Gummy Drop Apk Game Download for Android – Latest Version

Gummy drop APK for rubber is one of the most popular treats globally; it’s not only sweet but also colorful and beautiful. It could be notable that your favorite sandwich is now a game title’s main subject.

The game was introduced and published at the end of 2014 with “Gummy Drop” by the Big Fish Games.

You would not be upset with Gummy Drop if you played Candy Crush or Disney Emoji Blitz and liked the games so much.

You do matches to fly around the world, not to smash candies or collect Disney characters. Players will immerse themselves in the world of colorful rubbers and eventually visit numerous cities in the world.

Get ready to be shocked by the beautiful map of “Gummy Drop” and its interesting characteristics!

Gummy drop APK focuses on the character’s journey

Join the game; you’ll be flying around the globe. Use your imagination for a long time to revive the old towns. You will bring a whole new look to the cities as a professional architect.

Every area has precious attractions, so the player is responsible for learning how to foster these powers. You will also encourage residents to settle in the regions, thereby speeding up the city’s development quickly.

Players take turns to Paris, New York, Tokyo, etcetera, during the “Gummy Drop” ride. It is here to restore a glorious view of the Statue of Liberty from the colossal Eiffel Tower.

How do I do that? However, to pass each level in a game, you have to pair three or more sweets of the same color. Each puzzle you go through is a condition to restore those tourist destinations of world renown. Are you up for this adventure?

The game earned players much love for its entertainment.

Gummy Drop presents players with several unique features to improve their play experience. The game gives the player an excellent first experience as a game with a sweet candy look.

It’s only by lowering a variety of marshmallows that you revive the city. When inserted into constructing the town when visiting several gorgeous locations, this game produces more enticing lines of the same kind.

These are the strengths of 2-in-1 games, which keep the players bored. Put in the sweet sweets and begin for a long time.

The player needs time to adapt and motivate you to continue to finish this game. The problem of the game grows steadily.

There is a fair path to recall a long trip. In the meantime, a better plan is required for players. The game is still new and thrilling, leaving gamers fascinated with it with more than90 towns you can travel through.

Choose your destination and begin your journey by slightly turning the map because the world is in your hands. You are the determining element in the game.

The various themes from the sweet Island, the Gingerbread Village, and the Garden party would differ from each of your cities. The game introduces players to a vibrant and bright New Future.

Download Gummy Drop Apk (96.9 MB)

In this comeback, what’s new?

The upgraded version of Gummy drop apk has come back with enticing options. What are you waiting for without this adjustment and waiting for the fifth birthday party with many incentives?

Furthermore, the Baggage Claim is an equally anticipated case. Get in the bags and the gifts quickly. Are you ready to welcome India’s Perl – Hyderabad’s lovely city with 120 new levels? Every day the game gives players better experiences.

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Gummy Drop played an outstanding but fascinating role in making a game. Every round, the players practice their stamina and witness the more stunning cities. It’s worth an engaging game.

Features of Gummy drop APK

The gameplay is well-known but still original.

“Rubber drop” is built to be multi-level to earn a maximum of points by playing and by combining objects of the same form and colors.

A certain number of moves are given for each level, and players may need to carefully consider and prepare their next action. Also, several points for players to complete the station are shown before each round.

If you don’t get enough points by making the default actions, you will use other life to increase your gameplay without restarting.

Players may rotate a roulette wheel to win another lifetime or five more motions. You don’t have to think about life because it fills up quickly.

When you do not have enough coins and resources from each round, you can play and win more every round or return to collect lottery tickets for thrilling reward schemes.

Also, in Gummy Droplets, you reconstruct every ten levels of a landmark in each area. Clearing levels should be used for staff and factories should be designed after you have enough jobs.

Players with three difficulties from intern to master builder will play three times on any stage. Naturally, the more you play, the more you can earn the rewards.

Types of gummies

In the Halloween and Christmas seasons, rubbers are crafted in eight different colors and two alternative appearances, including a Pumpkin in yellow and a Snowflake in white.

Rubber can be divided into three other forms too. You can get a Line Crush by matching four rubber in a column or row.

You have a Bomb by mixing five rubbers with two matches of three. A Lightning Bolt will send you five rubbers that fit the column or lines.

A selection of boosters

Boosters can be bought and bought with coins along your journey. There are 17 separate acquisition and procurement boosters, others can be used at all levels, and someone can use some only at one level.

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Tiles, souvenirs, timed tiles, bomb, sand, and the generator for desert tiles are all available at various levels. E.g., you can only use the Desert Tile Generator or the Waterfall Boost at the level of souvenirs with the Oasis booster.

I also use Shovel to clear every cell on the board or Wind to swap two gum or souvenirs to make my game comfortable. In the in-game shop, you can purchase boosts also to buy gold and extra lives.

Events special

You can compete for and compete with other teams at three major tournaments.

In the Everest challenge, all five levels on the chart need to be visible within the specified time frame. If you lose a life in the challenge, you must resume at level 1.

If players are on the last ten levels of the present city, they will face the Marathon’s challenge until they open up the next Marathon level city.

To join, you must complete all stages of flags. Players will earn a prize if they complete a prohibited step with a trophy.

The Silver Medal grants you one additional time and one lightning bolt, and for one hour, a lightning bolt and one storm give you an unlimited number of days. Until competing in the Marathon Race, note to finish creating a landmark.

The Treasure Hunt event requires players to either begin on a joint or challenging route or both. Standard fashion has four stages, while hardstyle has six levels and lower rewards.

If players complete the two forms, they are given the most fantastic prizes (up to four hours) of unlimited lives, and the event will end.

But to do so, you need to complete a journey without losing, or you will lose a life and have to restart. Also, players must continue to play until a trip is begun.

You will switch if you want to change to another one, and it doesn’t take a lifetime.

Unlimited Capital and Currencies

Players can collect and play coins by completing stages. They will also engage in regular challenges with gamers all around the world. And search your towns and ports every day, so you can get free coins to help other harbors and cities.

I understand that some problematic levels need a little more support than the coins you receive. Fortunately, “Gummy Drop” has allowed all players to buy boosters or extra lives when they run out of them with unlimited capital.



Gummy Drop is created with vivid descriptions and amusing graphics. The frame rate is compatible with no lags or glitches. Both towns have their most impressive features carefully planned.


Besides any voice summary, as the players win excellent matches, this game’s music and sound effects are little talking about.

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Gummy Drop is a great way to unwind after a long day. Big Fish Games has developed a game title that is enjoyable enough to hold your eyes open for long without difficulty but with exciting features.

The FAQs about Gummy Drop Apk

Below are some important frequently asked questions. If you need to know anything else, please comment on our page or email us directly.

What is Gummy drop?

Gummy Drop! is the exciting Match 3 puzzle game where you restore monuments and rebuild cities around the world, one gummy at a time!

Can the Gummy drop game be played in multiplayer?

Definitely, Gummy Game, you can only play offline and anywhere

Is the Gummy Apk PC version available?

Absolutely, It’s possible to play the gummy drop Game above using a PC or Laptop by first installing an Android Emulator, such as NOX, BlueStack, and others.

Is the app safe for our devices?

It’s completely safe since we tested and launched the app.

How does it work on required devices?

For gummy required Android 4.4 and up

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