Harvest Town Apk Game Downloads Review for Android, iOS

Harvest Town Apk is a game that is made by Avid. It became so successful that over a million downloads were attaining in the Google Play Store! But the fact that you can control and create your city here makes this game so mesmerizing. Explore a range of sites, contribute to the immersive past, and connect with actual players worldwide! There is much more to do.

Many RPG and simulation games have taken place in the smartphone world. If you play famous games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing, it will encourage you to play another widespread game. This time, Harvest city extracts and blends elements in smooth gameplay!

Harvest Town Apk

Harvest Town Apk Info

Name Harvest Town
Compatible with VARY
Latest version 2.0.1
Developer Avid.ly
Google play link com.harvest.android.gr
Price Free
Size 430 MB
Premium No
Category Role-Playing

Download Harvest Town Apk (430 MB)

Features of The App

Harvest Town is currently one of the most famous games. You can build your city here with everything you need.

Impressive gameplay

The fact that they combine all of the features of popular games is one aspect that distinguishes excellent and poor matches. Harvest Town is a clear example of that. This game takes many of its elements and makes it it is own in games like Stardew Valley. This game allows it to provide players of all ages with unique gameplay.

The vast world in this game and the seemingly dull things contributing to the game’s overall charm will appreciate. Not to mention, you will immerse in a story full of lots of fantastic booting characters.

Retro graphics

This game features retro graphics like Pokémon and Stardew Valley as intended. Since such graphics works, this is not bad! The vastness of the map and the excellent designs of the game can see by this game. Nobody beats a good old classic 2D graphics with a storyline and gameplay.

Harvest Town Apk android

Fascinating tale

You’ll be shocked by the exciting story Harvest City has to deliver. Speaking of storyline, Loads of NPCs are here and there with great suspense, humor, and a bit of action. In this epic simulation game, choose the one you are going to marry and start your family. You would like to explore the regions as much as you like!


But the cherry on the top is the support of multiplayer in Harvest Town. Join the online racing, trade, and interact with many real online players around the world. Enjoy the excellent game together with lots of features that you and your friends can give!


Herewith a navigator pad on your left, you can easily control your character. Then you can tap on the computer anything else.

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Download Harvest Town with Easy Guideline

Avid.ly ‘s Harvest Town is a unique RPG with a little theme and a lovely storyline. It is currently being tested beta to have early access to the game to try game. Create huts, farms, and enormous constructions [protect your tribe from the tribes of the enemies]. The unlimited our Apk will give end in the game.

Explore the entire map and learn more about your world with your trained heroes. In your next fight, you can use it as an advantage. Meet different NPCs who will provide you with additional knowledge to support you with your tasks. Pick up things and upgrades on your path to improve yourself.

Harvest Town mod

Multiplayer mode applies to trade and competition only. Combat has not yet been added but may be available for updates in the future.

The links listed below show Harvest Town App. The most recent premium update has been introduced with Infinite DIAMONDS. You can now use this premium to the maximum and access all the game’s other stages. The game is new, so it wasn’t exploring entirely. This function could be your first opportunity to do so. Place the OBB file before you play the game as directed.

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The FAQs about Harvest Town Apk

Harvest town mod Apk is the most popular game and it was developed by Avid. If you want to download then should follow the important question.

What is Harvest Town Apk?

Harvest Town is another simulation of great rural life games. It is mixed with classic RPG mechanics and various facets of the genre.

Have any Premium version of the Harvest Town App?

No, It’s completely free games.

Is this game available on Google play?

Yes. You can download google play but if want to download from us then you get malware-free.

Will hang my phone when playing this game?

Don’t worry to play causing your device to lack. It’s very lightweight and classical graphics.

How does safety measures?

Apkadviser provides 100% safety and virus scan file.

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