How To Clean CPU And What Tools Are Needed For This

We take good care of our laptops, but we don’t have time to care for desktop computers. As a result, if there is a sudden problem, we open the casing of the CPU and see a lot of dirt inside, even spider webs inside. If so, today, we will see how to clean CPU.

However, you should take regular care of electronic devices like desktop computers because if you use them carefully, the device will provide more service for a while. Let us show you today the process of how to clean a desktop computer.

How to clean CPU dust and what equipments are needed

Let me tell you at the beginning what components you may need. These can be in your home, or you can find them in any shop.

Blower Machine

The most important device for cleaning a computer is a blower machine. You can remove most of the dust by applying air pressure through it; it takes other components to clean the rest of the dust.

Thin brush

You can’t clean all the dirt with a blower. It is not wise to apply too much pressure with a blower. Gently rub the dirt with a thin brush, then use a blower to remove all the dirt.

Soft cloth

Below, I have stated where you will need to use the cloth. In many cases, even after using the brush and blower, dirt stains remain, in which case you can use liquid cleaner and cloth together.

Liquid Cleaner

It usually takes to clean the casing. You can gently scrub the stained parts with a liquid cleaner and cloth. However, do not use the liquid in sensitive places.

I will explain below how to clean each component; I hope you will understand very easily. 

Step 1

First, open your casing completely; for this, you can take help from the net. If you open one side and clean it, it will never be completely clean. In just 5-10 minutes, you can easily open every part of a casing; it’s not rocket science that you can’t. If you have opened the casing completely, you can now clean all the inside of the casing with a piece of thin cloth.

How To Clean CPU

Step 2

Then turn on the power supply and disconnect all connections from the power supply to the motherboard, hard drive, CD / DVD ROM, etc. You can see a vent at the other end of the power supply fan, now blowing air from there with a powerful blower. This dirt usually comes out with the fan side; you can use the suction side of the blower towards the fan to get all the dirt out well. However, even if you can not get out all the dirt in this way, it will work. Now clean the cable heads that are with the power supply, and you can also clean the wires that come out of the supply.

How To Clean CPU and clean your CPU

Step 3

After clearing the power supply, the graphics card needs to be cleaned. If you do not have a graphics card, no problem; if so, first remove the graphics card from the motherboard. Blow the air with compressed air by making a slight angle to the graphics card’s fan, but do not do the opposite of the fan. You can also use a blower but keep the power down.

Desktop Graphics Cards

Step 4

Without opening the processor from the motherboard, clean it with air from above. But if you want to do this by opening the processor, you have to clean the old thermal pastes that are with the processor and cooling fan. So if you clean the processor and cooling separately, you have to apply a new thermal paste.

processor cpu

Step 5

Under no circumstances can you apply pressure to clean the motherboard. So without cleaning with a cloth, brush lightly and keep the blower’s power low so that the dirt will go away very easily.

Step 6

You can lightly clean the other components and clean all the connectors a little. Once everything is clear, you will have to install each component well and fit the CPU well. That’s all there is to it.

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The FAQs about Cleaning CPU

I have given the details of how to clean CPU of the computer and what equipment you need to clean it. Even so, I think you need to know the answers to some important questions that I have given below.

Can I clean the thermal paste with alcohol?

Yes, but it is better if it is 70%.

Can I use PC clean water?

No, never clean the cooler or CPU with water in particular.

Can I use a glass cleaner for cleaning?

No, the liquid cleaner I talked about above is basically for PC cleaning. It would be best if you did not use glass cleaner.

Can dirt ruin the motherboard?

There can be many reasons behind the breakdown of the motherboard, one of which is the accumulation of dirt.

Can I use toothpaste or something similar instead of thermal paste?

The job of thermal paste is to keep it cool, which no other ingredient can.

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