Facebook Friends Mapper Apk Extension Free Download for Android

Facebook Friends Mapper Apk has given users more leverage, and now all details they shared on their Facebook pages can be monitored. You can control your Facebook privacy configurations and restrict the display of messages, images, and other items.

Many of you would have secretly classified the privacy of your colleagues. But this is not enough. This is not enough. A week ago, a new Chrome extension was launched, which promises to show your friends the secret list of friends. I used this tool myself, and the”Just M” solution would not work anymore to keep the list of your friend’s secrets from the internet.

Facebook Friends Mapper Apk Download

Facebook Friends Mapper Apk Extension Working Process on Chrome

Facebook’s Friends Mapper Chrome extension foolsFacebook’ss mutual friendship and gathers and publishes secret friends” information from your friends.

Suppose your friend isn’t sharing his/her list of contacts but has few friends. THN writes,” We don’t share with the audience, for example, his friends list on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and I’m not on his friend list. But I have a shared friend with him, at least.

So I can see most of his secret Facebook friends with facebook’s Friends Mapper tool and leverage the conceptual error of mutual friends'”

Download Facebook Friends Mapper APK (4.98 MB)

How to use Facebook Friends Mapper extension for Chrome?

First Step
You need to download and install the Facebook Friend Mapper postponement and reboot the browser to see any friend’s secret list of associates.

Second Step
Go to the profile of your mate, who you want to see the list of secret contacts. You will show a new option (Reveal Friends) in the friend’s tab.

Third Step
Please tap on the button Show Friends, and all of your friends will be available whether or not they are your friends.

Warning: Those extensions aren’t ideal for your browser; I just installed them to write about this bug and do a tutorial—I’m not, therefore, going to suggest that you use it all the time.


Note: You won’t work for that person if someone uses this app, and you will reveal your list of friends. Before this tool is viral, I hope Facebook remedies this logical error.

Facebook Friend Mapper

  • Download the Google Chrome Site Store Facebook Buddies Mapper Chrome extension.
  • In your browser, add the extension.
  • Log in now to Chrome’s Facebook Id.
  • Open the user you want to search Facebook profile now
  • You can press the Reveal Friends Option after a person’s profile is shown.
  • The chrome extension begins to locate the friends in the profile after you press
  • Here will soon be seen the names of all the profile mates.
  • This may take a couple of minutes, so you can see all the names of friends in the personal profile after the time has gone by.

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Facebook Friends Mapper Apk

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Facebook Friends Mapper

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The FAQs about Facebook Friends Mapper App

Frequently asking questions provides very actively from apkadviser team’s experience which will solve your all the doubt about this application.

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Is Mapper safe on Facebook?

But a new Free Chrome extension named “Facebook Friends Mapper” may now disclose much more than just two friends in “one-click,” generating significant security and Facebook users’ privacy dangers.

Is Mapper still in existence with Facebook friends?

Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome addon may be free to install and check out. Please note that the existing privacy settings of Facebook will not enable you to fix this problem if you are willing to keep your friend’s list secret.

Where is my friend’s map on Facebook?

Within a minute or two, you link your Facebook account to Where My Friends, and the program will find your Facebook friends’ whereabouts and map them out. To see the names of all friends in this particular place, you may hover or click any of the pins on the Google map.

How do you order your list of friends from Facebook?

The algorithm selects interaction, event, conversation, photographs, etc. This decides which pals are the highest and which have precedence. The friends you talk to are generally the first on this list.

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