How To Delete Voicemod Voice Changer On PC? Step By Step Guide

We know that Voicemod is a popular free real-time voice changer and soundboard software that can change your voice by adding different effects. But after downloading the free trial version of the Voicemod app on Linux, Windows, or Mac, many people want to delete the app due to lack of premium quality and annoying advertisements. So in this article, I will highlight the details of the app, and those who are not satisfied with the use of the app will give a proper guideline on how to delete voicemod.

However, those who use it for fun or to create content can use this app to change their voice mail or female or professional voice. You can even use this app in different online games or different online social media.

How to delete Voicemod on PC? – Step-by-step ultimate guide

Many people claim that voicemod is malware due to security concerns on major forum sites and several websites, including Reddit. But is that really so?

No, it’s not malware; at least in the paid version of this app, I’ve never seen any kind of malicious activities. Although unofficial modified versions of these apps are available on the internet, you may be at a disadvantage if these unofficial app developers are not trusted. You can download Voicemod for your Windows or Mac from their official site (

This will eliminate the need for any virus scanning tools and allow you to use the app safely. But if you can’t be satisfied with the free version of this app, I will tell you step by step below how to delete it.

You need to change your default microphone before uninstalling voicemod

Your microphone may stop working after you delete the Voicemod, so you need to change the Voicemod microphone from your device.

  • First, you have to open the run program by clicking on the Windows key and R letters together (windows + R).

Run program

  • Then type mmsys.cpl and enter it will show a pop up on your device from where you have to go to the recording option. You have to go to the microphone option from the recording option; you can take the microphone by default.
  • Below the playback option on the left side of the recording option, you will see a Headsets option; you have to click on it and apply the set default.

How To Delete Voicemod

Stop Voicemod-related processes running in the background

You may not be able to uninstall Voicemod if you have Voicemod-related processes running in the background and have not removed them.

  • It would help if you first opened the Task Manager window from the Type Here to Search tool.
  • Then you need to find the VoicemodDesktop.exe file by clicking on the More Details below. Clicking the right mouse button on VoicemodDesktop.exe will reveal several options. If you click on End Task from here, it will work.
  • If there is any other voice-related process running in the background, it should be found and stopped.

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How to uninstall voicemod using the control panel?

Despite the app’s popularity, many people want to uninstall the free trial version because it is not qualitative enough and because of annoying advertisements. I have given below the details on how to uninstall. 

  • First, you need to click on the Windows logo then find the Control Panel program from the search box.
  • After entering the control panel, you will see some options from which you have to enter the programs.

Control panel in pc

  • You have to enter by clicking on Programs and Features or by clicking on Uninstall a program below.
  • Then find the VoiceMod app and click the right mouse button on it, and you will see uninstall text. Clicking on the uninstall text will delete the voicemod.

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How to delete voicemod using uninstaller?

For this, you need to download an uninstaller first; in this case, I must prefer IObit Uninstaller. Once you enter IObit Uninstaller, you will see all the programs on your computer at once.

Find the Voicemod app from here and click the right mouse button on it. You will see two options when you click on uninstall.

One option is ‘Create a restore point before uninstalling.’ You can restore the app at any time without installing it, even after deleting it.

Another option is ‘Automatically remove residual files.’ If you mark this option correctly, you will remove the file from the storage where the downloaded Voicemod file is. You will uninstall the app by clicking on the uninstall below with the right mark in any option you need.

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The FAQs about How To Delete Voicemod

I have tried to give the above details on uninstall Voicemod; moreover, I have elegantly outlined the processes before uninstalling. However, some questions are heard almost all the time. I am asking some essential questions in the FAQ section.

Is voicemod a virus?

Never, many people use unofficial Voicemod or modified Voicemod then face various problems such as attack by a virus. Later, they claimed that Voicemod is a virus in multiple forums or online social media.

Is voicemod safe?

Of course, I haven’t had any problems using it for the last two years.

Is this a good voice changer?

Yes, but if you can use their premium version. The free trial version is a little inferior.

Is it legal to use this type of app?

It depends on you. You can use it for fun or your content. However, it is illegal to use any app to cheat someone.

How do I set up voice mode?

After installing, you need to open the app and then go to settings. Select your microphone on the input device and your headphones on the output device. The work is done.

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