How to Enable Dual Channel RAM | Latest Guide 2021

Dual-channel mode is usually two RAM modules that go for walks collectively in a channel. We usually comprehend that RAM is a structure of transient reminiscence that helps easily strolling apps and games. If you want to get more benefit from your machine, just need to install the proper form and memory volume which is dual-channel RAM. Enabling dual-channel RAM is an effective task. Many times, it is seen that our twin-channel RAM is not working properly. That time what to do? No tension, now here we will show some excellent instruction about this matter, how to enable dual-channel RAM.

How to Enable Dual Channel RAM Gigabyte Motherboard

Enabling twin-channel RAM with a gigabyte motherboard is a very easy and normal process. Here we will show some super tips on how to Enable Dual Channel RAM

enable a dual-channel RAM gigabyte motherboard

If there are two slots on the motherboard then insert two reminiscence sticks to make a twin-channel architecture. The dual-channel architecture is a kind of technology that is applied by the motherboard builder. This dual-channel RAM is needed interlaced installations. 

At first, the RAM installation. There are different colored slots such as there’s bloom there are black Here RAM slots on the motherboard two modules had been going to desire to put them in a positive configuration so can allow something known as a twin channel.

computer am slots


Now what that does is that make the memories work in Sync together faster. But they have to be populated in a certain way so if you look here on this particular motherboard, they make it easy for you.

And here you will find dim one, dim two, dim three, dim four and then it has a little arrow on the side that says dims two and four first.

So that means the black ones this 1, this is 2, this is 3, this is 4 so you can do two and four first. Once install these going to pop open the latches on dim too and going to pay attention now to the RAM module got alongside in a short side. 

If you seem to be at the slot on the motherboard bought a lengthy facet and a shorter side. So, apply pressure on the module and two clicks almost in sync.

Then we go to the black side and put it on the right side. All the piece is going to break if you pit incorrectly. There is one notch approximate on the core of the RAM that assists you to insert appropriately.

There has some super guide at the time for Enabling Dual-channel Ram

At first, visit the motherboard, every motherboard has four color-coded DIMM slots. The color will range relying on the motherboard and there have two unique shades for the motherboards.

motherboard four color coded DIMM slots

The dual-channel RAM wants to be agreed upon if the RAM modules set up on your motherboard, are the equal color. 

How to Enable Dual Channel RAM in Bios Gigabyte

Solving this problem here we will discuss some an excellent guide.

  • Install the DIMM reminiscence enhancements into empty DIMM reminiscence slots.
  • Boot the laptop computer and press on F1 to get into BIOS, 
  • Then select Advanced Settings, then Memory Settings and different the corresponding DIMM slots desire to “Row is enabled”. 
  • Select and save the BIOS Settings and Reboot

How to Enable Dual Channel RAM

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How to Enable Dual Channel RAM z170 e

A maximum of the people doesn’t know how to enable a dual-channel RAM z170e motherboard. It is very simple work. Some advance tips to enable dual-channel RAM z170e.

  • At first, you try putting one module into 4 slots
  • Then rebooted and shut down
  • Put the second module into slot 2
  • And again, started up the PC
  • Put one module into slot 4
  • Set it manual on the motherboard
  • Set the speed and timings manually
  • Then reboot and power down
  • Install the second module into the slot. 

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How to Enable Dual Channel RAM on the Intel 5500 HD

The Intel HD 5500 is the latest and advanced graphics processing unit for laptops in 2015. It does not contain high performance but it is the most adopted GPU for mobile PCs for its popular Intel Core series. However, nowhere we will show how to enable dual-channel RAM on the Intel 5500 HD. 

Generally, we know that every motherboard has various color slots. First, put one module into any slot and set it manual process on the motherboard. And the reboot and shut down. 

how to enable dual-channel ram with the hp pavilion with the intel 5500 HD.

If you solve this problem, you have four possible conditions.

  • The Pc has 8GB RAM soldered onto the motherboard and their way to enable dual-channel RAM
  • The motherboard has 8GB of RAM the motherboard and one RAM enlargement slot.
  • You have two RAM slots and has an 8GB SO-DIMM
  • You have a pair of 4GB SO-DIMM’s and have a twin channel.

Starting this work

  • So, at first, set a module and slot No.4 on the motherboard 
  • Then reboot and shut down
  • Again, set module two and slot No.2 on the motherboard
  • Set the speed and timings properly
  • Reboot and shut down and install the second module.

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Final Word

The great benefits of the dual-channel RAM are How it helps your processor. The more RAMs you have, the more advanced your processor will be.

Enabling dual-channel RAM is a little tough. Just don’t use the dual-channel RAM, if you don’t know the enabling system, it will not be effective. So read this article How to enable dual-channel RAM, you can do this very perfectly.

The FAQs about How To Enable Dual Channel RAM

If you want to know more How to enable dual-channel RAM, you can see our FAQs section.

What kind of channel memory does it contain?

It has a quad-channel memory. 

What kind of access does dual-channel mode give to the PC?

Dual-channel mode gives the PC fast memory access bandwidth.

How much and what is the difference between a dual channel and a single channel mode?

The actual distinction comes from the transferring of statistics as it performs 15% quicker than single-channel mode.

Which tool is perfect for triggered dual channels mode?

CPU-Z is the latest and perfect software of triggered dual-channel mode.

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