How to Delete All YouTube Comments | Simple Steps

At present, YouTube is one of the most popular social media. However, when you talk about a video streaming platform, YouTube comes first.

It lets its users create accounts on YouTube. The users can post any type of social video on this platform. From music to motivational speech, hundreds of thousands of video content have been included every day.

YouTube has a commenting feature. We see a lot of comments even go viral. Sometimes, we want to delete all of our previous comments on YouTube.

Are we able to delete all the YouTube comments at once? Yes, we can. Just go through this content thoroughly and discover how to delete all YouTube comments.

How to Delete All My Comments on YouTube

Very often we could involve in pointless discussions on this platform. Sometimes, we put meaningless or irritating comments in different circumstances.

But then we come to realize those comments are from a bad belief and just irrelevant to the main content. So, it might be useful to know how to delete all my comments on YouTube.

When you are a content creator, many people may put irrelevant and mutually irritating comments. You can delete their comments too.

how to delete all YouTube comments

Sometimes, it is very necessary to delete all comments on YouTube. Many people read the comment feeds of YouTube. So, it becomes our urgent need to delete the unnecessary and irrelevant comments on this platform.

How to Delete My Old Comments on YouTube

Are you tired of looking for how to delete my old comments on YouTube? No worry! There are two ways of deleting your old comments on this platform.

Firstly, you can do it by using your comment history. Secondly, you can delete your old comments just by hiding your channel for a few moments.

Use the Comment History

You can delete all of your previously made comments. But the comments you made before 2006 cannot be deleted in this way because Google took the authority of this platform in 2006. You can delete all the comments except the comments made before this type.

To delete your old comments, you need to get access to your comment history page (

On this page, you will find all the comments you made. You can delete messages one by one. On the other hand, if you wanna delete all the messages at a time, you have to follow the process below:

  • Find the three-dot Then, press it.
  • Then, select “My Activity”.
  • Then you will be able to delete your comments by filtering a particular time range. Even you can custom the range. Or, you can simply delete all the comments you made on YouTube.
  • Hide Your YouTube Channel

You can delete your previous YouTube comments by using this Ninja technique too. If you hide your YouTube channel for some time, all of your comments on this platform will be deleted automatically.

Be sure, nothing regarding your channel will be hampered. You can follow this technique. After re-enabling your channel, all of your comments will be gone. But it will never affect your Google account.

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How to Delete Other People’s Comments on YouTube

You have already come to know two ways of deleting your comments on YouTube. To delete all the old comments is an easy task. You may delete them from your comment history or by hiding your channel.

But when you are a content creator, you need to delete other people’s comments sometimes. Let me explain how to delete other people’s comments.

How to Delete My Old Comments on YouTube

Sometimes, our content has got irritating and irrelevant comments that violate community standards. Some comments might be hate speech or sexually violent.

So, we need to delete these types of comments on our channel. I think deleting other people’s comments is easier than anything on YouTube.

To delete other’s people’s comments on your channel, you can simply press the three dots icon just beside the comment.

You can hide the comments or report the commenter for his unsuitable comment. You can click on Delete to remove the comment.

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Final Words

You can delete the YouTube comments of any time made by you. We might have a lot of embarrassing comment histories on this platform. We might involve in inappropriate debate in the comment section.

You know, the comment section of YouTube is so powerful. Many people like to read the comment feeds when they enjoy the video content. So, you may delete all of your old comments.

The FAQs about YouTube Comments.

Here are mentioned some questions about of How to delete youtube comments. Normally, some users are faced in hesitance to publish their comments after watching videos and they want to delete them.

So, this process and confused questions are mentioning that.

How do I find all my comments on YouTube?

  • Use your browser and sign in to your account
  • Click three-dotted signs to the left corner
  • Go to the dropdown menu and select history
  • click the comments

Do YouTube’s notify me if I delete my comments

Yes. Youtubers notified the when deleted the comments

Can you delete your own comments on YouTube?

Users can now go back and delete any comment they have published

Possible to YouTube delete comments with links?

You can post links to other video comments and it will stay as a comment. Nor it will be considered spam or it will be deleted.

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