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The download link for the Latest Genshin Impact APK is available, you know. Get ready to play with full features here!

Finally, this game was launched on September 28, 2020, after reaping various controversies announced in 2019.

The game has been accused of plagiarism from the Nintendo game Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but still has a large fan base. Maybe you are one of them!

So that you can immediately play the latest Genshin Impact Modified game 2021, let’s first peel what’s in this game, let’s go!

Genshin Impact APK: An open world of fantastic powers and magical kingdoms

Suppose you have tried any of the awesome open-world games characteristic of the most current consoles. In that case, you will indeed be enchanted by a proposal that borders on the inexhaustible in terms of fun.

Besides, these games are also famous for perfect graphics, chilling soundtracks, and lots of action. Goals and missions are always there, too, but the fun is being able to explore almost any corner of the map, in the order you want, with freedom.

Genshin Impact APK

Although they were very successful for a long time, these titles were restricted to the best video games and computer gamers. The downside, of course, is the hefty price of these devices. Well, the good news is that the changes are starting today.

Meet the Genshin Impact Android APK: an exciting open-world exploration game with the quality you would see on your favorite console, now on your phone. Curious to know what makes this game so unique? Time to investigate.

Overview Of Genshin Impact

Name Genshin Impact
Genres Adventure game, Action role-playing game
Publisher miHoYo
Engine Unity
Initial release date September 28, 2020
Size 543M
Current Version 1.4.0_2154667_2147343
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated March 5, 2021
Modified Features All Revealed

Download Genshin Impact APK (543 MB)

 The Genshin Impact Proposal

The game’s plot focuses on two brothers’ stories, separated a long time ago by a spell that made the protagonist – you – fall asleep for a long time. Now, you woke up to see a world utterly different from the one you knew.

You have the central mission to find your brother again, behind the game, wandering through an immense map full of nations and unique creatures. Make friends, freely explore the world of Teyvat and defeat relentless enemies in this action-packed adventure.

To prove what we said about expecting a game to match the titles established for other platforms, we analyzed many hours about three key points that we consider indispensable for a quality game: graphics, music, and experience.


An infinite collection of scenes rendered in real-time, in addition to many character movements rich in details, are adjusted using state-of-the-art capture, showing high-quality performance effects.

It is a level of realism that, commonly, is desired and not always delivered, for games much more expensive and available for platforms much more powerful, in terms of play, than our cell phones.


We are not going to rain in the wet, as the famous saying goes. To prove the quality and the immersion offered by the soundtrack carefully synchronized at every moment of the game, mention that you will hear classics like the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

Different Characters And Weapon Systems

At the start of the game, Genshin Impact doesn’t give you many characters to choose from. There are only two main characters, namely one man and one woman.

Well, over time, you will control a team consisting of 4 game characters, with a total of 30 characters that you can reveal.

Each character owned will have two types of skills, namely Basic Skills and Ultimate Skills.

What’s more, the game has a mechanism that allows you to change your character in battle. So, you can immediately transform so that you can adjust to the battlefield, gang!

To equip your character, you can collect various weapons during the game. Later, your character’s skills will also adjust to the weapons used.

The weapons offered are various, including traditional weapons such as swords and bows.

Unique World

You will find many unique places in this game. Call it forgotten relics, giant Gothic towers, medieval fortresses, and also mysterious forests!

Genshin Impact

All the places you will find along your character’s journey will bring you a more profound imagination.

Game Mode

You can play Genshin Impact with your friends by reaching the ‘Adventurer Rank 16’ level to reveal the multiplayer mode, gang.

The co-op mode available in this game will make you face challenges quickly with good cooperation between players.


A successful game model – betting on an open world full of unpredictable challenges – coupled with the high degree of realism offered by high-tech graphics and the most incredible music from renowned orchestras could only yield the best entertainment experience.

Get ready to spend many hours, every day, in front of your phone, exploring the complex world of the latest version of Genshin Impact Android  APK. Aren’t you convinced? You will stay after seeing the compilation of some highlights that we did next.

Highlights Of Genshin Impact

It is not very easy to list the highlights of a game that already has so much quality in so many aspects, as mentioned above. However, this charming app still has many other factors to celebrate.

Master The Elements

The game introduces us to seven elements – Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo – which, when combined and handled correctly, resulting in overwhelming powers;

Impressive Immersion

The perfect blend of fantastic graphics with the weather and music changes the game. No matter where you are, you can always hear, see and experience the regional performances characteristic of the best symphonic orchestras in the world;

A Wealth Of Characters

Meet characters full of details that shape characteristics and powers unique to each of them. There are seven nations to wander in the immense and fantastic world of the game;

Collectible Items

Various items can be found, traded, looted, and collected around the world. Use them to make your character even more powerful, with new spells and unparalleled strength;

Download Genshin Impact APK

A Company That Invests

MiHoYo has taken every care to keep the game at an unprecedented level of quality and optimization in all aspects. The site, a vast community, updates, the best customer support, and other advantages are a reflection of this for the user;

Are you already curious to test your luck yourself in this unexplored world of challenges and fun? It’s almost time. Let’s finish the content with the last details that are worth knowing before diving into it.

Additional Genshin Impact Information

You will need a device that runs the Android operating system, from version 5.0 onwards, in addition to an internet connection to enjoy the best experience. Thanks to caring in development and high technology, even intermediate devices can offer a beautiful and fluid immersion.

Such an innovative game on the market could not have a fairer rating in the Google store, boasting 4.6 points in its almost sixty thousand reviews. The number of downloads has already exceeded every million.

Now, time to see it all in practice!

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The Advantages Of Genshin Impact Android APK

When talking about Modified APK, indeed, you can’t escape from the abundant name money and super-exclusive features that you can use for free, is that right?

Likewise with the Modified version of Genshin Impact, gang. Here, Apkadviser tells you some of its advantages:

  • Unlimited gems and virtual currencies
  • Unlimited Gacha Rolls
  • Can reveal all character animations
  • Reveal all skills
  • Auto-update
  • Easy to install and no need to root the device

Download Genshin Impact For Android

Follow our links and download the Genshin Impact APK for free, safely, and in a few moments. Indeed, you will not miss the quality of the great gaming platforms when you try this one, which is, without a doubt, a candidate for the best games we have already made available in this space.

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How To Install

To start the process of installing the Genshin impact game, it’s not that difficult, just three steps as below:

First, you can go to settings and allow unknown sources

Next, you open the Genshin Impact Android APK file and select it to start the installation process

Then you wait until the install process is complete.

Now you can play this game and can feel the excitement along the way.


The Final Word

That was the discussion about gameplay, features, advantages to the latest 2021 Genshin Impact APK Download link. Exciting and exciting, right?

Thanks to the presence of this modified version, you don’t have to bother leveling up your account so you can reveal all of its features!

By the way, from what Apkadviser heard, this game was quite heavy, so make sure your smartphone meets the minimum specifications to play this game.

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