How to Change CPU Fan Speed without Bios | Easy Tips in 2021

CPU fan is one of the important components of your PC. It is because it assures that your computer is working well. Everyone wants to keep their computer system tranquil and cool. You will be able to maintain the health of your computer system by changing the fan speed. So, you surely need to know how to change CPU fan speed without bios.

In this article, we will show you everything about this issue. Keep calm and read this article to discover the method of keeping your system alright.

how to change CPU fan speed without bios

How to Change CPU Fan Curve without Bios

Sometimes, our PCs start being overheated due to playing games for a long time. Besides, there might have been some other reasons behind this overheating. But this is not a problem if you learn to control the fan speed of your PC.

Generally, everyone likes to do it with the bios as this is the most reliable method. But many people face problems with it because this method might be unsupported for most cases.

So, if you face this problem, I recommend you to read this article and let you know how to change the CPU fan curve without bios.

Using a Fan Control Software

There is no doubt; you like to control the fan curve manually. But I think you had better do it automatically by using fan control software. This type of software can be used to control the fan speed and monitor the CPU temperature.

Interestingly, it can speed up the fan if the CPU temperature rises higher. It will do it automatically when it is needed.

So, you need not worry about when your PC is becoming hot. You can choose one of the fan controller software. So, it will be better to choose an effective one.

You can follow a technique when you are choosing one. You should notice either the software works with the latest Windows operating system or not.

As Windows 10 is the latest system. So, it’s your task to see whether the software is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

How to Change CPU Fan Speed without Bios Control Panel

How to Change CPU Fan Speed without Bios Control Panel

Let me provide a proper guideline about how to change CPU fan speed without Bios Control Panel. As you are about to control your CPU fan with a fan controller, you should choose SpeedFan. It is one of the most effective fan controllers. Besides, it is compatible with Windows 10.

We have already told you that you will use a fan controller only when your PC does not allow BIOS to control the CPU fan.

I strongly recommend you to go with SpeedFan because it offers advanced control for free. It has been used as a fan controller for years after years. Users usually have no critical objections about it till now.

But one thing you can be sure of this app is a little bit difficult to use for beginners. If you are a newbie with it, you won’t find the features rapidly.

Apart from this, it should be said that your misuse of this software can harm the hardware. So, it is better to be cautious before using it.

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Let me show you how to go with SpeedFan

This is your number one task to download SpeedFan and then install it. After downloading SpeedFan, you will be able to install it by following the normal procedures you install other software.

You need to allow its program to make scansion on your computer. You will be able to see the RPM and temperatures of your graphics card, motherboard chipset, processor, hard disk, and others.

how to change CPU fan speed without bios

I suggest you play with some of the fan controls. Undoubtedly, it is complicated to use this software for the newbie. But it is a blessing for the users that this software allows you to turn on the automatic fan speed to control the fan automatically when it is necessary. To avoid mistakes, I encourage you to set up automatic control.

First of all, you have to click the configuration button to go to the “Speeds”. Then, you need to set up a standard temperature dependency by clicking on the Fan Control Tab. This is such a step that will let you monitor the changes you have made.

You need to be sure about you saved the changes that occurred. Otherwise, whenever you will restart your PC, you will have to do the same procedure again. Finally, you have to open the Temperature tab. It will determine when the fan speeds up or slows down.

Be sure whether you have selected the sensor for the fan control or not. You need to select it. Here you will find two options: Required and Warning.

Now, do not hesitate to set the warning and the desired temperatures by using the arrow keys. As it’s all done, click on OK. This is how you can change the fan speed without bios.

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How to Change CPU Fan Speed without Bios AI Suite

Are you curious about how to change CPU fan speed without bios ai suite? No worries! You can use an external fan controller to control the fan speed.

The use of an external controller lets you monitor the temperatures of your PC and control the speed of the CPU fan.

If you use a good external controller, you must get excellent performance. So, it is important to choose a reliable controller. This is urgent to know the quality of the controller that you are going to purchase.

There are a large number of external controllers that you will find in the market. But in consideration of their efficiency, channels, and controls, Corsair Commander Pro is the best one for me. So, you can purchase this one.


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Final Words

Undoubtedly, using bios is the best option to control the speed of the CPU fan. But this is not supported by many of the PCs. So, I prefer giving you a proper guideline of how to do it without bios. I hope you enjoy it and find the solution that you are looking for.

The FAQs about Change CPU Fan Speed without Bios

Here we have provided some FAQs with answers. Read them carefully to know more about how to control the CPU fan.

Is it really possible to control the CPU fan without bios?

Yes, it is possible. There is no doubt that using bios is the perfect way to do it. But many computer devices do not allow you to do it with bios.

How reliable is it to use an external fan controller?

It’s totally safe and reliable to use an external fan controller.

What are the alternatives of the Corsair Commander Pro?

There are a huge number of external controllers. But all of them are not equally efficient. The Corsair Commander Pro is a marvelous one. Some of its alternatives are Noctua, Notebook FanControl, HW Monitor, ZOTAC FireStrom, etc.

What are the benefits of using a CPU fan controller?

There are a lot of benefits offered by a fan controller. Notable of them are:

  • CPU temperature reading
  • Reading of the current fan speed
  • Adjustable speed with the level of temperature
  • Automatic control, etc.

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