How to check NAT type on PC – Open, moderate & strict NAT

When we play popular action games like Call of Duty, Free Fire, or PUBG with friends, we sometimes encounter network issues. These games tend to lag while playing, or the network connection is completely disconnected. We all think that this problem may be from the internet provider, but most of the time, no problem is found after checking everything by contacting IPS. This can be a problem with your NAT type, so we will see how to check NAT type on PC.

This type of problem can arise if you set the NAT typed incorrectly or the strict NAT type prevents other players from joining your gaming console.

How to check NAT type on PC (Windows 10, 11), PS4, and Xbox

Below is how to check NAT type or networking address translation on PC.

To do this, you first need to open the computer’s run program by typing Windows + R, or you can open the Run program by typing Run in the search box next to the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the computer screen.

RUN program on pc

Type cmd in the run program and click on the OK button below to open the cmd.exe file. Now you type ipconfig and click on the enter button. Then copy or note down the default gateway number under the wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi.

If you open this default gateway number in any of your browsers, you will get your router’s settings menu. Done, find your WAN now.

How to Check NAT Type on Xbox Network

To do this, you first need to open the PC’s settings by clicking on the Windows logo and then clicking on Settings. Then click on the gaming option and click on Xbox Networking below. Below you will see the NAT type in Xbox Live multiplayer.

Gaming option on pc setting

How to Check NAT Type on PS4

Getting out the NAT type in PS4 is very easy; first, you have to turn on PS4. Then open the settings menu and select the network. If you open the view connection status and wait for a while, you will see the NAT type at the very bottom.

What is NAT, and how many types of NAT?

NAT or Networking Address Translation is a networking system where your router shares a public IP address with which you can connect multiple devices under the same network. Usually, your ISP adds a public IP address to your router without giving each device a separate IP address. In this case, your network is secure as your private IP address is hidden. There are usually three types of NATs.

I am mentioning these below, especially those who play games with gaming consoles should know these three types to avoid uninterrupted network connection or lagging.

Open NAT or Type 1

In Type 1 or Open NAT, anyone can enter another person’s game, host the game, or someone else can enter the host’s game without any hindrance. Although Type 1 is the best experience for gaming, it is not safe for you as it does not provide firewall protection.

Moderate NAT or Type 2

This type will help you provide a secure network even if there are some obstacles like playing with someone else, hosting a game, or something like that.

Strict NAT or Type 3

This system carefully monitors and controls incoming or outgoing network traffic through Firewall. This type does not give you a perfect gaming experience as you cannot host games, no one else can connect to you, or there are problems like lagging.

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How to change your NAT type?

Changing NAT type is not rocket science; you can change NAT type by modifying some of the router options. Although the options inside all routers are not the same, you need to read the router manual before changing the NAT.

How to check NAT type on PC

However, I have shown above how to find the router settings menu to check the NAT type on the PC. You need to find the router settings menu in precisely the same way.

You will need to input some credentials to get into the main settings then you will get access to change the settings. Once you enable UPnP from Settings, everyone on your network will find each other.

The FAQs about How to check NAT type on PC

In this article, we have tried to give details about what NAT is, how you can check and change the NAT type. I have added some more essential issues in the FAQ section. If you have any other information, you can email us.

Can a VPN change the NAT type?

VPNs can usually switch to Type 1 or Type 3. But type 2 cannot.

Which NAT type is best?

Type 1 is best when you think about security through firewalls.

Does the NAT type really matter?

Problems with a slow connection, lag, chatting are for NAT type, so of course, Nat type matters.

Does open NAT really reduce lag?

Yes, many people use open NATs to reduce lagging in gaming, although it is dangerous.

Can NATs provide security?

Strict NATs can give you protection as incoming or outgoing traffic is monitored here.


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