How to Stop Screen Tearing & How to Fix It

Screen tearing is a frequent trouble that happens in video displays. It generally occurs when the display shows images from various frames at a once. Screen tearing is a very great problem. Its obstacles to render images instantly. That reason, mixture of all images and torn screen. This incident occurs when the monitor and GPU are not in sync. A torn screen cannot show proper images. And colors will not be aligned or the image will not strong. So, stop screen tearing is an important matter and stop it immediately. We stop screen tearing use a few ways such as G-Sync, Free Sync, and so on. Here we will discuss deeply how to stop screen tearing. 

How to Stop Screen Tearing without V-Sync

It has already been said that screen tearing is an irritating problem that you have faced while gaming or another tasking of your device screen.

Now, right here we will exhibit a few options on how to give up display tearing barring V Sync. Everyone use to cease display screen tearings are Nvidia G Sync or AMD Free Sync, Nvidia Fast sync, or AMD Enhanced Sync. And, if you have an Nvidia pics card, it is a third-party tool.

Here discussing this matter step by step

Step :1

Apply Nvidia G Sync or AMD Free Sync

Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Free Sync are two top-of-the-line Sync utilized sciences as a resistor to V Sync to provide up show tearing. It does the same thing by constantly adjusting the monitor’s refresh rate to attach the FPS set by your GPU. 

For instance, if anyone using G-Sync or Free Sync and anytime the frame rate becomes 45 FPS, then the monitor refresh rate will be 45Hz. 

Nvidia G Sync

The terrible aspect of these applied sciences is that it is solely tasking to cease display tearing as lengthy as the FPS by no means exceeds the most refresh price of the monitor. Such as a game never provides more than 130FPS and if you have a monitor with a refresh rate of 140Hz so this technology will help you to stop screen tearing. But these applied sciences can solely be used with precise GPUs.


Apply Nvidia Fast Sync or AMD Enhanced Sync

Nvidia speedy Sync and AMD Enhanced Sync are resistors to V-Sync and G-Sync/Free Sync. Even if FPS goes over the refresh rate of the monitor, these technologies work to stop screen tearing. It is very easy to turn on Fast sync or Enhanced Sync. Such as——-

  • At first, Find the left facet column of the NVidia manipulate panel the alternative to Manage 3D settings.
  • Select your choice option
  • Then scroll, Vertical Sync”
  • Select the drop-down menu and press it Fast
  • Then get out the window
  • Turning on Enhanced Sync for AMD GPUs 
  • In the AMD Drivers under the gaming department and search Global graphics Tab.
  • Go to the drop-down menu, wait for vertical refresh and select Enhanced sync.

Nvidia Fast Sync


Use Nvidia Profile Inspector

If for any reason you don’t like the above two options and have an Nvidia graphics card, you can try Nvidia profile Inspector. It is a third-party tool that gives an easy solution to stop screen tearing.

However, first must need to know the refresh rate of the monitor. Then download Nvidia profile Inspector. For downloading the Nvidia profile Inspector opens your browser. Search in google finds a download for the latest version of Nvidia Profile Inspector.

Softpedia is the best and latest version of the Nvidia profile Inspector. So, scroll Softpedia version until you see the blue download button.

Then select it and wait for download onto the PC. When completed download the file, double click on it. Then open the folder with download.

There are a few files in the folder select “nvidiainspector.exe”.in the middle of the Nvidia Inspector have a “Driver version “section.

The right side of this has a little button named: Start profile”. Then, select this button and pop up a new window. Find the option “frame rate limiter” with a dropdown menu.

Now, up in the top right side select the “Apply Changes” button and close the window for profile Inspector and check it properly. 

Buy a New Monitor

The last option to stop screen tearing buys a new monitor with a high refresh rate. It is not the preferred method but you can try it.

How to Stop Screen Tearing on Web Browser

It is a very easy task to stop screen tearing on a web browser. so, here we will discuss how to stop screen tearing on the web browser. 

  • At first, open the browser, now select the Settings option
  • Scroll to the under the settings page and select “Show advanced settings”. 
  • Again, scroll down the page and find “Use hardware Acceleration when Available” then unlock it. And it helps you to stop your screen tearing.

Use hardware Acceleration when Available

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How to Stop Screen Tearing in Minecraft

Now here we will know how to stop screen tearing in Minecraft. We generally know that turning on V-Sync can stop screen tearing effectively.


Turn on V-sync in Minecraft

To flip on V-Sync in Minecraft, you can refer to these steps:

  •  Launch Minecraft.
  •  Go to Options -> Video Settings.
  •  Drag the Max-Frame price to the left till you see the VSync exhibit on the screen. 
  •  Click on Done to keep the changes.
  • Close Minecraft and open it once more to take a look at it to see if the display tearing problem is resolved.

How to Stop-Screen Tearing in Minecraft


Change the settings in Nvidia

Follow this step:

  • First, open Nvidia Control Panel
  • Broaden 3D settings and press on adjust image settings with preview, then select, Let the 3D application Decide”. 
  • At last, restart your computer or laptop and check it properly. 

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How to Stop Screen Tearing AMD

AMD screen tearing is a very easy and normal task. here we will show how to stop screen tearing AMD

  • At first select Nvidia control panel 
  • Then go to manage 3D settings
  • Press 3D application mode
  • Again, restart your PC
  • Start a game to check if the screen is tearing

nvidia control panel 3d settings

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Final word

In all the above discussion we see that stopping screen tearing is a very important matter. This context bears some super solution which effective for all the readers. If anyone wanted to know How to stop screen tearing, he/she read this article carefully. we hope that they get a proper solution to this matter.


Here are some FAQs about Minecraft Server. See the answers to your long-cherished questions.

Is the possible to stop screen tearing without V-Sync?

Yes Possible. There are different types of excellent options to stop screen tearing. Such as Nvidia G Sync or AMD Free Sync, Nvidia Fast Sync or AMD Enhanced Sync, and so on. 

What does any need to buy a new monitor to stop screen tearing?

I think that it is not a proper solution because this new monitor also occurs tearing. So, it is not better but you can try it. 

Which software is perfect for Nvidia profile Inspector?

Softpedia is the perfect software for Nvidia profile Inspector to stop screen tearing.

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