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Mario Maker 2 APK is a gaming application that is full of adventure and fun. As a player, you have the opportunity to make your own maps, gold coins, familiar pipes, and familiar characters.

It can take you back to childhood. Here you are supposed to avoid several obstacles and investigate the underground mystery.

Collect various mushroom props and gold coins to make you stronger. Let’s start to overcome the barriers and strengthen ourselves.

You can set your own levels. Step on monsters and fight bosses. Get ready to rescue the princesses and wander around the world of Mario.

Mario Maker 2 APK

Mario Maker 2 APK Overview

Game Overview
Game Name Super Mario Maker World Engine 2
Offered by Editor’s Choice and Nintendo
Latest Version 2.0.0
Requires Android 4.1 and later versions
Updated on 17th December 2020
Get in on Google Play
Category Action, Adventure

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Super Mario Maker 2 APK Download for Android

Download Super Mario Maker 2 for Android. You will be able to download it from here on our website. So, download this game and make it your way.

Play as you like it. Now, you can play, make and share the side-scrolling Mario Maker 2 game, available entirely on the Nintendo Switch system.

This is not only a game rather a game creation system offered by the Nintendo Switch. This interesting game is released worldwide.

Players around the world praise it due to its outstanding pastime pleasure. However, the Super Mario 2 game offers you to create your own courses by using assets from the series.

This is a side-scrolling interesting game just like its predecessor.


This game has got positive reactions from the critics. Like its predecessor, it has met up the expectations of millions of game lovers.

However, if you play this once, you will love its music, course editing tools, and its interface. Some critics have critically criticized the online multiplayer mode. As of December, around 7 million copies of this game have been shipped.

Review Aggregator Metacritic says that Super Mario Maker 2 has received favorable reviews, although some criticized the online multiplayer feature due to its performance issues.

Gamespot gave an 8/10 justifying the quality of this game. Anyway, this is one of best selling games during the first 2 weeks after release. Interestingly, around 3 lakh physical copies were sold within two weeks.

Super Mario Maker 2 Android APK

Are looking for Super Mario Maker 2 Android APK? No worry! This wonderful game is available everywhere on the internet. You may download it from the Google Play store.

Besides, you can download it from our website too. Mario Maker 2 game is very popular indeed. By the end of 2020, around 7 million copies were sold worldwide. This is obviously a big quantity.

Most of the developers from the previous development team worked hard again to build this second installment. Director Yosuke Oshino, producer Hiroyuki Kimura, and game planner Shigefumi Hino are notable of them.

They tried to follow the previous theme but in a new way. They had been successful for their amazing perseverance. Basically, the theme was just to expanded to build a new thing.

Super Marino 2 game is especially optimizing for Android. Basically, this is an android game. Takashi Tezuka, a Nintendo producer stated about the development of the game’s theme.

He insisted that this game is not completely new. It is just a step development of its predecessor. This is the second game of this series.

Compared to the predecessor, this is a bit more popular for the development. However, many criticize its multiplayer online gameplay. Hopefully, this problem will be fixing with the next update.

Mario Maker 2

Update About Mario Maker

According to Tezuka, the developers took some new side content and new course elements. Thus they formed a new and fully-fledged single-player campaign.

You will find a give-and-take relationship between the consumers and the developers in the development of this game. Koji is a composer of the Super Marino Series for a long time.

He is this game’s sound director. Although, Toru Minegishi, Atsuko, and Sayako Doi composed additional music for this game.

This game was first released during a presentation of Nintendo on 13th February 2019. But it was revealed worldwide on 28th June 2019.

They provided returning and new features along with some more information including pre-orders and gameplay modes on a Nintendo Direct presentation on 15th May 2019.

However, in Europe, a capacitive sensor was included for those customers who ordered first.

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They released three planned updates for Mario Maker 2 game:

  • At first, the beginning update came to light on 2nd October 2019. With this edition, several multiplayer options were added that include the scope of playing with nearby friends. Moreover, You can play with your friends on nearby networks and local area networks.
  • Then the second update revealed on 5th December 2019 that added some more features. With this edition, some additional themes were added including the Master Sword power-up. Pokeys and Spikes were including as new enemies.
  • Finally, the last update came to light on 22nd April 2020 that added multiple courses. Up to 40 levels were adding to 8 different worlds in this game.

Download Mario Maker 2 APK

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Final Words

Moreover, the super Mario 2 game is an epoch-making invention of Nintendo. This game is praising a lot of critics around the world.

You can obviously keep this game as your first listed android game. Therefore, download this game APK right now and keep yourself obsessed with the new world of Mario Maker game.

FAQs About Mario Maker 2 APK

Apkadviser provides an essential article and Frequently asked questions answer, which is crucial for every user who faces some problem.

Was Mario Maker 2 developed with the same theme as the original Super Mario Maker game?

This game is not completely the same as the first game of this series. But the developers utilized the previous theme and the user’s choice to develop a new game.

Therefore, there is a give-and-take relationship between the users and the developers in the development of this game.

What’s new in Mario Maker 2?

In this second game of this series, the multiplayer mode was added as completely a new feature though it is widely criticized from some angles.

Can Mario Maker 2 play Android?

Mario 2 Mobile Super Maker (SMM2). Version 2.0. 0 Android playback. Download the match(Download Direct):

Without Nintendo, can you play Mario Maker 2?

In general, if you plan on sharing or playing custom levels and take part in the multiplayer component of the game, you don’t require Nintendo Switch Online to recreate elements of the supercar maker two like the store mode.

Mario Maker 2 is how many GB?

As described on Nintendo’s official website, the program for Super Mario Maker 2 needs 2,8 GB of storage space on the Nintendo Switch.

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