GBWhatsapp APK Download Updated Latest Version 2021 V2.21.4.22

GBWhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the official WhatsApp APK. In this app, you will get so many extra features that the official WhatsApp lack.

So, many users are moving towards GBWhatsApp instead of using the original WhatsApp. It has some exceptional features like airplane mode, hiding online status, themes, DND mode, Call blocker, and some others.

One can install this app on android and iOS. This application has become very much popular among Android and iOS users due to its unique features. Some features are found in GBWhatsApp only.

GBWhatsapp APK download

GBWhatsapp APK Information

Download GBWhatsApp APK to enjoy an unlimited messaging facility. It provides more features than the original WhatsApp.

Just install it once and enjoy the features. You can download this app by clicking the attached link on this page. There are several new functions that are offered by GBWhatsApp.

What’s new in GBWhatsApp?

  • Based on WhatsApp V2.21.4.22
  • One UI Design
  • Option to eliminate “Read More…”
  • New attachment picker
  • Hide status update
  • Enable airplane mode
  • New UI
  • Download the previous status
  • Full Resolution

Permissions Required

  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Read Contacts
  • Get accounts
  • Access WiFi, Camera, Bluetooth, NGC, Mike
  • Access Device Location
  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Use Maps Services
  • Write External Storage
  • Write Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings

GBWhatsapp APK for android

Whatsapp APK Update

Do you want to update WhatsApp APK? There is nothing to be tensed about. You can easily update this app from the application store.

We always encourage the users to use the newest version of WhatsApp so that they can enjoy the latest added features. The newest version of an app contains bug fixes and the newest features.

To update this app, you need to go to the Play Store. Then search “WhatsApp APK”. Now you will get the option to update. Click on “Update” to update and reinstall this app.

Download GBWhatsApp APK (44.8 MB)

WhatsApp APK Download 2021 for PC

Download official WhatsApp for PC. This is a desktop application that lets you stay in touch with your dearest people.

Send free messages and share photos, videos, and different types of files from desktops anytime and anywhere. This is very much similar to a web app. This application just mirrors the data from your WhatsApp Mobile.

This is available for all Windows versions. However, to run this app on Windows, you have to sync with a mobile device.

This app executes natively on the Desktop. Once we had a question about when it would bring its voice call feature. Now, it’s been included. And the feature of video calls is underway.

WhatsApp APK for iOS

Download WhatsApp APK for iOS. It is the world’s best free messaging app built for communication.

You can use this very platform to send text messages, photos, videos, audio and video files, and so on. It lets you send any type of file within a reasonable size limit.

WhatsApp APK Android

WhatsApp is basically a communication app for android. This app has come to save messaging costs.

Besides, you can call over the internet on this platform. In the beginning, WhatsApp required a yearly subscription for its users. But shortly after this, it changed its subscription policy. Now, this is completely a free app to use.

GBWhatsapp APK

Final Words

WhatsApp is a wonderful medium of communication. It offers some amazing facilities including text messages, Voice and Video Calls, location share, and so on.

WhatsApp has made a new dimension in telecommunication. You are strongly recommended to download and install WhatsApp APK for better communication.

The FAQs about GBWhatsapp Apk

Some questions that are repeated frequently are given below with their appropriate answers.

Can I log out of WhatsApp?

If you are on android, you won’t be able to log out of WhatsApp. If your data connection is on, you will continue receiving messages.

But you can mute any conversations of particular contacts. But if you are on WhatsApp Web, you will be able to log out.

Is WhatsApp completely safe?

Yes, this app is totally safe to use.

Why did WhatsApp ban my account?

WhatsApp can ban your account if you send defamatory, obscene, and threatening messages. A user can report your account if you send something bad.

How do you use the GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, an Android software that you may use for contact communication, but it does not have new features in the official app. It is an amendment of the original application, which was produced without permission from the legal owners by a third party.

What is GB WhatsApp’s disadvantage?

1. No website official. GB WhatsApp has no official website, which is a significant and essential drawback of Friends. This implies you can do nothing if your data is exposed over GB WhatsApp.

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