Hotspot Apk VPN download for android: Hotspot shield mod apk

Hotspot Shield Elite application is one of the most popular VPN applications in google play stores and computer conditions. Many blogs are forbidden today, but entry to them is possible. However, there is a problem that the Hotspot Apk offers various opportunities without giving money, and you surf the internet with limited possibilities.

We do not want such a thing to happen, so we offer you the full version of the hotspot shield apk elite to browse all sites, and you can access all the sites that your internet cannot access.

If you have such a need and are looking for a VPN, I recommend the free premium hotspot shield apk Full because most of the VPN on the market do not function well and it looks like this.

Hotspot Apk Elite: Fastest VPN for Streaming, Gaming & More

Hotspot Shield Apk Pro has been developed mainly for individual consumers and provides a business plan priced depending on the number of devices used.

When VPNs first began to emerge, they were primarily used by businesses or organizations that needed a secure network for their employees working from remote computers.

Hotspot Shield APK download

All types of users, such as those who often use unsecured networks and want to shield their personal information when commuting or, in other cases, or who wish to access restricted content in their region or visit censored pages, are now using VPNs.

Hotspot Shield is suitable for each user. The Elite edition has an incredibly affordable price, and the whole package has a reasonably decent reputation-both the free and paid edition.

However, there is no reason for you to worry as we are providing you the pro version of the Hotspot app for free.

One of the advantages of Hotspot Shield is that it can be used on up to five devices simultaneously, which makes the product attractive to most users, especially at such a low cost. No technical skills are required to set up and use Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield was developed by AnchorFree, a US-based Silicon Valley company, and the product has been on the market since 2009.

Overview Information

App Name Hotspot Shield
Publisher AnchorFree GmbH
Genre Tools
Size 7.6 MB
Latest Version 8.0.1
Pro Info Premium
Update September 23, 2020

Download Hotspot Apk (7.6 MB)

Some Common Issues Of Hotspot Shield Apk Cracked

Device Compatibility

Hotspot Shield Apk Elite offers only the OpenVPN protocol, the most secure protocol available. For most users, this is more than enough, but some people may want to choose another VPN that offers other protocols.

This product is compatible with Mac OS / X, Windows, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPhone, Android, and Kindle.


Hotspot Shield is another issue that some may find problematic. Hotspot Shield does not publish a list of service providers, ostensibly for security or privacy reasons, but some people would not acknowledge this lack of transparency.

Hotspot Shield mod APK

With the free version of Hotspot Shield, you will only have access to service providers located in the USA, and with Hotspot Shield, you will have the choice of service providers in the USA, UK, Japan, and Australia.


Hotspot Shield may not be the fastest VPN out there, but the connection speeds are sufficient for most users’ purposes.

As with most VPN services, this product is available for online games, etc. is not recommended for. Some users complain that Hotspot Shield disconnects quite often, but the icon allows you to see if your connection is available quickly.

With Hotspot Shield, you have unlimited bandwidth, but remember, you will still be limited by the bandwidth your service provider offers.


When using a VPN like Hotspot Shield, your online activities will be encrypted to prevent anyone from accessing your data.

This includes governments, companies that want to monitor your internet usage and preferences, and identity thieves or Gruber who want to capture your personal information.

You will be able to browse the internet without revealing your identity and use internet banking or conduct your money transactions over the internet without worry, even in places with unsecured network connections.


With both Hotspot Shield and Hotspot Shield Elite, you will have the advantage of having an extra firewall installed between yourself and any entity trying to infect your computer with malware or viruses.


Hotspot Shield offers support via e-mail. Answers are usually pretty quick and helpful. In another post, we read that they offer Live Chat support, but this is not always available; but to be honest, we couldn’t find any bet that the product has Live Chats on its website. So we can’t say clearly whether this exists or how well it works.


Their Plan

With Hotspot Shield Elite, you can choose a monthly or annual plan. As we mentioned above, the product has a very competitive price, and it also offers a free program. So that varies according to the number of devices for the business world.

You can visit the Hotspot Shield website for current rates and special offers.

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There are two main differences between the free version of Hotspot Shield and the Hotspot Shield Elite version. These are:

1) The free version of Hotspot Shield contains ads that come with pop-up windows when you connect. Ads will also appear at the top of the page, no matter which browser you are using. With Hotspot Shield Elite, you will not disturb by any advertising content.

2) As mentioned above, you will only have access to service providers located in the USA with the free version. However, with Hotspot Shield Elite, you will be able to connect to service providers in the UK, Japan, and Australia as well as the USA.

You can enjoy the above benefits as we have provided you the hotspot shield apk pro version of the premium version.

How To Download The App On Your Different Devices?

Hotspot Shield Apk Android

You need to download the Hotspot Control app in the same way that we download other pro apps. You need to enable Unknown Sources from the phone settings as it is a third-party app, but it is not insecure. Then you can download and install the given file and use it in the Hotspot Pro Apk for free.

Hotspot Shield Apk For Pc

As always, if you want to install the app on the PC, you need to download an Android emulator; in this case, I would suggest downloading XePlayer. Import your Hotspot app download file into the emulator. Set it up on your pc now and enjoy the hotspot control apk.

Hotspot Shield APK

Hotspot Apk For Jio Phone

  • You must open the Jio phone settings in the first stage and implement the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Next, go to the Advanced settings available in the Jio Wi-Fi settings.
  • Now, go to Manage Network Settings under Wi-Fi and select Join Hidden Network Settings.
  • In this setting, if you do not want to allow the password to be made safe for unknown users, you have to make changes to your hidden network.
  • After making changes, use other Android phones and connect to Wi-Fi immediately. Enjoy the Jio network with 4G speed and share tour data at any time.


Apart from the few complaints mentioned above, we found both the free and paid version of Hotspot very useful. Especially suitable for people who want a simple and easy-to-use VPN service.

If you want a free VPN service, it’s hard to think of anything better than Hotspot Shield, although some, especially those living in Europe, find CyberGhost to be the more practical choice.

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