Merge Dragons APK Download with Unlimited Free [Gems, Glitch]

Merge Dragons APK is a nice choice for those players who like dragons and dream to make a dragon island. Many people like to watch dragon movies. They actually love dragons. If they see the dragons in a game, this will be awesome indeed. Merge Dragon is such a game where you will see so many cute dragons.

This is a matter of surprise that the dragons in this game are depicted as a tamed and cute pet. The setting is thousands of years ago. This (namely Draconia) was a hidden valley behind clouds. As a player, your task is to protect the country.

Merge Dragons APK Overview

Game Overview
Name Merge Dragons
Developer Gram Games
Requires Android 4.1 or above
Latest Version 5.2.1
App Size 139 MB
App Feature Free Shopping
Category Puzzle

Download Merge Dragons Apk (139 MB)

What is Merge Dragons Update APK

This is a wonderful game that includes plenty of outstanding features. You will be gotten experiencing a lot of fun with adventure. But you need to purchase some important features. This is why I recommend this modded app so that you can get unlimited gems. This will help you play all the way without any tension of pocket money.

Merge Dragons Mod APK (1)

It is annoying to purchase. All of the game lovers were not born with silver spoons. Merge Dragon App always gratifies its players. You can collect gems from Fallen Star or by mining them.

This game is ready to provide so many resources. Get unlimited gems and spend them to get all the amazing items. You will also get magic coins playing this game. You can buy Dragon Eggs by spending the magic currency. This is really interesting that you can build the coin vaults by spending your earned magic currency.

Now the question comes how you will earn the magic coins. You will get it by merging any fruit, selling items, completing different quests, opening treasures chests, etc. This modded APK will provide unlimited coins so that you can purchase unlimited Dragon Eggs.

The APK Gems

Gems are the soul of this type of game. Without them, you won’t be able to step forward. As this is not possible for most of us to purchase the necessary features with the penny from our pocket, getting unlimited gems is nothing but a blessing.

Already stated how you will get those gems. There are two ways to earn gems. One method is- you can earn them through mining. The other is- you can accumulate them from fallen stars. This might be interesting for you.

As dragons are the main attraction of this game, without them this game has no meaning at all. When you get unlimited gems, you should not lose sleep thinking of this meaningless point. You can open all dragons with the gems you have earned. Buy unlimited eggs and build as many buildings as you wish.

Merge Dragons APK Android

Merge Dragon is an excellent android game. This is undoubtedly one of the best-suited games for you when you set up a plan to play games on your mobile device. Don’t feel hesitate when you download from our site. Get unlimited resources with our new version.


Merge Dragons Apk Highlights

  • Reveal All Dragons
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Totally Safe
  • Free to download
  • Widely Compatible
  • Easy to install
  • No root access is required

It is a fascinating puzzle game for mobile devices that was developed by Gram Games. The gameplay is as familiar as Candy Crash Saga. You will discover 150 exciting levels, 17 types of dragons, and about 500 items. If you are not interested in spending the penny for those items, it will be better to install the app.

Merge Dragon APK Latest Version

Do you want to play the latest version of Merge Dragons? We are right here to help you with all the latest and popular versions. Merge Dragons v5.2.1 is its latest and most popular version that has widely been downloaded and praised by millions of people across the world.

In this game, you will find-

  • More than 500 integrated items
  • 150 exciting levels that will keep you under excitement all the way
  • Some secret levels that won’t be discovered by everyone
  • Dangerous monsters, so you need to be careful while playing the game
  • 17 unique dragon-breeds

You have to liberate the goddess Gaia from stone imprisonment. You need to find her and restore nature. Build your camp where you will raise dragons. Solve puzzles and revive the valley.

Available of The APK Download Link

Download Merge Dragons app that allows you to live in a dreamland. The original app is available on Google Play Store. But if you want to download the modded version, you need to download it from a third-party website. You can download this application from this page without any problems.

Download Free Merge Dragons Mod APK

In this game, you can merge everything. Create something new and be fascinated by your own creations. You can match several objects like buildings, plants, treasure, coins, stars, chests, and create the objects you need to accommodate the necessity. You will get around 500 objects.

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Merge Dragons APK Update

The features of Merge Dragons are update now. You ought not to worry about any purchase. Just click our given link to download Merge Dragons update APK. You have nothing to do something extra to play the game; rather you will be able to play the game without any purchase.

Undoubtedly, this game shows a mystical place with attractive graphics. Your task is to create something beautiful. You will explore legends relating to magic, dragons, expeditions, and quests. The gameplay is wonderful in every aspect.

This game obtained an average 4.5-star rating out of 5. If you are interested in playing a never-ending puzzle game, you should choose this. Besides, you can update this for FREE. There is no age limitation for this game. People of all ages and all spheres like to play this due to their deepest passion.

Merge Dragon APK Unlimited Money

Merge Dragons provides unlimited money, so you might open everything. Maybe you hardly played such a wonderful game that provides a lot of features for free. Your collection of coins will help you to buy the eggs of the dragon.

Download Free Merge Dragons

Need to revive the land? No worry! Spend your cons and buy the premium currency for free. You can use them for satisfying your further ambitions. The equation is very simple. Every hero must have a particular mission. In this game, your mission is to restore the dreamland. Get unlimited money/coins that will let you complete your mission without your pocket money.


Merge Dragons APK is an excellent gaming application. Be the hero of a mysterious land. Spare your wonderful times with cute dragons. Here you have to revive the dream valley. You are the protector of this land. So, don’t waste your time. Download this game and revive the valley.

The FAQs about Merge Dragons APK

Apkadviser mentions that all answer thair frequently looking questions. Try to solve and remove confusion when download.

Is merge dragons apk free?

Definitely, you also get free of cost and nothing to a single penny.

How much does the secure process for devices?

Probably you have heard hard secure process. Merge Team provides the best and hard secure system. 

Is available Last update version?

Yes, Apkaviser provides the last updated files. Current version 6.3.0 and last updated June 11, 2021, and file size 141M

What does open permission to access App?

  • This App has access to:
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • receive data from the Internet
  • View network connections
  • full network access
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • run at startup

Why these games choose on best?

Because it is Adorable. Fun. Easy. I love this game and it to anyone that likes cute things! There are one or two small control things that can be mildly annoying.

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