How To Create Custom Emojis On Mobile Apps And Internet

The use of emojis in marketing or conversations on social media has become very relevant. Emojis are provided separately in almost all digital chatting systems, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Messenger, Telegram. Even then, we find online how to create custom emojis to express the feelings of the mind entirely.

There are many tools on the internet to create custom emojis as per your need, through which you can create custom emojis with your images or editable designs and use them on any social media. Today we will get acquainted with several such mobile apps and online tools.

Mobile apps – How to create custom emojis

There are some custom emoji mobile apps that you can use to create your emoji on mobile.


Among the custom emoji creators, Bitmoji is one of the best avatar creation tools globally. Bitmoji selects your avatar and then edits it to create the expression of your choice.

How To Create Custom Emojis

This app has hundreds of stickers to customize to create the best emoji. This app also has a unique feature for Facebook, through which you can create unique emojis by combining your emoji with your Facebook friend’s emoji.

Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is another emoji customization tool for mobile use. The unique feature of this app is that it can create emojis with your uploaded photos. If you want, you can easily create your custom emoji by uploading your pictures and combining different designs from Emoji Maker’s database.

You can also edit your multiple designs and create your own. Moreover, they have separate storage facilities to save the designs and use them later as per your need.

Smiley Creator

Smiley Creator is a free emoji customization app with over 4 million unique emoji combinations. An exciting feature of this app is the random emoji. When you get bored of designing emojis of your choice, you can use this feature to create new emojis by mixing unexpected combinations. Moreover, you will get many ready-made custom emojis in this app.

GIPHY Stickers

GIPHY is one of the sticker-based emoji customization apps. With numerous animated stickers, you can customize your emoji. The app also has a built-in custom emoji maker to create emojis using any photo. You can animate the emojis using animations.

Online tools

If you are more accustomed to using a PC, you can create the emoji of your choice through the online tool from the app. However, there are some limitations to emoji customization with online tools.


Labeley is an emoji customization website where you can create custom emojis using some tools. The user interface of this app is quite simple, so you can easily create your custom emoji. Here you can create custom emoji by setting different backgrounds, faces, eyebrows, shapes, etc., for the emoji and download them for use in other places.

PiZap Emoji Maker

Popular photo editor site PiZap has put on its emoji maker tool, where you will find high-quality emoji designs. This Emoji Maker is a Flash player-based web app that creates your emoji with the online drag and drops function. The website has over a hundred free emoji samples. However, the limitations of this site are that many emojis are paid.


Emotiyou is an emoji customization service. Here you can create your animated emoji by uploading photos. You can create your custom emoji by following four steps. You can put your created emoji in a public setting if you want to show it to others, and you can also see other publicly designed emojis if you want.

How To Create Custom Emojis On Mobile


On this website, you can create customizable dog and cat emojis. You can customize their body, nose, ears, eyes, tail, skin color, shape, pattern, etc. This website is modeled after the English animated movie The Secret Life of Pets. In addition to the website, they have their app service. If you want, you can create petmoji using the app on Android or iOS.

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If you are a Slack Business Communication Platform user, you know that custom emojis can be created. Even if you don’t know, I’m telling you, first click on the Team menu and click on the Customize Slack option.

Now you will see two options in the Emoji tab, one is the name of your emoji, and the other is image upload. Here you can upload any image between 128 pixels and 64KB size, and Slack will automatically create an emoji from it, and you can use it in Slack Chat!


This article shows you how to create custom emojis with mobile apps and online tools. Many of these tools are free, and some are paid. However, there is no reason to worry; you will find the mod version of paid apps on our site, which you can use for free.

If you still have any problems, you can comment below our email or article. Create and share your custom emojis with loved ones.

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