Evertale APK Mod Download For Free With Unlimited Soul Stone

Evertale is an RPG game with a vast universe developed by ZigZagame. Through this game, you can catch monsters, train them, and invite them to fight in an RPG system in an incredibly challenging fantasy world. You can buy Evertale on Google Playstore for paying money, but once there is an Evertale APK that you can get for free without paying. This game is highly recommended, especially for those who want to find a game to catch monsters other than Pokemon.

Evertale Apk – An adventure game for iOS and Android devices

ZigZagame is an Android game developer that releases RPG games quite often, but the only game to consider is Evertale. Evertale managed to steal gamers’ attention because it offers a cool fantasy world, fresh gameplay, and a memorable storyline. This game takes place in a fantasy world called Erden, where once every 100 years, there is an all-powerful disaster named Pandemonium. The bad news is that the tragedy came too soon, only 18 years after his last arrival.


Of course, this is bad luck, but there is the word serendipity in the phrase lousy luck, which means chance. This luck is manifested in 4 heroes who plan fierce resistance to end a hereditary disaster in Erden forever. From this small group, they grew into a large troop and continued to grow—many brave knights volunteered to make sacrifices.

Well, your job as the protagonist, aka the hero, is to ensure that the troops you lead are strong enough to fight until the end to end the disaster in Erden. You can also catch and train monsters to become vital to fulfill your mission quickly. So the essence of the game Evertale is that players must gather a strong army to win the battle against dangerous enemies in the world of Evertale.

Train these monsters to act so they can obtain the necessary qualifications. In this battle, you also have the opportunity to catch the monsters that you are fighting. Catching monsters is not an easy matter because you have to condition these monsters to have a little HP bar.

Evertale is an RPG game option that is highly recommended because it has everything called a quality RPG game. For faster and more comfortable game progress, you can install the Evertale apk for free without having to pay a penny.

Additional Information

Game Name Evertale Premium Apk
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.
Genre Role Playing
Size 52.8M
Current Version 1.0.57
Requires Android 4.4 and
Updated October 13, 2020

Download Evertale Apk (52.9 MB)

Check Out The Features Of  The Apk Role Playing Game

Diverse Monsters

One of Evertale’s excellent features is the large variety of monsters that can be recruited into troops. Several types of monsters that can be captured and made into members are robots, dragons, skulls, wolves, werewolves, and many more.

There are 180 different types of monsters that you can catch, train, and bring to battle. How to train monsters can be brought into conflict to get EXP or give EXP items directly. Besides that, you can also use accessories to make the monsters stronger.

Evertale APK

Each of the monsters mentioned above has different skills and abilities, and you must use them wisely to defeat the enemy. Some monsters will be superior against certain enemies and vice versa, so learn these monsters’ skills to avoid the wrong strategy.

Easy RPG Typical Gameplay

One of the easy games to play, particularly in terms of maneuvers, is RPG games. Players only need one tap for the monsters to attack the enemy. Of course, it’s not enough to tap; players also have to determine which attacks effectively eliminate enemies.

So what you have to master is the characteristics of the monsters brought into battle and the enemies that will be fought. Once you understand your enemies’ weaknesses and your demons’ strengths, then winning wars is not a difficult thing at all.

Explore the vast world of fantasy

Evertale carries a fantasy world called Erden, which has many beautiful landscapes, majestic cities, and mysterious dungeons. Players must explore the vast world if they want to stop the disaster that hit Erden. You will often find monsters in these mysterious places and locations. The rarity of monsters is also influenced by where you see them; the more difficult it is, the rarer and more powerful the monsters are.

Stunning Realistic Graphics

Evertale APK carries a quality graphic background, where all the details in the game, starting from the characters, monsters, and environment, are designed so real. Some of the points that you can see like reality are abandoned villages, destroyed forests, etc.

The battle action between monsters also presents a fantastic scene that will spoil the eyes of gamers. So those who like RPG games will lose a lot if they haven’t played this one game. Apart from unquestionable graphics, Evertale also offers excellent audio and music. These audio effects will accompany you to explore the fantasy world of Evertale so that you feel the real atmosphere of the game even more.

Online Multiplayer Mode

You can play two game modes on Evertale, namely single-player and online multiplayer, with a PVP mechanism. You can play in single-player mode by following the storyline in the fantasy world of Evertale.

So, if you feel bored and lonely, only playing single-player mode, you can invite other people to play PVP 4v4 in real-battle times. Certainly not dull and will cure the boredom of playing too long in single-player mode.

Download Evertale APK

This mode also lets you know how strong your troops are. Once you enter PVP mode, the system will automatically find you an enemy. But remember, before entering PVP mode, make sure the prepared team is the best to defeat the enemy quickly.

Guild/Clan Features

Like other RPG games, Evertale also has a guild/clan feature where players can build several players. This feature allows players to get various attractive rewards and interact with other players around the world.

Unlimited Silver & Paid

Evertale Premium is already in a paid state, so you don’t need to purchase it to play it. This version also has unlimited silver features that can be used to speed up game progress.

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Download Links And How To Install APK File

Evertale modified APK Download for the free process with the clean guideline is available in the below chart. Apkadviser will also provide the answer of users asking. Follow the list:

  • Open the Download link provided above. Wait a few moments and click the blue “Download” button.
  • While waiting for the download process to complete, activate the unknown source by opening the “Settings” menu, then “Security” then ticking “Unknown Source.”
  • After you download the file, install the APK, all the procedures are done, and you can play Evertale now.



Evertale is an RPG game made by ZigZagame that will take you to a fantastic fantasy world with a story, graphics, and captivating characters. You can catch and train a variety of monsters with a total of around 180. If you are in the mood to play an RPG game, you can give Evertale a try because it has everything the best RPG games have to offer. This game is premium for Google Play, but you can install the free Evertale APK with premium features.

The Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Evertale APK

Do you add The Apk Unlimited Money to the modded version?

Yes, we added.

Do I need an internet connection to play this game at all times, or could I play without the internet?

You don’t ever need an internet connection; you can play Evertel without an internet connection.

May I use the Play Store or App Store for my free edition of the Evartale?

You can get it, but you will not get their features for free; we have to download the premium app.

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