Idle Police Tycoon Apk Mod Download  – The Best Cops Game

Play the police by installing Idle Police Tycoon APK, which is being sought after by mobile gamers.

If you want to know how busy the days are for a police officer who has to receive a crime report, investigate cases, and even build a police station, this game should be on your cellphone.

This game, which a Spanish developer developed, is already very experienced in making tycoon games; for example, Idle Supermarket Tycoon is one of the best supermarket games for Android.

Seeing this success, we are sure that the Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK unlimited money and gems game will also be your favorite!

Idle Police Tycoon Apk

Idle Police Tycoon APK – Cops Game APK Download for PC/Android

So, what kind of game is this, Idle Police Tycoon cops game MOD APK? This mobile game developed by Codigames will invite you to experience carrying out police duties.

Initially, you will run a small police station and work hard to improve your reputation. To quickly move up to a higher position, you must turn the small police station into a famous office, don’t forget to upgrade the necessary facilities, okay!

Then, make the right strategy to continue expanding your police station branch, buying sophisticated vehicles, and providing the best work materials for your team and gang.

If you do a good job, you will become a police captain in your office and ready to protect the public, you know. To make your work smooth, you can recruit detectives, interns, receptionists, and other police officers.

Additional Information About The Idle Police Tycoon

Name Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game
Genre Simulation
Publisher Codigames
Developer Codigames
Platforms  Android, iOS
Size 148M
Current Version 1.2.2
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated February 10, 2021

Download Idle Police Tycoon APK (148 MB)

 Gameplay Of The Idle Police Tycoon

It is an application in which you are responsible for controlling the entire police structure of a city. In this way, you scale who will solve what, which areas deserve more policing at what time, in addition, of course, to planning how investments in public safety will be carried out.

The game experience is quite fun and full of complications, which gives us an idea of how complex this life is. Prepare to make decisions that will save or, if you make a mistake, put an entire population at risk.

Idle Police Tycoon Apk Download

Resources are limited, and the criminal world is very organized. Can you equate this account?

The gameplay of the game is the main highlight of the game, as it is very intuitive and elegant, to always make clear the possibilities of action that you can choose for each moment.

Everything is very well organized and presented so that the player has at hand, with just a few touches, the potential solution to the current dilemma.

In addition, you’ll also find high-quality graphics in a style that goes back to Lego, with characters rich in animations and sound effects that significantly increase the immersion in each situation proposed by the game.

As you already know, whenever we bring a game to this space, it means that it has a wide range of positive points. It’s no different with this game, which in addition to being original, was carefully designed so that there is no shortage of problems to be solved in the city, with a lot of creativity.

Features of Idle Police Tycoon

Have you downloaded the latest apk but don’t know the features?

You should know that Idle Police Tycoon is included in the list of the best Android tycoon games, you know.

So, what features make it so unique? Come on, let’s see more!

Gameplay with a different perspective

Suppose other games usually present other jobs that look easy and fun, like being a chef in a cooking game. In that case, Idle Police Tycoon invites you to explore the role of a police officer, which is challenging and very busy.

From this game, you will see for yourself how busy being a police officer is who must pay attention to all the details in his work, including the recruitment and management of the police station.

Hectic right? It’s very different from the Android worm game, which doesn’t have many elements in its gameplay.

Cool graphics

Like other 3D Android games in general, Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK unlimited all also features graphics that make players feel at home playing this game for a long time.

Presenting a point of view, you will be able to see all parts of the police station easily and comfortably, making it easier for you to complete the mission given.

Keep playing even if AFK

As the name implies, ‘idle,’ this Android simulation game can still run even if you are idle, away from the keyboard.

So, if you don’t open the game anymore, our apk will still make money, and the missions you can automatically run, as long as you set them up before you AFK.


Once you open the game, several missions have been completed.

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Highlights of Idle Police Tycoon APK

An original proposal that brings us a sense of the dilemmas and difficulties faced daily by police officers and security force administrators is, in itself, something to be honored to point out in this experience.

It doesn’t stop there.

Fight crime in the city with different strategies

Get ready to choose from several alternatives to fight and solve each criminal situation that presents itself. Search for a range of local thugs and develop your adventure to unlock a host of famous real-life bad guys.

Of course, to put them behind bars and guarantee the safety of the population of their city.

Manage your resources efficiently

You already know that any company or public agency needs to be very careful when allocating its resources so that its operation is always the best possible.

So, plan and follow the best strategy to ensure that your police force always has the best weapons, the most efficient training, the best agents, and much more.

Keep The City Safe

We can say that this is the ultimate goal of the game. For this, make an effective administration, fulfill the missions brought by the game and – very important – make sure that your precinct is not in the red.

A mistake here and, even if temporarily doing a good job – everything will soon go down the drain, and crime will take over the city.

Advantages of Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK

The features above are exciting, but some things make Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK unlimited money even more special.

Yup, that’s unlimited money that you can use to buy various necessary equipment.

As we mentioned above, you will need to upgrade the facilities of your police station in this game.

Well, with this free shopping Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK, you don’t have to worry about shopping anymore because your money will never run out even if you don’t use any cheat application for Android.

Idle Police Tycoon Latest Version Information

The game is developed for the Android platform, starting from version 5.0, and is rapidly gaining popularity. It already has more than 500 thousand downloads and a respectable 4.5 in the official Google store.

Idle Police Tycoon Apk for android

A true community of law enforcement officers and law enforcement administrators awaits you to share experiences and keep the city safe. So why wait any longer?

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Download Idle Police Tycoon For Android

Please take advantage of our links and run Mod apk free download: a challenging game that puts us under the baton of security forces, with many challenges, famous names, emotions, and strategies.

The FAQs about Idle Police Tycoon Apk

Users occasionally look for answers to their questions, and every inquiry is necessary for playing this game.

So we’re going to try to answer some of those things here.

What’s the new in the updated version?

There are new events!

You will unlock new legendary characters during the event.

The event will take place in a new city!

New criminal groups will be apprehended as well during the event.

Is it safe for the device?

Our modified Apk, Idle Police Tycoon APK, is an entirely risk-free game.

What does the mod apk offer?

Unlimited money

Various necessary equipment

And many more

What is the best way to install this apk?

Get the APK file.

Use an Android device to install it [Allow unknown sources to be used].

Now you may install apps and play the best simulation game for free.

Is the pc version available?

No, but will develop and update the PC version on the page soon.

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