Idle Wizard School Apk। Get Unlimited Coins with Wizard Crafting

Hey, if you like the character of Harry Potter, Idle Wizard School APK suits you most. Here, you are transforming into a student at the wizard school. You will repeatedly do peculiar deeds. Various wizard stories make up the plot of this game.

The zest of the game is to gain virtual property. You will start the game with a very small property. Then, gradually you will grow it. This will help you purchase more features. You can make your school more developed by using coins.

Idle Wizard School apk free

 Idle Wizard School Apk Story

It is a long-cherished dream for the fans of Harry Potter that they wish to be transformed into a student at witch school. The Idle wizard school has come to materialize your dream into the game.

In this game, you can earn unlimited virtual money to upgrade your feature. This is your task to upgrade the teaching quality of each classroom.

You can take part in the massive and upgrading development of your school solely. The more you will upgrade your school and the more chance to become popular.

Therefore, many more students will be mesmerized by the class quality, and the number of students will grow more.

You have to escalate your earnings by investing them for the purpose of school development. It’s a cyclic process where you will start with a train station and a small dormitory.

The students will pay you fees after finishing the class, and by this, you will be able to make new classrooms for the students.

Besides, you need to concentrate on your dormitory. You must upgrade it gradually. Apart from this, you have to upgrade the student train.

You need to increase its speed and length. The super fast train will get there in 15 seconds. Every minute your school is capable of swarming eighty new students.

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Download Idle Wizard School APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Wizard School Synopsis
Name Idle Wizard School
Developer BattleCry
Genre Simulation
Latest version 1.9.1
Size 57.1 MB
Get it on Android 5.0 or upper versions
Works On Android

Download Idle Wizard School Apk (57.1 MB)

This is such an interesting game that conjures up the management of the wizard school. The school teaches its students the magic of science. You need to amplify your mission. A map will expose all the things in detail.


Are you ready to play this peculiar role? Download it now from our given link.

What/How to Play The Game

  • Your first attempt is to upgrade buildings. It will help you increase your income.
  • Can receive coins at the Magic Shop when offline.
  • You have to open new dormitories, classes, buildings, characters, and magic prizes.
  • You need to upgrade the class quality to impress more students.
  • Gamers can hire wizards and witches. They will increase the students’ motivation.

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What is new in Idle Wizard School Pro?

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Much more manageable

Idle Wizard School


Idle Wizard School Apk is a creative creation of its developer, BattleCry. It is simple to play, but gorgeous in quality. Download this app to sink into the ocean of enjoyment.

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