How To Boot People Offline On PS4, Xbox, Xbox One & PC For Free

Hey, today we are going to talk about booting people offline, but before that, we need to know what the thing is and how to boot someone offline.

Boot People Offline is a type of DoS / DDoS attack that temporarily or indefinitely disconnects a hosting service connected to the Internet.

When you conduct an attack from a device and temporarily or indefinitely disconnect a site or server from the Internet, it is called a DoS or Denial of Service Attack. 

how to boot people offline on xbox one

And when this DoS is operated from multiple devices and Internet connections, it is called DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack.

However, today we will basically look at how to boot people offline on your PS4, Xbox, Xbox One, PC, and how to stay protected from DoS / DDoS attacks.

How To Boot People Offline On ps4 And How To Protect Yourself From It

At the outset, we will look at how to boot people offline for educational purposes, we never support personal attacks, and it is unethical.

However, when you play a game, but you can’t win, you need to attack his IP to kick the player from the ps4. If you can find out their IP address and hosting server, you can easily take them offline and win the game.

But below are the details of how you can boot someone offline from ps4.

Find Out Your Opponent’s IP Address

Suppose you have to know the address of a house before you can attack it, right? In the same way, someone needs to know the IP address before booting offline, and an IP puller is needed to find out. For this, you can use the popular IP puller called Lanc Remastered. If you go to their site, you will get its usage rules and download button. However, before downloading, please take a look at their requirements. 

  • To download Lanc Remastered, you need to go to Network & Internet Settings from Windows 10 and find the change adapter options below. Then a pop-up menu will appear; from there, go to Ethernet Properties and unmark the IPv6 option. If you have already unmarked, you can download and install Lanc Remastered directly.
  • Extract the downloaded file with 7zip or WinRAR. Then you will get a pop-up if you click on LANC v2; if it shows an error, install win10pcap and click on the Ok button; the message will go away.
  • Then select your network adapter, it can be wired or wireless, then mark ARP Spoofing and Filter.
  • Now, you will get IP information from the network settings of your gaming console, and submit the IP address in the TO section of ARP Spoofing.
  • For PS4 users, type PS4 port 9307 in the destination port.
  • After doing everything right, create a ps4 party, click on Start when others join, then you can see everyone’s IP under the Connections tab.

Sign Up For ps4 IP Boot service

The job of an IP booter or IP stresser is to manage DDoS attacks, which can slow down the website or Internet and defeat your targeted opponent in an online game.

However, you need to be careful when using this type of boot service because the tools or services you will manage the booting work may go from your IP to the server log.

how to boot people offline on xbox

So we will suggest you manage this work with a good VPN. However, you will find many types of free or paid IP booters online, including Stressthem if you want to use it for free and TS3Booter if you want to use paid. 

Attack Now And Take The Booting People Offline

You will see two steps after signing up for a free or paid IP booter; select your select attack method in step one. Step 2, enter your opponent’s IP address in the Target Information box, then click on Start Attack below. Now, wait a while and see how you win.

We have learned how hackers boot people offline. So you can’t rest assured that you won’t face this attack. You can be infected in the same way.

In that case, you must know how to stay safe from Booter Attack. The hacker must know your IP before attacking. If you connect a good VPN before you start the game, they will never get your IP; even your browsing history will be private. 

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How To Boot People Offline On Xbox And Keep Yourself Safe

I have already discussed how to boot someone offline ps4. Here and there is no exception; you can boot people offline on Xbox in the same process.

However, you need to enter Xbox port 3074 in the destination port after installing Lanc Mastered to find the IP address.

And the thing about protection is before you start the game, just connect a good quality VPN. In that case, I would suggest HMA VPN, as it is quite popular and the net speed service is much better than other VPNs, or you can use any good free VPN.

What Do I Do When Someone Boots Me Offline

Usually, people use this method to annoy or get lost in the game, but here are some systems that you can use to get rid of it.

Don’t Add Aliens To The Party

After you create a party on the gaming console, try to keep it private and invite-only acquaintances. When a stranger is at a party, it’s just a matter of time before he grabs your IP and attacks your console.

So it would help if you kept your party private so that no one can join your party, or keep it public and don’t be late to kick out strangers. 

Use Good Quality VPN

I can never find you if I don’t know your home address. So if you use VPN, no one will get your IP, and you will also be safe.

If They Get My IP Address!

You may run into such problems and be attacked by hackers. No need to worry; you can contact your internet service provider to get a new IP address. 

Report Against The Attacker

We have already said that we have shared the issues for the purpose of education; it is a crime to do so for the sake of annoyance or self-interest.

If the console id is used for something like this, please report the matter by talking to Xbox support if it is done from Xbox.

how to boot people offline on xbox

Moreover, you and your friends should report to the console ID. Otherwise, you can file a cybercrime case with your local cybercrime unit.

The FAQs about How To Boot People Offline

We’ve already discussed in detail how to boot someone offline. Below I am clearing some of your issues by answering some questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Is booting someone offline illegal?

Things like network hacking are happening all the time now. Hacking someone’s network or booting offline is illegal under US technology law. If this happens to someone, he can file a case if he wants.

How do I know who attacked my console or computer?

Contacting your internet service provider will reveal the attacker’s IP address.

How do I know if I have been admitted to a Distributed Denial Of Service attack?

Either your internet connection will be slow, or you will not be able to connect to the net on your console.

Is it legal to use Lanc remastered?

Yes, it is a valid tool for IP tracking, but you can’t do anything unethical. 

How do I solve it if Lanc remastered doesn’t work?

If you do everything right, it will work, but you will see that you meet all the requirements of the Lanc remastered download.

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