Download FRP Bypass APK Latest Version for All Devices

FRP Bypass APK is a lightweight, easy-to-use Android program specially designed for locking Google account on Android phones without a PC.

If you are worried or do not want to use the FRP PC app, these basic steps and the FRP bypass tool Apk can help you quickly unlock your Google account lock from the smartphone through the Browser sign-in function.

Description of FRP Bypass Apk

FRP factory reset protection is added in all current Android systems. You will be unable to use your Android phone without a Google Authentication.

If you have forgotten a last working google account after the factory reset, you will need to log in to an old Google synchronized account without Google verification.

FRP Bypass APK Download

When the user adds a Gmail account on its computers for the first time, FRP is automatically activated. Once enabled, any user will avoid the hard reset after the use of the system.

You couldn’t use your phone without verification GMAIL ID Password if you had a telephone with an FRP lock call. For the phone to open, you must use the existing Android protection patch with the FRP Bypass APK file.

Or, to open the phone in a single press, use the PC’s FRP Bypass Tool.

Additional Information

Filename FRP Bypass APK
File size 13 MB
File type application
File extension apk
Downloads 69526755
Version 2.0

Download FRP Bypass APK (13 MB)

Requirements for FRP Bypass APK

  • Lollipop or Android edition of Android phones.
  • Download the appropriate files with Internet access.
  • PC for Windows

FRP Bypass

How to Bypass OTG Reset Google Factory Security

The first approach we shared above includes OTG cable and Google factory reset file. But you don’t have to use OTG for this form. As we use the FRP bypass app, make sure you operate with the internet. Let’s start with that:

  • It would help if you first turned your Android computer on. You can see a configuration wizard.
  • Once you see the FRP bypass tool displays, follow the instructions on the screen. You must open and tap on the settings on your keyboard.
  • Next on the menu, and afterward on help and reviews.
  • Until the dial pad opens, Next tap Use Statistics and tap out. Tap back. Then you go to the menu of configuration.
  • Then the backup and reset option is needed. Choose and validate the factory data reset.

It’s men!! This is it!! Use FRP bypass function to circumvent google account authentication effectively. This guide screenshots are attached in such a way that you can follow these steps more easily.

FRP Fix Custom Binary Fix

A unique binary lock is added automatically when a user roots the Samsung unit. What means is activated by default FRP bypass. This also blocks your access to personalized phone recovery. You have to follow the directions below if you face this issue. First, make sure you update and operate your Odin 3 PC. Take the following steps next:

  • You must first download the tool. Unpack and mount it afterward.
  • Next, select and keep the home button, power button, and volume button keys of your Samsung computer.
  • The device software update is then notified. You will have to keep the volume key when going to the app updates option.
  • Open Odin 3 tool now to connect Samsung to your PC and connect it.
  • You will have to pick the zip files from the above-downloaded list when your computer is automatically found.
  • Start the following tap on the Start button and update system apps. You must reconnect and reset your computer until the operation is complete.
  • Let your system’s update install the correct things to bear in mind, so wait a few minutes.

FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass Tool List

Let’s look at the 2021 list of workable and best FRP bypass tools. This allows for check-out:

  • FRP Bypass Control Tool
  • FRP Download Bypass APK for Android
  • Google Remote Account Top-Removal
  • Google Remote Account Top-Removal
  • Samsung FRP Help v0.2
  • Android Lock Removal App to Bypass Lock screens — GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool
  • FRP Package Bypass to FRP Bypass
  • Page
  • FRP Bypass tool FRP Solution
  • FRP Bypass
  • Samsung FRP Helper v0.2

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FRP Bypass Methods

Let’s also examine all available methods for bypassing reset security from the factory.

  • Factory Reset Security Sidesync method bypass
  • One reset bypass factory protection
  • Method of Flash Bypass reset factory protection
  • Fast shortcut maker method for the bypass factory reset protection
  • Using login account form
  • Bypass Factory reset the security
  • Factory reset security using Serial/TCP terminal is easily bypassed



I share the FRP Bypass Tool download connection apk 2021 to avoid the Google Account Defense from your computer. You can import and unlock your computer using this application.

This is it; You can let us know in the comment section if you’re still stuck or unable to grasp anything related to this subject.

The FAQs About FRP Bypass Apk

The important questions which will solve user’s doubt about the application. So, don’t let, enjoy!

Works on all Android devices with the FRP Bypass APK 2021?

Ans: Yes, this software dashes on all old and new Android smartphones.

Is it safe or not this application?

Yes, it is 100% stable, 100% open, and free of malware or viruses, and millions of users are now using this program.

How does the software work?

See our comprehensive tutorial, download the app, launch the application, and then log in with any Google mail id.

Apk is free or not FRP Bypass?

You don’t have to spend any additional money to purchase this download; it’s a 100 percent free application.

How many Bypass FRP Lock methods are available?

Well, hundreds of ways to circumvent your device’s FRP lock are open.

Is this software suited for high-end Android devices?

No, it is entirely compatible with every android computer simply because much less machine memory is required.

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