Kuboom Apk Game Download Free for Android (MOD Unlocked)

Kuboom APK is a typical shooter game to play with players from all over the world in real-time. You can play alone or in team war 5v5.

All sorts of weapons are available for you, from short to long-range, and a wide range of skin. You and your character will adapt your weapons.

There are 20 comprehensive maps planned for more enjoyable combat. The graphics are good, and the game size is still tiny.

Basically, “KUBOOM” is a shooter that functions almost as CrossFire but is updated by more things that fit your taste. The first thing players will see straight away is their unique joke.

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Although impressive, the graphics of Minecraft are well-known to gamers over the past four years. One of the most impressive encounters players have recently had on their smart devices is a shooter built with box graphics.

A little piece of silk also provides a fascinating Deadpool costume.

Kuboom Apk: Fun Online Shooting Game

KABOOM is an epic multiplayer 3D shooter. It’s the first thing about this game. About the genre, gamers can experience a shooting game that is designed to please today’s most popular game players.

The number of players on its website is immense because we can see more than 10 million times the Google Play downloads.

Online matches also interact with a significant number of teams. These matches are more appealing, stressful, challenging, and demanding due to their competition.

“Deathmatch” is the name under which the teams will compete in the official tournaments. You’re teaming up with four others to build a 5v5 contest when you reach this match.

By getting teams into the rankings and tournaments, the game development team is intensely competitive. Yet auto-shot mode makes the combat process simpler (you can turn it off in the settings section).

The players can compete in up to 20 well-designed and balance maps with a wide range of characters and costumes.

This encourages players to attend the widest potential matches so that they are not repetitive. Simultaneously, 50 units of various weapons types can form a stable base in the weapon chain.

Forms of weapon customization: Players use a range of combinations to produce various techniques, e.g., sights, silencing systems, lasers, expanded frames, and compensators create many gambling activities.

Furthermore, the game will be even more colorful thanks to 45 stunning costumes (including the Deadpool costume).

Additional Information

Publisher IP nobody shot
Genre Action
Size 58.2M
Latest Version 6.02
Premium Info High Damage/Revealed
Get it On Google Play
Update January 3, 2021 (3 days ago)

Download Kuboom Apk (58.2 MB)

Features of Kuboom Premium APK Android 1

  • Thousands of other players worldwide compete online. Mode deathmatch allows you to combine with four other teams (5v5)
  • Graphics are suitable for animation forms. Even your computer can experience this game with up to 60 FPS quite comfortably for several years.
  • In a shooting game, the map is the most important thing. In certain parts of the world, the publisher also publishes more than 20 different maps. There is also a promise of the equilibrium on the map.
  • You’ve ever been playing CS: Go? Are you intrigued by the lovely skins of arms? More than 100 skins for various weapons are also available at KABOOM. One by one, you must open them.
  • Dress? It’s not a problem. Your character can never fight with more than 50 different costumes.
  • The buttons on the joystick are correctly arranged; new players can get to know and control their characters in the most detailed way.

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Skins and guns

KABOOM provides citizens with an immense stockpile of weapons like numerous rifles, assault rifles, pistols, knives.

Today, there are more than 50 weapons in total. And it’s still increasing this number. It would help if you practiced using arms flexibly and accurately at the right time.

KABOOM also allows players to pick the skins they are selling free of charge. In addition to the necessary equipment such as the blue team clothes, the red team should also pick the right equipment for their style; for example, alien equipment is not a bad option.

You can earn a certain amount of money during each game by playing in PvP matches. Use this money to pick up the equipment you need, for example, guns, weapons: reduce the bar, lock, handle. Or the exterior look of the character. Hundreds of useful accessories await you.


Players worldwide can compete in various arenas in KABOOM. More than 20 maps, including deathmatch, deathmatch, and boom, are available.

There’re three major game modes. The players are put on actual battlefields that are bloodthirsty; the user can put everybody to death. It can only win the best.

It would help if you even invited friends, teammates, or even your girlfriend in Team Death Match mode to have fun.

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How to make skin improvements

Phase 1
Contact the individual to open Customization to adjust the appliances.

Phase 2
pick the outfit you want.

Phase 3
Pick “In Box” or “Tag Price.” A good tick emerges.

Kuboom Apk Download Premium Apk

All in all, Kuboom is one of the most common shooter games with several elements. If you’re looking for a fun, exciting shooting game, that’s a great pick.

What’s in the Premium Menu

  • One-shot murder
  • Unrestricted Munition
  • First-person Third person (Enables on Respawn)
  • No losses.
  • Spam Chat
  • Bottlenecks
  • Costumes + Skins Release.

kuboom mod apk android 1

FAQs About Kuboom APK

Apkadviser is providing a good quality application that is about information and its problem with the solution. Below we are sharing some essential questions and answers.

What is Kuboom’s newest release?

KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter Apk The latest release 6.11- com. Download for Android. Nobodyshot.

When did Kuboom have been created?

Kuboom is a nobodyshot MMOFPS developed and issued. The game is a platform cross between users of the PC and Android.

In July 2016, Kuboom was shared with, authorized in August 2016, and wholly launched in September 2016. Steam’s Greenlight community.

What is the number of MB Kuboom?

Directx: 9.0 release. Storage: 200 MB of storage space available.

Is Kuboom a game for many players?

KUBOOM is an FPS multiplayer, with up to 10 people playing a match in a spellbinding team. Plus, even though team deathmatch is the preset game option, you may play against everyone, also.

Does Kuboom have a PC?

Kuboom is a NOBODYSHOT LTD action game. The App Player BlueStacks is the ideal PC platform for playing this android game on your PC or Mac.

So download BlueStacks’ Kuboom on your PC and play with your friends and opponents too!

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