GTA V Apk Mod Free Download For Android: Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V Apk is an app that allows the player to play the famous desktop and console game on his cell phone, bringing to the palm of his hand all missions, disputes, firefights, breaking traffic laws, and being able to accomplish all missions all by mobile and wherever you prefer.

The game is available on computer and console platforms such as Playstation and Xbox and, for the mobile version, the game is GTA V.

Therefore, to install on your cell phone, you first need to find a site that doesn’t provide viruses during the download, so you can safely download it from our site.


Another essential piece of information is how you will install this GTA V Android Apk on your Android. We will talk about how you should download the versions that the game is and how to keep it up to date.

GTA V Apk Download And A Brief Review

GTA 5 Apk will provide users with a guaranteed gaming experience of perfect quality from various aspects. There is no doubt about this because developers have decades of experience creating the same game with improved quality.

When viewed from various sides, GTA 5 has no significant shortcomings that fans will protest. This game still presents a gangster adventure theme in a vast fictional city with sharp and clear visual quality.

Users will also not be bored because GTA V offers more missions than the previous version. Of course, the mission is more challenging, promises an extraordinary adrenaline surge, and keeps players busy playing it all day long.

Previously GTA 5 was only available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One, which disappointed mobile gaming users. Especially now that not too many people have PCs or video game consoles that are pretty expensive.

Luckily, this game comes in a mod version that you can play on almost all Android OS. This will undoubtedly please GTA fans who are mobile gaming lovers who haven’t had time to buy a PC, PS, or Xbox One.

Using GTA 5 Download APK is the recommended option if you are a smartphone user with regular specifications. This modified version is also a full version/paid, so you can play it right away without paying any fees.

Additional Info About GTA V

Name Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Genre Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Current Version
Updated April 13, 2019
Mod Features All Revealed

Download GTA V APK (44.7 MB)

 All Modified And Original Features Of GTA V

Support All Android OS

The arrival of GTA 5 Apk for Android is good news because now mobile gamers can try out these good-quality games without the need for expensive PCs and video game consoles.

Amazingly, this Android version is also in-lit condition to be very friendly to entry-level device users. The GTA 5 mod version can reach all mobile device users because almost all Android OS can run without problems.

So now, even minimalist smartphone users have the opportunity to play GTA 5 on their devices smoothly without any problems.

GTA V Apk download

However, it should be noted, to get the maximum GTA 5 experience, try to use the smartphone that already has Android OS 4.0 and above. In addition, smartphones must also have at least 2GB of RAM and ample storage space.

HD Quality Graphics

GTA 5 is present on smartphones with very sharp, clear visual quality plus similar to reality. This GTA 5 Mod APK has HD graphics that are no less far than the graphics for the PC and video game console versions.

All the details in the game are designed so that they look realistic and stunning, from characters, cars, motorcycles, buildings, roads, and other topography. This is very liked by gamers and makes them more comfortable playing it.

Interesting And Diverse Gameplay

GTA 5 has distinctive gameplay that fans have always liked because it is so exciting and presents many options to choose from freely.

Players can play and complete missions according to the storyline or play freely without following the rules.

Through this game, players can explore a fictional city filled with gangsters and corrupt cops. Players can get around the city on foot or by driving various vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, bicycles, helicopters, and so on.

So you can imagine for yourself the excitement of playing GTA 5, which offers various actions that you can only dream of.

In essence, GTA 5 is the perfect option if you’re looking for an open-world game that lets players act however they want.

Immersive Story Setting

GTA 5 does have a complete mission because players can play three main characters in the game. GTA 5 is centered on the story and adventures of 3 main protagonists named Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, centered in Los Santos, San Andreas.

In this game, the three main characters will often have to deal with the police, government agents, and gangster groups that rule the city.

In addition, later players will often get missions about bank robberies that are cool and adrenaline-pumping. Players can play all the main characters without exception, which have different skills, abilities, and missions from each other.

This kind of storyline adds to the perfection of the graphics and gameplay of GTA 5.

Support All GPU

The following excellent feature of downloading GTA 5 is its ability to be supported by smartphones with various GPUs.

GPU or Graphic Processing Unit is a chip that monitors visual and displays problems on smartphones and other devices.

In this light version, GTA 5 can be run on all smartphones with existing GPU types, starting from Andreno, Mali, and so on. So naturally, this fantastic feature inevitably makes smartphone users who can play GTA 5 more and more.

Maximum Quality Audio

GTA 5 already supports audio facilities that have the best quality to provide the maximum gaming experience. The audio quality of the game is essential because it will affect the whole game.

Maximum audio quality will make gamers more immersed in the game universe and help them concentrate more. Moreover, if the user also has a sophisticated headphone device to play GTA 5, the audio quality will be maximized.

Free To Choose Mission

The modified version of GTA 5 frees players to choose the mission they want. As you know, GTA 5 has abundant missions because there are three characters that you can play alternately.

GTA V mod Apk

In this mod version, you are free to choose which missions to play without having to do them sequentially. All missions are automatically unlocked and can be played at any time without interrupting the storyline.

Support Cloud Save

The following excellent feature of GTA 5 is cloud save support, so players don’t need to be afraid of losing game progress.

This feature is considered safer than just storing it in smartphone device storage, even more so that smartphones are also prone to be lost or stolen.

So every time you finish playing GTA 5, don’t forget to save your progress in the cloud so it’s safe and can be restored at any time.

When the smartphone is lost and impossible to return, you only need to restore the cloud save on the new smartphone.

Easy Control

GTA 5 has virtual joysticks on the left and right sides of the smartphone that the user’s finger can easily reach. Other important buttons are also placed not too far out of reach so that users can maneuver quickly.

GTA 5 also supports a gamepad via Bluetooth for a more comfortable playing experience. So if you are not satisfied with the virtual joystick, you can buy an actual controller and connect it via Bluetooth.

Cheat Activated

Playing a modified game means that there are cheat elements that are included in the game. For example, GTA V Apk allows you to access a wide variety of weapons that you can use against gangsters and the police.

You can also unlock various excellent vehicles to drive through the vast fictional city of San Andreas. Anyway, the missions in the game will feel easy because you can say you have unlimited resources.

Many Interesting and Challenging Missions

You can freely explore the city without doing anything or can also complete various interesting missions available in the game.

You can complete these challenging and exciting missions to get valuable rewards for developing a stronger character.

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Difference Between GTA 5 Original And GTA 5 Mod APK

GTA 5 Original GTA 5 Modified Version
Only available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Available for all Android operating systems, but you should at least have Android 4.0 OS and 2 GB RAM for the game to run smoothly.
You can only run it on consoles that support quality graphics, PS4, and Xbox One, to be exact. Supports all GPUs or graphics cards on smartphones.
Only available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Can run on Android without root.
Must play sequential missions. Can directly play the mission as you wish.

How To Install GTA V Mobile Apk

So that you can download the modified GTA V perfectly, then you have to prepare a fast internet network because the files to be downloaded are pretty significant.

You also have to make sure that the smartphone’s internal memory still has enough space. If you have fulfilled the two conditions above, then you can see the steps on how to install the GTA v mod for Android directly below:

  • Open your browser, then access the APK and OBB download links listed above.
  • Wait until the countdown becomes 0, and a “Download Now” button will appear.
  • Download the respective APK and OBB files and wait for them to finish. Because the file is quite large, it will take a long time.
  • Meanwhile, make sure your smartphone can install applications outside of official sources; tap the “Settings” menu then “Security,” then check the “Unknown Source” option.
  • When the download process is complete, you can install the APK file first.
  • Then extract the OBB file and place it in the “Android” folder, then “OBB.”
  • Done, now you can play GTA V on your favorite Android to your heart’s content.


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GTA V APK Download  For Android

Ensure a unique experience with one of the most awarded game franchises on the market. GTA V can be downloaded entirely free of charge.

This ensures that you don’t have to pay for the paid version of the app available on Google Play. So download GTA V Download APK and get the free version right now and enjoy.


Playing PS and Xbox console games on Android is indeed a luxury in itself. Grand Theft Auto V is only available for consoles, but thanks to the creativity of modders, now Android users can play the game on their respective smartphones.

There is no significant difference between the console version and the Android version, but of course, this game will be even more amazing to play on the console.

In the Android version itself, you can use this GTA 5 Apk that you can easily use to buy weapons, vehicles, and other equipment.

The FAQs about GTA V Apk

GTA V is one of the most popular adventure action games we know. If you like mobile gaming, you should try our GTA V modified app. Below are some important frequently asked questions about the app.

What are the requirements for starting GTA V mod?

Nothing, you can start the game safely by downloading the mod app and OBB file from our site.

Is the GTA 5 app a threat to the device since it is a modified app?

No, we checked the app with a virus testing tool, we found no malware.

Is there a PC version of it on your page?

No, we did not develop GTA V Mod Apk for PC, but you can find it on our page for iOS.

Do I have to pay for the app?

No, we are providing it completely free; we need support.

Do you have any tutorials on how to play the game?

If you read the full article, you will get details about the game and understand how to play it.

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