Milanuncios Apk Android: Second hand, motor, flats and employment

Milanuncios Apk works as a platform for exchange, sale, rent, and offers, where its users advertise for the sale of things and the purchase of second-hand things. Milanuncios is the largest classified ad site in Spain.

Today, in Milanuncios, 85,000 ads are published daily, adding up to a total of 10,000,000 classifieds. In this second-hand things portal, you can see multiple items categorized in different sections such as automotive, real estate, work, sports, books, services, businesses, computers, image and sound, telephony, home and garden, fashion and accessories, babies, and many more. What’s more, you will find other subdivisions for your better convenience for each of these categories.

Milanuncios Apk

Milanuncios APK: Your New Way To Shop Online

Buying has always been a passion of mankind and a vital practice for our society’s functioning, no matter which country you live in. Things took on a dimension never seen before with the ease and comfort of buying almost anything from your sofa with the internet revolution.

Nowadays, all you have to do is have a computer, laptop, or cell phone with an internet connection, and you can access various stores and marketplaces with all kinds of items. Payment is made there, and then you have to wait for the shopping to arrive home.

However, some problems with this even keep a portion of the population away from internet shopping. The critical point, beyond any hesitation, is the lack of protection in certain situations. But, some platforms have low intuitiveness, few items in a store, among others.

In this way, for you – a lover of those little purchases – we have brought you an exciting solution, especially on this coming Christmas date. Discover Milanuncios, a brand new digital marketplace where you can search about everything you can think of.

Overview Of Milanuncios App

Name Milanuncios: Second hand, motor, flats, and employment
Genre Shopping
Publisher Adevinta Spain, SLU
Size 20.8M
Current Version 4.17.1
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Updated March 3, 2021
Price Free
Modified Features All Revealed

Download Milanuncios APK (20.8 MB)

Inside The Proposal Of The Latest Version Of Milanuncios

The idea behind the app is the basic premise of other apps: bringing together a wide range of people and even companies with different items to be sold. And, of course, with that, bring interest in those various products, to connect them and, in this way, increase the chances that deals will be closed.

The outstanding highlight, although the proposal is something already, in a way, consolidated in the current market, is due to the care and security in the development of the application. A large number of members and users provide a dynamic market, full of opportunities and very attractive.

Download Milanuncios Apk

Although much younger than some competitors, especially in Brazil, the application already has more than ten million downloads in the official Google store, with a very positive rating and numbers that keep growing.

Regarding the specific strengths of the tool, we have a lot to say. So, let’s go straight to them, without delay.

The Highlights Of Milanuncios Apk

When you download Milanuncios APK for free, you will instantly notice an attention to detail and, above all, intuitiveness hardly seen in other apps of its kind. However, the highlights, of course, do not stop there.

They exist for both sides of the solution: advertisers and buyers. Therefore, there is nothing fairer than that we list the best that each of these two groups has available with this application of the highest quality.


If you are the type of accumulator or, still, only have one or another item that no longer makes sense, whether in your home, in your company, or wherever, this can be the perfect space for you to solve the problem and, of course, earn some money.

The best thing about the tool, in our opinion, is:

Speed ​​
Create your profile and your ads in a few clicks, without long waits and unnecessary bureaucracy. Thus, there are no excuses – not even laziness – for you to start making money with the application;

All payment processes and transactions that your customers do will be verified and moderated by an exclusive team, avoiding the most common scams in the market;

Highlight Ad
Exclusive application tool that allows you to optimize your product’s ad to make it even more popular and, in this way, considerably increase your chances of closing a good deal;

If your thing is to find a fair offer and take advantage of it, we also have a lot to praise this program.


The latest version of Milanuncios finally brings features that guarantee the resolution of the most common problems, especially on the rope’s most fragile side, the consumer. Our highlights go to:

Download Milanuncios for android


Forgets those searches that present three hundred results with only a few related to what you were looking for and, therefore, can be considered relevant. The application’s search function is compelling and authentic to its commands;

There is no way not to include this, which is possibly the most sensitive item in any commercial transaction on both sides of the coin. The application checks advertisers, moderates each payment and receipt of the product via the platform, and thus increases the comfort and reliability of the businesses closed there;

It offered many resources, but we wouldn’t even find these tools if we didn’t have such an easy-to-use app. Here, everything is just a few taps away from the screen, and what you wanted will certainly always be there, waiting for your confirmation;

Now that you know all the most essential things about Milanuncios, you can get ready to go shopping. Or, maybe it’s not your case, time to enjoy Christmas to come and announce some things that no longer make sense in your life.

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Prominent Features

  • Upload publications for free If you are looking for a way to get rid of all those clothes you do not use, or if you are looking to rent a room, or sell some extra concert tickets, go to Milanuncios and advertise what you want for free.
  • Manage and renew your ads. Increase your sales possibilities using editing, photo uploading, item description, and proper use of categories.
  • Organize your offers. Add ads to your favorites. Save your favorite ads to favorites to see future discounts. You will save a lot of money.
  • Save your searches. Save your searches to open them when you need them most.
  • If you are interested in something, you can contact your seller from within the application; you will get more information and negotiate with the owner.


Download Milanuncios for Android and change the way you shop

Enjoy a new level of safety, quality, and, in particular, the offer of products of all types, in all conditions, and with everything that is priced right now. Download the latest version of Milanuncios APK and enjoy the best and safest way to do business.

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