Kick the Buddy APK – Downlaod App with Mod(Unlimited Gold + Money)

Kick the Buddy APK is a kind of gaming application that can relieve you from all of your stress.  Unleash your anger on the evil buddies in the virtual world of the Game. So, so your best friends will remain safe from your anger now.

In this game, you have got to smash, freeze, shoot and destroy.  No one will ever come to stop you. Now you need not break the expensive stuff as you are doing everything in the virtual world.

No worry! There are grenades, Rifles, and destructive nuclear bombs as well for you. This is simple enough to manage your role what actually you have to do.


Kick the Buddy APK Overview

Game Overview
App Name Kick the Buddy
Developer Playgendary
Category Action
Latest Version 1.0.6
Apk Features Available
Compatible with Android 5+

Download Kick the Buddy Apk (95.6 MB)

Kick the Buddy Forever APK

Kick the Buddy Forever APK will lead you to enjoy your boring life in an interesting way. Surely this will help you get rid of all of your stress and anger. This is not just a game. This game works as a Paracetamol that can relieve your stress.

You will be able to explore the gameplay and major features of this game by going through this article. Additionally, We are going to help you not only by sharing the features and gameplay but also by providing you the link to the APK.  So there is no doubt you are reading a very useful article if you really love to play games.

This is a perfect game for those who are looking for a game that can take out their anger and stress. This game does not teach you to be violent; rather it gives you the opportunity to utilize your creativity and strategy without any barrier.

There is no one who can stop you from unleashing your anger and distress.  You are supposed to use amazing hand grenades, Rifles, and so many destructive weapons.

Feel Know Kick the Buddy Apk

Maybe it’s your worst day in the office and you are angry at your boss.  But you feel that there is no way to relieve your stress on anyone you wish.

This game is ready to give you relaxation at that moment.  Have you got my point about how interesting and cool this game is?  You are going to vanish all of your stress and pain without spoiling any of your relations.

kick the buddy games

Besides, you are not breaking any of the expensive tools. This can make the impossibility turn into a possibility.

This is not fair to kick your friends.  But this is fair enough to kick the buddy in the game.  If you kick any of your friends, this will never make any fun.

On the other hand, kicking the buddies in a game will surely make unlimited fun.  These two things never fall in the same category.

This will be wrong if you think this is just a simple game that can reduce your anger and stress. Apart from giving unlimited enjoyment, this measures your concepts of Physics.  You will have to throw weapons on the buddy that will justify your skills of targeting something accurately.

Kick the Buddy APK Pro Version

Kick the Buddy APK is a wonderful gaming app with nice graphics. It will never let you become bored at your irritating office hours and leisure time of vacation.

You will find a lot of elements in this game that you can use to show off your skill to create combinations. Do not forget you are going to reduce your stress.

This game is the best solution for everyone who is looking for something to release their anger. This is a volcano that can release your anger and stress like the hottest lava.  It gives you the guarantee to make a stress-free and relaxed life.

Ok, you will get nothing more exciting in the basic version of that you will find on the Google Play Store. Every rational individual like you will look for the modded version of kick the buddy.

You will have an unlimited number of coins by which you can purchase the best Grenades and Rifles out there. While using this app there is nothing to worry about the price tag.

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The requirements for downloading this game

  • Android devise with version 4.0 or above
  • An internet connection for downloading the configuration and settings.
  • Download from the providing link to get the latest version

Guys, hurry up to download this game.  Take your turn to kick the doll until it dies. You’ll be able to play this game with a series of steps and levels. You guys will enjoy this game because this is as interesting as fishing with a fishing rod.

Interestingly, you will discover plenty of challenges and obstacles at each level of this game. The so-called bully character will create everything that you really want to confront.

kick the buddy apk

Get ready to conduct a countless number of defenses and attacks. Besides, I find this game a little bit unique at all.

You can work for the health improvement of the bully. Doesn’t it seem interesting to you?

Whenever you wish, you will be able to increase the speed and strength of the bully. Undoubtedly this game is a source of unlimited fun and enjoyment.

So anyone can play this game without any hesitation. So, you can engage anyone whom you want to play this game. This game must be a favorite one for those who actually like to play role-playing games.

Actually, there is no actual and specific plot behind the game.  But there are a lot of things that you have to remember while playing this game.

The characterization of the bully is created due to making the absolute fun.  Your goal is not so complex.

You will discover a lot of levels that you will go through. This is more important to click the puppet in this game.  We have found so many users who claim that some levels are very difficult.

Anyway, this is not so simple for the average person.  But however, this game entertains a lot and lets you have a lot of experiences.

Kick the Buddy Pro APK All Opened

Do you want to get all the premium features of this game revealed?  This version can give you the solution to your need. Download this game and get everything opened. Enjoy playing this game without any obstacles. Certainly, this will give you a better life.

The Apk features are-

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited money

As you are getting unlimited gold and money, so you can purchase any of the premium features by exchanging your coins.

So if you are interested to have free rein, I will obviously suggest you download the APK. There is no doubt that you are getting infinite resources.  And you will be able to spend those resources to attack the buddy.

Before playing this game you should get to know that this game can be very much addictive for you.  But obviously, this relies on your choice.

You can explore numerous ways to kick and punish the body.  Your earning of coins mainly depends on how much damage you have made to the buddy.

All of your earnings you have earned so that you can use them to get better ways for killing the doll. This is very important to reveal a nuclear bomb.

If you cannot do so you will miss the main fun of this game. This is really very interesting to detonate the powerful bomb in front of the doll’s face.

Besides you can hit the doll with the bat. Undoubtedly this is one of the most act amazing ways to punish him.  You will just take a baseball bat.  Target his head and start beating.  This is more than cinematic violence. So do not miss installing the APK.

In this game, your main attempt is to lead the doll to death.  And so get the dinosaurs and make bite Ropes.  You can wrap them around the doll’s neck.

In fact, this is the best way to kill him.  To ensure all of these advantages you need to download the modded version of this game because this will present you with everything opened.

Kick the Buddy 2 APK

Hey, do you want to get the kick of the buddy 2 APK?  Surely you’re at the right place. Get unlimited money and unlimited gold.

Enjoy this game with the utmost pleasure.  Every single second of your life will be experiencing infinite fun and enjoyment.

Download kick the buddy apk

Are you experiencing a bad day?  Here is the puppet.  Frequently kicking the hell can improve your mental health.

If you have been suffering from mental distress and despair, undoubtedly this game is highly recommended for you.  You can reveal all of your pain and stress in this virtual world of games.

Final words

Kick the Buddy APK is a nice game that can take away one of your mental stress. This amazing game offers you to show some extreme violence to the poor ragdoll.

So you need not relieve your stress by taking your valuable gadgets.  Do not forget to install this wonderful game right now on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some important question which is rise to know the information for this application. Here we are going to solve that thing from our experiences:

What is Kick the buddy Game?

Kick the Buddy is a kind of gaming application that can relieve you from all of your stress, relaxing and antistress game.

Can I get the premium version and all Features Revealed?

Yes, you can get the premium version and be able to open all the features; Actually, It’s an anti-stress relief game. So, if you did not get the premium version then you would not enjoy it when playing.

Is Kick the Buddy really a stressful relief game?

Yes, Kick the buddy game is called an anti-relief and stress-removing game. This game helps to reduce your mental pain and heavy stress.

Is Kick the Buddy Supported with an old version phone?

Actually, your device should be a minimum of Android 5+ for a better experience.

Is available Kick the Buddy Mod apk (Unlocked all weapons)?

Yes, The mod version  allow to Unlocked all weaponsns

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