How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU – Complete Guide with Pictures

Cleaning thermal paste is an important task of computer or laptop users. The essential task of thermal paste is conducting the warmth from the processor to the heatsink. At the change of time, the paste will dry, and unless clean properly, it damaged the CPU very fast. Clean the thermal paste off the CPU will be very easy work if you follow a few several processes. Our all content will give you a chance to know about this excellent matter, how to clean thermal paste off CPU.

When the thermal paste is full of the CPU and you don’t clean it properly, that time your laptop or computer will be lost.

How to Clean Old Thermal Paste off CPU and Apply New

Cleaning old thermal paste is not hard work. If anybody wants to clean old thermal paste off the CPU, they can follow these steps. It is the best process for anybody

How to Remove Thermal Paste without Alcohol

First Step

Shut down your computer or laptop and clean your space properly where you will work.


Unplug all the gadgets from the PC and take out the battery from the laptop computer


Access to the computer’s heatsink or CPU


Now, clean the heatsink by using a brush.


Then you can cut off all the old paste.


Use a tool like Spudger so that it doesn’t harm any parts or you can use a dry cloth and paper towel.


Rub this space very carefully. Now, can use various ingredients like a cotton swab, coffee filter, lint-free cloth, and alcohol or a specific cleaner.


Then used it loosen the old paste and dry it properly

Re-apply new paste

  • First, apply a new thermal paste accurate way
  • Then apply a little dot of the new paste without delay to its floor
  • Spread the paste over the core’s ground very consciously
  • Now, the entirely together, if completed applying the paste over them you can put all the things again together. 

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How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU Pins

Here we will exhibit some appropriate processes, how to smooth thermal paste off CPU pins. Cleaning CPU pins is very hard and dangerous, so, follow this method is a very helpful process for you and you can do it very easily. 

  • Use a gentle brush soaked in isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the thermal paste from the CPU pins
  • Do it very slowly and carefully
  • Don’t create pressure
  • Rub it very properly

How to Remove the Thermal Paste from the CPU

How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU Socket

Cleaning CPU sockets is another challenging matter for the users. Follow this process, clean it very easily. Now, right here talked about how to clean easily thermal paste off the CPU socket.

Need some essential material before starting this process

  • A toothpick
  • A thermal paste cleaner
  • Lint-free cloth

Start processing.

  • Select an excellent space to work on this CPU
  • Exam your CPU socket
  • Select LGA socket pin direction
  • Then, apply the cleaner to the socket
  • Wait for 5 minutes to clean it
  • Dry it and reinstall the CPU

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How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU without Alcohol

If anybody wants to clean thermal paste off CPU without alcohol, read this following article’s part attentively, how to clean thermal paste off CPU without alcohol.

  • First, take a microfiber cloth and clean the affected area very carefully
  • Or take a new brush and rub smoothly.
  • Now, its look very shiny and brand-new without alcohol

How to Clean Old Thermal Paste off CPU

Most humans don’t recognize how to smooth ancient thermal paste off the CPU. Now, here we’ll discuss this matter deeply.

  • Take a simple cotton cloth or coffee filter and dipped in rubbing alcohol. You can use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to smooth historic thermal paste.
  • And at last wipe the thermal paste very carefully. It is a very handy and less costly procedure to easy ancient thermal paste off the CPU

How to Clean off the Thermal Paste from Intel CPU

If anyone wanted to clean off the thermal paste from intel CPU need a paintbrush, smooth, clean, and fresh cloth, soft toothbrush.

  • Use a clean wiper which is an anti-static poly shield made it isopropyl alcohol
  • Dip the wiper in this alcohol
  • Then clean it very carefully

How to Remove Thermal Paste

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Final word

Thermal paste is a minimal factor on a computer, but it can, in reality, have a massive impact on performance. If you aren’t careful cleaning thermal paste off the CPU, it will be damaged very quickly of your computer CPU. So, we understood that its very essential fact of any computer or laptop CPU.

The FAQs about clean thermal paste off CPU

Questions are presented here with a good answer, which will help you solve your doubt about this topic

Which material is easy and quick to clean thermal paste off CPU?

We use various types of material to clean it. Maybe, Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is an easy and quick process to clean thermal paste off the CPU. And everyone can clean it any place, any time without any experience by using this alcohol. 

Is the thermal paste possible to clean without alcohol?

If your laptop or computer CPU is new and stays the paste a little position, you can clean it perfectly without alcohol, but it has a stayed huge number of paste-like glue, can’t be perfectly clean without alcohol.

Does it bear any side effects?

No, it is free from danger because it is not conducive. So, everyone uses it sure. But, when you will use this alcohol, put it on your hand with gloves. It is satisfactory for the users.

Is this approach being perfect for the beginner?

Yes, everyone cleans it perfectly for using this method.

Is follow this process any harm to CPU pins?

No, if carefully clean it, doesn’t any harm of CPU Pins.

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