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Minecraft Story Mode Apk is a sandbox genre game. Games with the sandbox genre allow players to do anything in the game.

This game looks like virtual reality, but the scale is far broader. Players can carry out various activities provided by the system.

For the first time, gamers in this genre feel lost and even cannot comprehend since there is no plot to follow. However, that is part of the game’s appeal.

The players can make their storyline at will to not constrain the storyline created by the system.

Game Play Minecraft Full

The Minecraft game itself allows you to do whatever you like in the game. Whether it’s hunting, raising livestock, gardening, building, blasting, and much more.

Minecraft does not limit the creativity of its players. However, there is a version of the Minecraft game called Minecraft Story Mode. Minecraft Story Obb provides a very epic and impressive storyline.

Minecraft Story Mode Apk: Download For Android APK Free

If you look carefully, the storyline in season I and season II has almost the same outline. The story carried out in both seasons illustrates that there is a world in disaster.

The disaster started with Jesse and his friends getting involved in it.

In season I, the world where Jesse and his friends live is on the verge of collapse. This is caused by the awakening of a wither who has extraordinary destructive power. Jesse and his friends tried their best to beat Wither.

In the end, wither can be defeated even though Jesse had to lose one of his close comrades. Next, the next story is that Jesse and his friends are trapped in a mysterious portal to experience an awe-inspiring and dangerous event.

Season II begins with the discovery of the Prismarine Gauntlet. By finding this object, Jesse and his new colleagues have to experience a hazardous experience.

They also go to prison, where the convicts are also very scary. But in the end, they all can solve the problem well.

Additional Info

Name Minecraft: Story Mode
Category Action & Adventure Games
Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Developer Telltale Games
Operating System Android
Price Free
Size 18.9M
Features Revealed
Last Revision 02/11/2020

Download Minecraft Story Mode Apk (18.9 MB)

Game Play Minecraft Full

Minecraft is a game released by Mojang 4J Studio in 2009. This game is trendy today. Minecraft is a unique game because while many game developers try to make the game look even more real, this game is going in the opposite direction.

Creative mode provides unlimited resources in blocks, health, and food. This is very different from the survival mode, which has to collect resources with difficulty and limited lives. Survival mode is very similar to adventure mode.

Spectator mode allows players to tour the overworld without worrying about dying. However, players cannot interact with the overworld.


This contrasts markedly with hardcore mode. Hardcore mode can be called survival mode, but it is more complicated.

Players can only have a tiny well-being bar, and the universe will be erased if they die.

Features Of Minecraft Story Complete

The user can obtain different unique and thrilling features in this Minecraft Story Mode Apk Indri title. Where some of these features include:

Attractive Graphics

Of course, many people already understand this Minecraft Story Mode game. This game has a unique and attractive appearance because its graphics are different from other games.

In this Minecraft Story Mode game, the users can obtain unique pixel graphics. Although many say that the pixel graphics are not that good, this one-pixel game has many users who like to play it.

Besides, the audio used in this game is also apparent. In this way, when you play this game, your users will be happier and at home.

Simple Basic Controls

Minecraft Story Mode apk will be presenting users with easy basic controls, similar to other Minecraft games. Particularly for beginners, this game would be easy to play.

Users tap on the screen controls to move existing characters such as walking or hitting. With these straightforward controls, users will feel more at home playing this best pixel game.

Interesting Game Plot

This game, Minecraft Story APK, gives users an exciting plot about the story. In this game, the user is Jesse, the protagonist who is assigned to eradicate crime.

At the beginning of this game, there will be a gigantic monster who destroys the entire world. If left, the world will die. Therefore, the user must become a hero who can save the world by fighting these evil monsters.

Game Missions

Maybe many of the users have already played other Minecraft game series. Users will know that the Minecraft game does not have a clear mission and is just for fun from other series. However, it will be different from this Minecraft Story Mode game.

The Minecraft Story Mode game provides players with a story mode that is generally known as a mission. In this game, users will be required to complete the game’s task and win this game.

Various Characters

In the game Minecraft Story Mode premium apk, users can choose their character to play. Even users can also change the name of the character as they wish.

Each character in the Minecraft Story Apk modified game certainly has different strengths or skills, but the character’s goal remains the same: fighting evil monsters that will destroy the world.

Build and Create

Besides being tasked with eliminating monsters, the Minecraft Story Mode game will have the same features as other Minecraft games.

The construction of the house aims to provide shelter for users when attacked by evil monsters.

To get materials to build, users must exchange a certain amount of money to the game application and exchange various items to build a fort. Build the strongest and enormous fortress to defend against enemy assaults. The better the architecture, the tougher monsters are to reach the house. That way, users will be safer.


By downloading Minecraft Story Mode for android and playing it, users will get exciting features. Besides playing this game individually or single-player, users can also play it in multiplayer.

Minecraft Story Mode

Users can invite playmates who also play this game to play together. Besides being able to make the game easier, playing this multiplayer game will leave its impression.


Users will get various items, such as money and different building materials for free.

With this feature, users can have the opportunity to build bigger houses without having to worry about the money used. You don’t need to think about it because by playing this modified version of the game, users will get everything for free.


Not only unlimited features, but by playing the modded version of the Minecraft Story Mode game, users will also get features that are no less interesting. Users will get opened features.

With this feature, users will get and enjoy all the locked features for free. Elements or items locked in this game will automatically reveal and be played by the user for free.

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How to Install Minecraft Story Apk Android

  • Be sure you have an Internet connection on your cell phone first.
  • Then download the Minecraft Story Mode application file via the link provided above and wait until the download is complete.
  • While waiting, first make sure that the phone has activated permissions on third-party applications. The trick, go to settings> security> then check the “unknown sources.”
  • After downloading the file, go to the folder and search for your file; click on the file to install it.
  • Perform the installation instructions and wait for the process to complete.
  • After the install process is complete, the game is ready to play.

Playing Tips and Tricks

Maybe there are still many users who have difficulty playing this game. But don’t worry, here are tips and tricks to easily play Minecraft Story Mode:

  • Make the right playing strategy.
  • Build a substantial house for shelter
  • Kill all existing opponents to get additional coins.
  • Create a deadly weapon.


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What’s New in Minecraft Apk Download?

In this Minecraft Story Mode game, users will get a different story from other versions of the Minecraft series.

  • Users will be free from game lag.
  • Users will be free from advertisements.
  • Best android game.

Well, that’s some information about the Minecraft Story game. To find out the excitement of this game, download the game now and play the fun.

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