How to get ethernet in my room (wired): A Step By Step Guide

Today’s world is moving towards wireless technology, so many think of Ethernet as an old technology today. Is that so? No, Ethernet has some advantages that are still considered modern technology in the modern world. So yet, we are constantly faced with the question of how to get Ethernet in my room. Ethernet is a problem because it works with wires, but its most significant advantage is that almost all the bandwidth in your network can handle it comfortably.

Ethernet does not have a signal loss or data loss like WiFi; the bandwidth transfer rate is also fixed. You will also get the best ping rate, which is ideal for online gaming. For all this, Ethernet is still very popular.

Let us now see how you can get an Ethernet connection in your room.

How to get ethernet in my room (wired)? – Networking Your Home

If you have an Ethernet connection in the room, you must first connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your desktop or laptop. Many times the automatic internet connection comes on after the cable is plugged into the Ethernet port. If you do not have access to the Internet, you need to configure it.

  • To configure, you must first open the Control Panel. You can enter the control panel by typing in the search box in the lower-left corner of your PC.

control panel in pc

  • From the Control Panel, go to Network and Internet Options, then to Network and Sharing Center. You will see the change adapter settings on the left side of the screen. By entering this option, you will get the Ethernet option from where you can configure the Internet.

change adapter settings

  • After entering into Ethernet, you will see the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) option under the Networking menu. Click on this option once and click on the properties below.
  • Now you will see above that Obtain an IP address is automatically selected. You select Use the following IP address below it. Now you have to fill in the following IP address, Subnet mask and Default gateway fields. Get your IP address from your internet service provider and put it in place of the IP address.

Internet Protocol Version 4

  • Type in the subnet mask and then type ‘ipconfig’ at the command prompt for the default gateway number. If you can’t find out, tell your IPS, and they will provide you.
  • Then you will see below Obtain DNS server address is automatically marked. You can fill up with on the Preferred DNS server and on the Alternate DNS server below by clicking Use the following DNS server address.
  • The last one is to click on the OK button below. This is the end of your work; you can now receive Internet services.

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The FAQs about Getting Ethernet

I have shown above how to get Ethernet in your room. If you still have any questions you can ask us. In addition, we have given below the answers to some essential questions that can help you.

How much does it cost to get an Ethernet connection?

It depends on the cost of the various accessories. However, if your budget is 150, you can get an Ethernet connection.

Is Ethernet better or WiFi better?

Ethernet is better if you think of net speed.

Can WiFi and Ethernet be used together?

Yes, you can find out how to do it by searching from the net.

Which is the fastest Ethernet cable?

CAT 7 supports a maximum speed of 10000 Mbps. However, CAT 8 provides more speed, but it is not available in the market.

Why is my Ethernet slow?

This problem can occur if the cable or port is damaged, so check if everything is OK.

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