An Easy Guide | How to Wave on Facebook

Waving on Facebook is a cool greeting. One can start a conversation by sending a wave. Although this is a new feature, the old users of Facebook were introduced with this type of feature.

If you have been using Facebook from an earlier time, you can probably remember the poking feature on Facebook. A user could poke us and we could poke back. Sending a wave before a conversation is very similar to that feature.

We are habituated to say hi or hello before starting a conversation. But this is cool to send a wave instead of saying hi/hello to our friends or any strangers. The poking concept on Facebook has been dramatically changed to this waving feature.

How to Wave on Facebook

Do you wanna learn how to wave on Facebook? No worry! I will provide an easy and complete guideline regarding waving on Facebook. From now, you can start a conversation in a new way. Following the conventional rule is not always satisfactory to us.

How Do You Wave in Messenger 2021

By following the steps mentioned below you can wave on Messenger. It is to say this feature has been removed from the latest version of Messenger. So, you need to use the previous version to get this feature. Ok, let me show you the steps:

  • At first, you need to open the Messenger app. If you do not have this app installed on your device, you have to install it right now. You will get this feature on Messenger; not on the Facebook app.
  • As you have opened Messenger, now it is your task to locate the “People” section. You will find this section at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the “People” section, you will find the “active” tab. Go to this tab to see who is
  • Finally, you will be able to find the wave button beside the name of your friend. You have to tap on the wave button to send a wave. Your friend will wave you back if he/she is interested to talk with you.

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How to Wave on Facebook Messenger

Are you getting tired to find out how to wave on Facebook Messenger? Actually, this feature was removed from Messenger with the latest update. But you can still use this feature if you use the previous version of Facebook Messenger.

Wave on Facebook

Facebook authority included this feature some years back as a greeting icon. To send someone a wave means to send him/her hi/hello.

A wave is basically the sign of raising a hand. We raise hands due to say hi or hello or to address someone for making a conversation.

Many people like to send a wave before starting the conversation. It is because this feature helps them avoid saying hi or hello.

Introvert people usually feel shy to start a conversation. This is such an amazing feature that can help you start a chat without saying anything. Just send a wave. Your friend will come to understand you are about to say something.

You might know that one cannot send a wave via the Facebook app. Rather he can send it on Facebook Messenger.

However, a user can send a wave from his Desktop. Now, I’m gonna show you all the steps how you can wave on Facebook using your Desktop:

  • At first, you have to log in to your Facebook account. Go to the home page section.
  • Then, you need to find out the “chat” option. You will find this option on the right panel of your screen.
  • Put the pointer above your friend’s name to whom you wanna send a wave. Then, you will find the “wave” sign on the right side of the name. Click on the “wave” to send him a wave.


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Final Words

Waving your friend before starting a conversation is pretty cool. This is a wonderful way of sending a greeting. Before having this feature on Messenger, we used to say hi/hello before making a chat.

But I think it’s a nice alternative to send greetings before the chat. I hope this article helps you learn clearly how to send a wave on Facebook Messenger.

The FAQs about Wave on Facebook

Waving your friend is an outstanding way of sending a greeting before making a conversation. Sometimes, we become confused about what to say before starting a chat. I think this is a nice feature that will help you start a chat. Let’s meet up with some FAQs.

How can I send a wave back?

This is very easy to send a wave back. At first, you need to open the conversation of that friend who has sent you a wave.

Then you will see a yellow hand icon that is representing your friend who has waved you. Under the yellow hand icon, you will find the option to wave him back.

Why can’t I find the wave option on Facebook Messenger?

If you are using the updated version of Facebook Messenger you won’t be able to send waves. To get this feature, you need to use the previous version of Messenger.

Can I undo a wave sent on Messenger?

Yes, you can undo a wave sent on Messenger. Sometimes, we might send someone a wave mistakenly. So, we need an option to undo this activity.

  • Just go to your friend’s inbox whom you send a wave mistakenly.
  • Then press and hold the wave icon.
  • Then you should find the remove option. Here you will find two sub-options: Remove for me and Remove for everyone. Press on Remove for everyone. Then, your wave will be unsent.

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