Complete Guide: How to Remove Thermal Paste in 2021

Everybody uses a laptop or computer. Anyone who’s labored on a computer or laptop is aware of the warmth up to some point. What do you know about thermal paste? It is an excessive warmth conductive material, which helps in getting higher warmth conduction. It is used for two things, one is the heatsink, other is the CPU. A heatsink vent assists you to preserve the processor from too warming and thermal paste is used to conduct that warmth from the processor to the heatsink. However, most of the users don’t know about removing the thermal paste. Now, here we are discussing how to remove Thermal paste.

How to Remove the Thermal Paste from the CPU

Here we are talking about how to remove the thermal paste from the CPU. Now, we will show here some better ways of this matter.

How to Remove Thermal Paste

The perfect way to remove silicone oil-based thermal grease from a factor or warmth sink is via the use of isopropyl alcohol. If there is no option, pure acetone is additionally a special technique of removal.

Computer processor heatsinks provide more than a few designs to promote terrific thermal switch between factors. A flat and smooth level may build a small line system to apply the material and exposed heat-pipes level best prepared with multiple lines. Again, you can apply another process to use it by turning the heatsink slowly instead of lifting it.

How to Remove Thermal Paste without Alcohol

To remove the thermal paste, we generally use alcohol. But sometimes, we don’t find alcohol to use. At that time we can use a small rag and wipe firmly but very carefully. It is a too long-time process. Now, we discuss how to remove thermal paste without alcohol.

There is some basic way to remove thermal paste without alcohol.

  • You cannot use toilet paper, no facial tissue, and other brands of paper or towel- it can inhibit heat transfer. You can use a microfiber cloth or disposable/paper coffee filters. It could be an old t-shirt.
  • Again, you can apply the paste in the “X” pattern which is very good for you.

How to Remove the Thermal Paste from the Motherboard

Thermal paste is very dangerous for the motherboard if it stays here a long time and is also harmful. So, here we discuss How to remove the thermal paste from the motherboard.

  • You can use a brush/Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol or a paper towel

First, take the motherboard. sit with your motherboard in a proper space. Start wiping. Wipe off the thermal paste very slowly, don’t rush.

Then take this material and try removing as much as you can. It is the most special way to remove the thermal paste from the motherboard.

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How to Remove the Thermal Paste from CPU Pins

Removing thermal paste from CPU pins is not hard work. But it is a very timely process. you will be very careful when you do this work because the pin of the CPU is very rare and valuable. Now, we are here talking about How to remove the thermal paste from CPU pins.

Use the smallest toothpick which helps you pull out very small things. It doesn’t damage these CPU pins. Again, you can use a cotton swab and some alcohol. It is another excellent way to remove the thermal paste from CPU pins.

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How to Remove and Reapply Thermal Paste

Now, here we are showing a lot of steps How to remove and reapply thermal paste.

Removing thermal paste, we use a different type of alcohol, toothpick, and clean and soft tissue paper.

At first, you want to apply a little amount of grain like rice seeds onto the center of the integrated heat spreader. Use top-down strain to locate the main plate of your cooler onto the CPU and maintain that pressure even as attaching the cooler to the mechanism.

You will You can hold the cooler from sliding and maintain the thermal paste, however, you don’t want to harm your PC

Then preserve the cooler in the vicinity as you join to the motherboard in diagonal shape, securing the screws as if you have been building an “X” theme

How to Remove the Thermal Paste from the CPU

Do no longer entirely tighten the screws till you have connected all four, then flip every a few instances earlier than transferring on to the after making certain even pressure.

At last, check your work to make sure all is right. If all things look clean and cooler it doesn’t move when you touch it. Understand your work is complete.

How to Remove Old Thermal Paste

We know that most people don’t know how to remove the old thermal paste. So, here we are talking about How to remove the old thermal paste.

For a few minutes use some Q-tips and soak it with some isopropyl alcohol. Then take toothpicks and plastic scrapers and clean them very carefully. It is the most special method for removing old thermal paste.

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How to Remove CPU Thermal Paste

Here discussing How to remove CPU thermal paste Removing CPU thermal paste, you need some materials such as.

  • Toothpicks
  • Arctic Silver thermal paste cleaner
  • arctic silver surface purifier
  • Take smooth cotton buds
  • Use Q-tips
  • Lint-free, fresh and clean cloths

Let’s start processing-


Choose a special space to work on the motherboard.


Assess your CPU very consciously.


Determine LGA Socket Pin Direction Properly.


Use thermal paste cleaner alcohol to the CPU.

Step: 5

Keep the thermal paste cleaner for 5 minutes and check it .

Step: 6

Clean the CPU very properly.

Step: 7

Gather much excess cleaning fluid.

Step: 8

Put down and purify the contact surface.


Remove excess purification fluid and keep it dry. Then wait 24 hours for the CPU. Could you test it and start this process again?

How to Remove Thermal Paste without Alcohol

Final Words

Thermal paste is essential for CPU cooling. Thermal paste solution is not conductive so it will not damage electronics. Without thermal paste, there is no option for the use of thermal paste for heat transfer between the CPU and the heat sink.

The FAQs about Thermal Paste

Apkadviser mentions some repeated user mind questions. If you are confused about the topic, you can follow our Faq section to get all cherished questions. 

Why need thermal paste of your PC?

Thermal paste is a very useful matter for your PC. IT helps your PC keep cooling CPU. If your PC is over warmth, it damages very fast.  

Is it work without any harm?

Yes, it is not harmful, because it is never conductive.

Which material or chemical is better to remove thermal paste?

Isopropyl Alcohol

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