How to Control the Case Fan Speed | Easy Tips in 2021

Controlling case fan speed is a very important vital task for any computer PC or other various devices. Case fan helps us keep cooling our laptop or computer PC very actively. When we are working or gaming for a long time with our laptop or computer it becomes very heats, that time sped fans assist to keep cooling these devices. But this fan speed is over than our need it can cause danger. So, controlling case fan speed is a very essential matter of any device. In this article, we will discuss deeply how to control the case fan speed of different devices very easily. 

How to Control Case Fan Speed Windows 10

Every laptop or computer PC bears a fans system. For that case, you do not need a high-end gaming laptop because of all of its heat up. Generally, when you start up a system the fans move faster and it quiet down when ends the system. So, here show some superprocesses on how to control case fans’ speed on windows 10.

If you want to control case fan speed windows 10 you will have to use a third-party app. Which app you will use depends on your hardware system. Here we talked about two apps which you will use. You should select an app that assists identify your fans and can change their speed.  


At first, install it and then use your windows 10 system.

1.Control case Fan speed windows 10 with SpeedFan

  • Install this app and try it run
  • then press the “Configure” button
  • Open the window and go to the fans tab
  • Wait some time for this app your fans. then find it and listed it.
  • selects the fan which you need to control
  • Then use a response curve to control the fan speed
  • The response curve shows us heathen position by the map

Control case Fan speed windows 10 with SpeedFan

2.Control case fan speed windows 10 with HWinFo

Using HWiNFo to control the case fan speed follow these steps;

  • At first, run the app and press the Sensor button
  • Then sure the pop-up message
  • Open a new window where will be listing the different sensors of your system
  • A new window will show you listing up to three fans. Between them select one fan.
  • Press the Set Manual button. Because it helps to manually speed for the fan

Control case fan speed windows 10 with HWinFo

HWiNFo doesn’t support a map to show the heathen position of your PC, so instead of being extra careful with it.

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How to ControlPCCase Fan Speed

Generally, the PC provides a few fans. It offers one to cool the CPU, one or extra for photos card, and between one of four connected to the case. So, here discussed how to control PC case fan speed. 

You can use a few software to control fans’ speed. Some third-party software helps to control PC fans’ speed.

Here we’ll show 6 best PC fan speed control software such as:

  • Corsair Link 4
  • MSI Afterburner
  • Argus Monitor 
  • Easy Tune5
  • Mac Fan Control
  • SMC Fan control

All of them are the best PC fan speed controller. You can use one of the which is your wish. 

Control PC fan speed you can use Corsair Link 4. At first, download it and move this tool. I am 100% sure, this software assists swiftly to control PC case fan speed. 

Our second PC fan speed software is MSI Afterburner. Anyone downloads this software to check CPU temp, GPU temp, control fan speed, or other things. Firstly, download it and then execute this tool.

Another best PC Fan speed control software is Argus Monitor. It is a reliable fan speed controller. This tool is the best for you. It also downloads and starts your task. 

Easy tune 5 is the most PC fan speed control software. Here first, open windows then download this software and start your work. Anyone downloads it fully free.

How to Control the Fan Speed of Case Fans with 3Pins

The 3-pin fan connector has three warning symptoms (as per the extent of wires): The first wire is for electrical energy (4 to 12 volts), 2nd is for flooring and 1/3 wire is for a tachometric signal (speed sensor) this sensor video show devices the fan tempo and performance.

How to Control the Fan Speed of Case Fans with 3Pins

Here you can use a few numbers of third-party software. First, open the window, press the download button. Then, this software is moving on.

How to Control Case Fan Speed with SpeedFan

All the users can control case fan speed with SpeedFan very easily. So, here talked about how to control case fan speed with SpeedFan.

At first, download SpeedFan.

  • Go to http://www. press download section
  • completing the download, click to start the installer
  • Press Yes to play the file
  • And press I Agree
  • Press Next
  • Press Install

How to Control Case Fan Speed with SpeedFan

Open Speedfan.

Complete installing SpeedFan, you can find it in your windows start menu. then press the configure button again open the new tab and select fans which you used.

How to Control Your Case Fan Speed Asus

If you control your case fan speed by Asus need the Asus Fan Xpert app. It is an official app that excellently assists you with your PC’s fan customization. It also helps to control fan speed. 

Here are some steps to install this app.

  • Download this file and install the downloaded file
  • Keep the file as a suitable place
  • Then run the software as your wish
  • And use it properly.

How to Control Case Fan Speed in Bios

Here we would show how to control case fan speed in bios step by step


Shutdown and turn on your computer or laptop and enter the Bios option


Entering Bios search this fan control


Then select the automatic Case fan control option and save it

How to Control Case Fan Speed in Bios

Final Word

In all the above discussion we see that if you cannot control your computer or laptop PC’s fans speed fall a great danger of this PC. Most of the users aren’t know about this matter. If you read this context, you can control the case fan’s speed. 

The FAQs about Case Fans’ Speed

Here we keep some FAQs with the answer. Read them attentively to know more about how to control case fans’ speed.

Which software is the most efficient to control the case fan speed?

All the software is active but I mind SpeedFan is the most efficient software to control the case fans.

What is the necessity to control case fan speed?

  • It keeps cooling your PC all the time
  • It protects your PC from overheating
  • Control noisy activities of PC’s fans

What are the alternatives of the Asus Fan Xpert App?

There have many external controllers but all of them are not the same value. Asus Fan Xpert app is the most unique process. 

Is all this software harmful to your device?

No, all the software is very safe for your laptop, computer, or other devices.

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