How to Join 2b2t Step by Step Complete of Guide [2021]

2b2t is one of the longest-running servers. It is the abbreviation form of 2builders2tools. This server started its journey in 2010 that is used for playing the Minecraft game in multiplayer mode. This is such an amazing server that has not reset yet because it is just a perfect and stable game server. Besides, there is no chance to get banned. In this article, we discuss how to join 2b2t.

How to Join 2b2t

Though this server came to light in December 2010, we still have not found its founders. They have built it anonymously.

Probably, they liked to remain unknown to us forever. Are you curious about knowing how to join 2b2t? Don’t worry! We are here to provide the actual guidelines for you.

How to Connect to 2b2t

Amazingly, this server was announced shortly on some well-known platforms including Reddit, Facepunch Studios, and 4chan.

Then, it got its popularity in a very short time. Hundreds of thousands of Minecraft players feel it is really essential for them.

Maybe it’s because of the freedom it offers. Do you wanna connect to the server? Read our guidelines thoroughly.

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How to Connect to 2b2t

Let me explain how to connect to 2b2t. It is very easy to get its access. Just by some click, you are able to connect to the server easily. Okay, follow the guidelines given below:

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of the Minecraft game.
  • You will find the option “Get Minecraft”. Click on it.
  • Then, you have to select the Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Now, your responsibility to pay the money shown on the display.
  • See the procedures to the Minecraft download wizard
  • Now, your task is to open the Minecraft launcher after finishing the installation.
  • Then you have to select 1.12.2 going to “Installations”.
  • Find “Add Server” and put the server address ( in it.
  • Search for the list of servers and press 2b2t. (If you see it’s not working, you can refresh it to try again.)
  • Now, you need to wait for some hours in the queue. Then, you have to enter your desired 2b2t server after getting to the front.
  • Boom! It’s all done.

How to Join 2b2t Server

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How to Join 2b2t Server

You have already come to know how to join the 2b2t server. Joining this server is a long-cherished dream for Minecraft players. It gives you vanilla survival gameplay.

However, the most interesting fact is that you will be exploring a never-ending world with no rules and regulations. The server IP address was previously. But now it has shifted to

How to Join 2b2t Faster

Do you wanna know how to join 2b2t faster? Sometimes, you can see more than 700 players in the queue. I recommend you use a proxy to get it faster.

You can drive commands (“stop” and “start”) by using a discord bot. So, you are able to stop or start the queue. This trick will help you join faster than before.

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Final Words

2b2t is the purest and a Java Edition server that will give the purest experience indeed. Minecraft players can get free rein to destroy abuse and self-destruct.

How to Join 2b2t Faster

In addition to this, this server lets you be pure anarchy. So, it is high time to join the 2b2t server to live with freedom. I hope the guidelines we have proved help you join the server easily and even faster.

The FAQs About 2b2t Server in Minecraft

Apkadviser writes details of how to join the 2b2t server in Minecraft. But some of the cherished questions are repeated in users’ minds before joining. So, we are trying to mention questions and answers.

What is 2b2t in Minecraft?

2b2t is a Minecraft server that was founded in December 2020. It is the oldest server in the popular game Minecraft

What is the current version of 2b2t?

The 2b2t in Minecraft server current version of 1.12.2

Is 2b2t legal?

Generally, there are no “Unspoken” laws of 2b2t, as there are no enforcers of said laws and punishments for anything.

Does working properly 2b2t server work on mobile?

Yes, It is working correctly on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Is it dangerous for Android Devices?

No, It is safe, and no hamper for any devices.

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