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The survival shooter took place last day on earth mod apk in a post-apocalyptic setting, with an epidemic in 2027 in which an unknown plague has killed nearly every human race. And there, it did not stop.

And it did not stop. Both the dead began to become undead and the only people who had blood tolerance struggle to live in the rubble of this once big world.

You must also raise money to build a house that can shield you from zombie attacks. And you must gather additional resources such as vehicles and weapons, so it’s about 2027 when most people are afflicted with the zombie virus.

The majority of humanity will do whatever they can, who have lived or have survived. There is also a radio tower to be constructed to be linked to other players online.

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk introduction: Survival

Two reasons exist for Last Day on Earth: Firstly, the game is like Into the Dead 2, and both games have a very different storyline, gameplay, and outlook. The second is a game with a complete MOD edition, which is online. You may claim that both of these games carry “false” moments.

last day on earth

Compared with last day on Earth, I placed Dead 2 into the scoreboard: Survival isn’t random. If into Dead 2 requires swift reflections, so Last Earth Day: Survival demands something other than this. What Last Day on Earth: Survival demands that the player thinks and judges tactically.

Additional Information

Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Kefir!
Category Survival
Version 1.17.11 (build 500604)
Size 509M
MOD Features Free Craft, Durability, Magic Split, Instant Walking… [Details]

Download Last Day on Earth Mod Apk (509 MB)


When I wanted to write a summary of a game, I always thought about it first because it’s the most critical spirit. The gameplay and other specifics would be fun and worth playing if the plot is decent. And so is the Last Day tale on Earth.

This game leads to the Earth’s final days, where swarms of zombies break out as quickly as a worldwide plague. The undead is much higher than the survivors. The player is now alive as a fortunate guy, and you’re trying to escape the few items that remain and avoid the bloodthirsty zombies around you.

Each aspect isn’t necessary anymore on the last day on Earth. Suppose it’s lust, friendship, or something. Now it’s enough to survive at all costs.

Modern Play New

In Kefir games, this game has exciting gameplay. It is identical to Grim Soul (Survival in the Enchanted World) and Frostborn in other items (Survival in the ancient world).

You will start with zero and gather the few remaining articles and materials littered around and prevent bloodthirsty zombies from attacking them. The game Last Day Earth character still has to feed, so you have to store food.

Planet objects final day

You can remain alive in this game only through safe and safe shelters. It would help if you began with zero when you died. Anything you do, however you go or do, should be thought of carefully. Collect more arms that could harm the body, such as weapons or tuberculosis. They’re going to help you guard against surprise attacks.

last day on earth mod apk

Features of Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK

  • Gold Coins – Last Money in the form of Gold Coins is introduced to this game.
  • Unlimited skill points – and after expenses, the workshops will increase.
  • Unlimited handling – unlimited artistry implies that you can do everything without the right equipment.
  • In this MOD, the durability of armor and arms is extended to infinity, which means that the armors never crack and are sufficient to save you. Unlimited armor and weapons.
  • You will not address unlimited health and thirst – The health or food and thirst problem to you. This MOD restores 100% of appetite, thirst, and fitness rapidly.
  • Unlimited energy – unlimited energy and boosters are included in the game. With infinite gold coins, you can conveniently purchase these boosters.
  • Infinite Fuel – Last day, whether you were on Earth to drive a vehicle or a chopper, you might be able to get limitless fuel to finish the game in less time.
  • High-resolution Graphics – High-end graphics are available for Earth’s last day. The game provides ideal real-life graphics that maximize gaming interest. Last day on Earth is a game designed for you if you want to play open-world games.

Zombie assault on Earth last day

You already remember, the players must battle 99 other players in the PUBG or Fortnite to become the sole survivor. Like that, the last day is not inferior because the player must be attentive to other players who are still trying to destroy you and take control of your tools and the fight against zombies.

If you can’t resist the constantly will zombie wave by yourself, you can work with specific players to battle zombies or other players. It is tough to play.

Earth’s final day 3

Earth’s last day: Survival is a challenging game. Partly because of its gameplay, partly because during the game, the publisher would not provide orders.

The only way to succeed is by upgrading. You gain accumulated experiences before you reach level each time you accumulate, create and kill them. The higher level enables players to obtain more specialized objects and open up new functions.

Graphics are not to be criticized

The last day on Earth is not only good: survival is also stunning. This game features practical, easy to see 3D graphics with a 3rd view. Details were negligible during the game due to the vibrant object scheme.

At the upper right-hand side of the screen is a radar to track zombies coming to you. Below are navigation keys and functional buttons, including strike, collection, opening the bag, or hiding.

Hardcore fashion threatens players hardcore

Are you looking for an obstacle to overcome? Earth’s Last Day: Survival is filled with things that you cannot resolve quickly. Every season, challenges are renewed, so try to find a good place. When you cross the west wall of the map, online game mode opens. Here, you will also communicate with many other persons in many unique costumes.

Support automatic play

You can choose the automated mode in some simple operations like resource collection. Instead of strict supervision, characters gather resources. You can use this functionality in busy times. The fun is constructive; when the character is alive, players need not pay attention. Nevertheless, note first to pick a safe place.

last day on earth mod

Last Day on Earth MOD APK version

The original version of the game will start playing. And the difficulties that you will find in this game solved the challenge over time and the MOD version.

MOD Features

You can activate/disable the following features by using the MOD Menu (open by pressing the floating APKMODY icon in the game):

  • Craft without things Free Craft & Build
  • Unlocked both recettes
  • Workbench Fast Craft
  • Max sustainability
  • Global Map Immediately
  • Magic divide: divide the object to increase
  • Foods without limits

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How to install & update

This phase isn’t challenging for you if you’ve already installed the game through APK files.

Initial APK installation

  • First step: Download to your pc both APK + OBB
  • Second step: Setup APK
  • Third step: Update OBB; see APKMODY Installer installation here.
  • Fourth step: Play and open.

MOD APK to install

You will install it like the installation of the original APK on the MOD edition of the game.

The game will ask you to allow the apps that will appear above after installing and opening the game. Just permit this, please! To save the parameters, LDOE will immediately quit the game, reopen it.

How to upgrade MOD without lack of data

You have to download and update the latest LDOE MOD version at APKADVISER. Notice that you cannot delete the new edition.

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How do I save game information?

Though you are very secure to update to the latest edition, you can also actively back up game information to ensure that both are under order. Here’s how (no root needed) you can do this: No root 1024×502 backup data.

  • First step: Open every program for file manager.
  • Second step: Go to the memory of the device’s Android/Data location.
  • Third step: You have to copy or compress this folder to another position.
  • Fourth step: You put the archive or extract it back into the Android / Data folder when you want to restore data

Last Day / Earth last day 1.18.11 MOD APK+ download Earth Survival last day

Last day, Earth will play a free online survival game. It is a game to battle zombies and to practice genius strategy in this virtual open-world scenario. The more you survive, the more quickly and easily you win. A lethal virus turns both men into zombies, and the other populations that are not zombies look to survive. To survive the game, you can almost do anything you can. There are ways to rob the capital to survive.

Since this MOD gives you god privilege with different superpowers, it will be simple to play this game. Thus, we gave the connection and link to your data to the Last Day on Earth. This Last Day APK can easily be downloaded and installed, and the game is starting to play like a boss.

We expect you had our Earth Survival MOD APK download article as you did last day, and we’re glad you played this online. While I saw several people having problems while installing the Last Day Earth MOD apk, you don’t have to worry because I made a fast step-by-step tutorial for ‘Last Day install on the Earth MOD APK.’ Only read and observe the steps below and play the game with pleasure.

Steps to Earth Survival MOD 1.17.11 APK last days installation

Now, I assume that all required files have been downloaded from the above section and are ready to update.

  • Ensure your smartphone has both the APK file and the OBB file downloaded.
  • Install your mobile now with Last Day Earth Mod Apk. (For example, open the APK file and tap Install MOD APK on your smartphone for installation).
  • You will now begin to play the game. Good luck!

Instructions for survivors


Improve your abilities and create fatal weapons on zombies and other players. Hold off their necks! Knock off their heads!

Built to the shelf!

Build a secure foundation to prevent deadly attacks and other survivors and defend your lives and property. Craft traps and set traps to take prisoners and rob you of remorse.


Other players who want to steal your resources then you are alone against them. Dominate the brutal post-apocalyptic universe and dominate it. Hunting or hunting.


You can find several valuable materials for creating your vehicle of zombie survival. Don’t waste the opportunity to drive a Chopper through dead and post-apocalyptic hordes.


Wild animals will kill you quicker than the dead walking force, starvation, thirst, and cold. Hunt animals and cook the food on a campfire, harvest rain caught water, and destroy other teams. See the real survival spirit!


To discover and take the most critical equipment search for deserted military bunkers and bases for survivors. Craft cars for survival and travel to deserted ruins of the settlement. You can go to far-off areas and provide a refuge anywhere you choose.

More forces, more possibilities, and more potential for someone else to die today.


Use the chat; intelligence is the second biggest weapon in this land of dead hordes.

An unexplained zombie infection epidemic in 2027 wiped out most people in the country. Life drained people further. However, the pandemic rendered them hordes of dead walkers. Stay alone or join forces with friends – you chose your journey through the chaotic future. To live, use whatever way you can.


Bienvenue to the actual apocalypse of zombies! Anything that matters on the last day of the Earth may be a tragic error. You’re going to have to resume everything anew if you lose. Nature tries to end you as fast as a zombie or another player. Select your allies carefully. You’ve been rescued from death by your companion today, and tomorrow they will shoot you for a boot.

Download Last Day on Earth – today’s latest free zombie survival game!

FAQs About the Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

More things that people are finding everywhere but not easy to get accurate information are mentioned below. Follow this authority site, we have shared our experience with this application.

Is the MOD menu not able to, see?

Go to Configuration -> Apps -> LDOE -> Allow apps to be shown at the left. Close the game and reopen it!

Is it possible to use MOD in Sector 7?

No. This is a modern and strictly safe place. If you cannot lose your data, do not log into Zone 7.

How to play Earth’s Last Day: PC survival?

We suggest the use of NOX first to install the Android emulator. Set up here with NOX. Next, this app will allow you to install the game on the usual phone.

How will water be obtained?

In addition to 3 complimentary water bottles (check the inventory if they are not used) provided from the start of the game, there are two other options.

How to get a dressing?

There are also two means of getting clothes on Earth’s last day: You should talk about survival. Search and get towels by stealing AI players and monster corpses.

How do I upgrade my floor and wall?

To understand instantly, please see the following photo.

How will the big one be killed?

  • Prepare now what you like.
  • Service pack. Military bag.
  • 5x screwdriver.
  • Hospital package 80x (minimum 60).
  • 30x milestones Food Case (optional).
  • High-resolution armor. Armor.
  • If you fight, run up or down in the neighborhood to simplify running.

Where will steel be found?

You will clear the farm, raid on new bosses, or quicker; the blue box typically consists of 3 copper bars.

How is the aluminum rod obtained?

You have to have a melting oven, stage 6. You will be able to make aluminum rods after separating ten calcareous ore and five iron ore for the oven. The first is the 2x 1x metal bar aluminum wire that is melted. You can melt 4x bauxite in a 1x Aluminum bar as a second alternative. It can take 26 to 60 minutes to finish.

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