stories, full of challenges that we encounter, in our real lives, at every encounter with the crush.

Without a hitch, let’s understand in-depth the reasons that, without a doubt, will make you run and make the Episode Apk Latest Version free download right now.

Episode – Choose Your Story Info

Name Episode – Choose Your Story
Genre Simulation
Offered By Episode Interactive
Updated December 16, 2020
Current Version 13.81
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Size 89M
Pro Features Free Premium Choices
Price Free

Download Episode Apk (89 MB)

 The Challenge Behind The Episode – Choose Your Story

The idea is that you, through a created character, get involved in exciting stories in which you must seek romanticism.

There are several different narratives, with simulations of characters, locations, and unique characteristics, which simply do not let us forget what if when, in fact, we go out with someone in real life.

Allow yourself to improve in a world of unique dramas, love, and adventures in the world’s largest interactive narrative game, with content to bring fun to all audiences for an eternity.

Now, it is true that, at first, although the proposal is delicious and very famous, it is not exactly innovative. But, if we brought the game here, it has a lot to offer and stands out as one of the best in the business. Let’s check it out below.

Why Is Episode – Choose Your Story Good?

First, the game meets the highest degree of professionalism, all the requirements to comply with your proposal’s delivery of a fantastic and enjoyable experience. Graphics, sound effects, and gameplay received a lot of attention from the developers from start to finish.

Besides, resources and collections are almost endless. Put the Episode Apk Unlimited among those games that you will never get tired of playing. Let’s see some of them now:

  • Personalization → No more playing with the character the game wants. Customize your avatar to your image;
  • Unpredictable Relationships → In games of narratives like this one almost invariably seek love. Well, to some extent, this also occurs in this application. But, if you prefer, you can simply make decisions to become someone’s rival, rather than a romantic partner. There are many possibilities;
  • Different Endings → Of course, if you have so much creative freedom within the story, their conclusions can be – unusual and unpredictable. You and your friends can play the same stories and still see completely different outcomes;
  • The Colossal Collection → There is not much to say here: there are more than 100 thousand other stories for you to immerse yourself and live in the skin inexhaustible challenges and lots of entertainment;
  • Updates → Weekly, the developers still add new stories to the application, as if the collection was not impressive enough;
  • Create Your Stories → In the app itself; you can create the story you want to live yourself. Who knows, you might not put your writing side of Holywood to work?

How about we get to know a little of the most famous stories that you, without a doubt, will be crazy to play? We brought a small collection of them to give you a taste of what awaits you.

Episode – Choose Your Story: Inside The Main Stories

  • LOVE IN FLAMES: How about living your reality show? Embark on a journey in a mansion of high luxury, full of young singles and very sensual. Will you be able to search and earn your heart’s desire?
  • BREAKING THE RULES: Amidst the social rules of morality, how often do we end up liking someone that, for some reason, we cannot have. Well, discover incredible endings by living this situation;
  • THE LIST OF KISSES: This is the famous story of the catchers. The challenge is to get to kiss ten of the sexiest singles in the game. Do you think you can do it?
  • IT WILL BE OUR SECRET: A new, charming, committed neighbor has arrived, and guess what! Yes, you have an affair. The challenge is to know how discreet you can be, without losing the fire of that passion, or showing infidelity in the face;
  • I MARRIED A MILLIONAIRE: Not everyone believes that pure love exists, do they? Especially when he comes with someone with a lot of money. But what if you fall in love with a billionaire?
  • COLORFUL FRIENDSHIP: Do you believe that there is a zone where friends are and will only be friends? What would you do if you fell in love with a billionaire? Is it possible for him to become love? You make the decisions and respond.


Indeed, you, too, are already eager to try this new adventure. But, before releasing it, let’s quickly present the latest relevant information from the game.

Additional Information For The Latest Version Of Episode Apk Android

The app is available for the Android platform, starting with version 5.0. In our links, you can directly access his page in the official Google store. There you will see note 4.1 for the game, which already has more than 100 million downloads.

Another 3 million reviews consolidate how fantastic this game is. Indeed, one of those that you will spend a lot of time having fun with. Now yes! Are we going to test our romantic skills?

Episode Unlimited Passes And Gems Apk Download

Those of you who are interested in this game want to install this game on your android phone.

You can download the game file below, download the apk unlimited gems and passes 2021, and play the game.

And you also pay attention to the specs OS needed to install the episode game on your android phone.

Because the OS or operating system in the cell phone dramatically affects the game that is installed.

Episode Apk Unlimited Gems

You need the gems to open new clothes and items for your character. They are essential for creating your look, so remember to win lots of them!

You can win more gems by working hard during the game or waiting to win them passively or perhaps playing the game every day.

Episode Apk Unlimited Passes

When you open a story, you can read only the first few chapters before a pass is required before you can read the rest.

You can win passes by entering the game every two hours or given as prizes by the developers for completing the game’s contests.

In addition to tickets, you can purchase passes with fiat currency as well. But in our episode apk download, you will get Unlimited Gems and Passes for free.

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Download Episode Apk For Android And Take The Right Choices To Ensure Love Remains

Check out how you can install this Episode Full Apk download. Prove to all your friends how heartthrob you can be in the most varied and fun scenarios brought by this most impressive story-making game we’ve ever carried.

Episode Apk Unlimited Passes

The FAQs about Episode Apk

Here, Apkadviser tries to solve some repeated questions in our FAQ section. So, keep your eye know about this before download.

What Is Episode App?

Episode app the best based on super fun stories romance, adventure and drama stories application. In this app have lost of character and ability to make my favorite story.

How does it work?

  • Customize your avatar and design your outfit
  • Develop relationships with your favorite characters
  • Change fate through your choices
  • Discover all of the different endings
  • Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds, the options are endless!

Why I download Episode Mod Apk?

This app is so fun and amazing! It gives me a good mystery in every story!

How does it work on devices?

This application for installing requires Android 6.0 and up (v14.71).

Where Can I Download?

I want to download then follow our download button and click, wait a few seconds and get it free.

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