How To Track Instagram Accounts: Best Tracking Method

The issue of how to track Instagram accounts is attaining importance nowadays. However, many people still do not know the purpose of Instagram tracking, although users use Instagram very much among online social media. However, to keep up with the times, you need to have an idea of ​​general technology, such as tracking someone’s Instagram account.

You need to have this general knowledge to find someone, in particular, so we will show you four ways of tracking Instagram accounts without any kind of application or specific hassle.

How to track Instagram accounts using the search feature?

If you can make conforming use of Instagram’s search feature, you will be able to track IG accounts. For this, you need to know the name you want to know about; the rest of the process is straightforward.

But first, you have to make sure that he has an IG account, which means if you can’t find him on IG, you have to understand that he doesn’t have an IG account.

Now I will mention the following steps below.

  • Go to the Instagram app from your mobile or PC, then click on the search button below.

How To Track Instagram Accounts

  • Then search by typing the name you know in the search box, then Instagram will show you many characters that are similar to that name.
  • The person whose name matches exactly the one you input is the person you want.

How to track IG accounts with a cellphone number?

The second method is to track the IG account with the cellphone number through IG’s Discovery feature, but you must know the cellphone number before that.

  • To do this, first, you need to go to the Profile tab, then click on the three-line icon above, and see an option called Discover People or Find Friends.

How to track IG accounts with a cellphone number

  • You can contact those with IG ID in your contact list by clicking on Connect to Contacts by entering this Find Friends or Discover People option.
  • After entering Find Friends or Discover People, you need to click on the Connect to Contacts option to connect with everyone on the contact list. Then by clicking on Getting Started, you will join the contact list to your IG account, and you will see the accounts of all those who have IG ID in your contact list.

Tracking IG Accounts Using FB Friends

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Tracking IG Accounts Using FB Friends

You can use the above method to track your Facebook friend’s IG account.

  • First, you need to open the Profile tab from the IG app. Then go to the Discover People option by clicking on the three-line icon as before.
  • When you enter the Discover People option, you will see the Connect to the Facebook option, where you will be asked to connect your IG account with your Facebook account.

Tracking IG Accounts Using Photos

  • But yes, you need to be logged in to the Facebook account that you want to track the IG account of the friend list of the Facebook account. Then you can connect your Facebook account with your IG account.
  • After completing connecting with Facebook, you will see who is using Instagram in your Facebook friend list.

However, if you are looking for one who does not connect the Facebook account to the IG account, you will not find him on IG.

Tracking IG Accounts Using Photos

You can also use the Google search engine for tracking someone’s IG account; all you need is a photo of the person you want to track.

  • First, you need to open Google Chrome or any other browser.
  • Then when you type search by an image from the search box of the browser, you will get a link at the beginning, which when you enter it, you will see a camera icon next to the search box.

search by an image chrome

  • Click on this camera icon and click on the upload option.
  • Then by clicking on the choose file, select the picture of the person whose IG ID you want to track from your PC or mobile, and click on open, you will get a lot of details of that picture in Google.
  • If a photo of that person’s IG account matches Google with your input photo, you will find his IG account on the search engine results page.

You may not get an IG account at the beginning, so you may have to scroll down. However, if there is no photo of the person, his IG account will not be found by Google.

The FAQs about Tracking IG Account

We have discussed how to track Instagram accounts; you can try the same way. If you still don’t find this article helpful, you can email us. Moreover, we are giving below some FAQs from which you can clear the subject.

Apart from these, is there any other way to track Instagram accounts?

Yes, there are many free analytics tools that you can use to track your Instagram account.

Is it unfair to track someone else’s Instagram account?

No, but if you have a bad intention, it is definitely wrong.

Can I track someone’s location?

You can track the location of the person whose Instagram account you are tracking if he has set the location on their account or uploaded a picture of the hangout.

Is it illegal to open a fake account?

If you are open to conduct any unlawful activity, it is invalid, or there is no problem.

Can a deleted IG account be tracked?

You can’t have this permission if you want to. However, law enforcement agencies will be able to meet particular needs.

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