Hashiriya Drifter Apk For Android, iOS – Drift Racing Multiplayer

Download Hashiriya Drifter Apk is a racing game that allows you to play PvP games online where you can modify your car and get bonuses based on your skids. This game is an online racing game that can reach millions of audiences.

In this game that is played and loved by drift lovers, you will have a fierce struggle with people from all over the world, and you will wreak havoc on the track.

But since those in front of you will be players like you, you have to get ahead of them and be better than them.


You are given a coin at the beginning of the game, and it is straightforward to do with it, you buy a car and modify it. Your goal is to enter the tracks with this car, collect more points than other players and be the first in the race. You can change almost every part of your car one by one, so you will have more powerful cars.

We offer the modified apk for you; it will not decrease and increase when you spend your money on the game.

Hashiriya Drifter Apk Mod Details: How to Play It

Hashiriya drifter is the only driving game that reads your ambiance about tuning your car and testing it on japan streets. The game features as realistic visuals as possible, so you will enjoy stepping on the gas and testing your car’s operation. Hashiriya drifter has more than 100 different parts that you can use to tune your vehicle.

To buy more expensive parts, you should earn more cash by driving your vehicle. The 3D visuals are incredible, so you can see all your car’s details while sitting at the wheel. You will not encounter any single problems while driving your car from the control gear.

You have to tap the accelerator and brake pedals to adjust the speed and the buttons on the left side of the monitor to change your direction. Keep in mind that while driving your car, you should pay attention to your surroundings; the reason is that any single damage to your vehicle is as realistic as possible, and you have to repair every single piece you waste.

Hashiriya drifter is a realistic driving game that you will have fun with while trying to get all the parts to tune your car. Furthermore, if you want to drive your car flawlessly, you have to show your repair skills.

Overview Of Hashiriya Drifter Apk

Name Hashiriya Drifter Online Drift Racing Multiplayer
Genre Racing
Publisher Crazy4Profession Ltd
Size 759M
Current Version 1.7.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated February 25, 2021
Modified Features Yes

Download Hashiriya Drifter APK (759 MB)

Hashiriya Drifter: Time To Speed Through The Streets Of Japan

The taste for speed and the imagination that we all have carefully kept in our heads on the most fantastic and fastest machines ever invented is something that always accompanies us. Car races are even more attractive when we see them in movies, with super-equipped cars and crowded streets, without many rules, with a lot of speed.

Hashiriya Drifter Apk

If you are passionate about speed games like Asphalt 8 but missed the deepest handles, as in Fast and Furious, the perfect game has arrived: Hashiriya Drifter. Impressive machines, few rules, a lot of speed, and guaranteed fun for racing lovers.

It is about this beauty that we will talk about next. Discover everything that this app has brought so that you cannot spend even one day without experiencing the adrenaline that only the maximum speed can give us.

Inside The Latest Version Of Hishiriya Drifter

The app’s idea is charming: going back to the most impressive moments of street racing in Japan, with the best cars, a lot of adrenaline, and – best of all – a giant dose of realism. After all, who doesn’t like a game that makes us feel like we’re in real life?

A right mix of game modes, details that don’t end with every curve, every car, and a lot of originality, this game that takes us to the glorious ’80s, especially in Tokyo, is one of those that can’t be missed on the cell phone of Gasoline.

There is so much good to be said that there is no other way to understand what we are trying to get through than to download Hishiriya Drifter for free and speed through the Land of the Rising Sun. But, we managed to list some of the highlights (of many).

Highlights Of Hishiriya Drifter APK

Before we point out some of the most impressive things that were, of course, developed with that special care, let’s address what we consider to be the fundamental aspects of a successful game.

Graphics and Soundtrack

There is no way to highlight a game that strives for realism but does not offer a game with well-built graphics. Well, here you will fall in love with all angles, each part of your car, each customization. The special effects and the soundtrack complete a recipe that delivers a lot of adrenaline and emotion.


For many, racing games are not very attractive because they cannot vary; after all, they are racing. However, this game bets on a good variety of dispute modes, which goes far beyond offline and online but brings a series of disputes that go from different circuits, different levels of complexity, one against one, and much more.

Other topics will keep you from leaving the front of your phone for a long time.

Download Hashiriya Drifter apk

  • High Customization

It’s not just about many cars, ways of playing, and tracks, the game bets on absurdly real details, which give a wide range of possibilities when customizing your machine. To give you an idea, there are more than 100 parts that you can modify in a car;

  • The Best Cars In The World

Get ready to live the best emotion that Nascar can offer, with all the most desired vehicles in the world. There are more than 20 car options that can be transformed, virtually, the way you want;

  • A Vast Community Of Lovers

Most of us are passionate about games that offer multiplayer. However, it is very frustrating when the community is still small, and we don’t find opponents when we want to or at the level we want. Here are 10 million more runners;

I think we can already leave a little of the notion of the work of art that we are facing. Then, the time has come to give our final opinion and invite everyone to try the game.

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Download Hashiriya Drifter For Android And Own The Streets

Experience all the best in the world of street racing right now with this impressive game. And, if you are one of those who can’t resist having everything that an experience can offer, how about having infinite money in Hashiriya Drifter?

Hashiriya Drifter

Download the Hashiriya Drifter Money APK and take advantage of all the game features directly on your phone. You can also download Hashiriya Drifter APK iOS for iOS devices. Now, it will be up to you to choose the best machine, the most potent accessories, the most radical painting, and, of course, dominate the streets of Japan.

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Our Conclusion About Hishiriya Drifter APK

A carefully developed game that bets on racing reality reproduction, with intuitive movements, high customization, a lot of adrenaline, and fun. Without fear of making mistakes, the certainty of success among anyone who does not resist a wheel at high speed. Will you face it?

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