Mini Golf King APK – Download with Unlimited Coins, Money Gold

Mini Golf King APK is a very exciting multiplayer gaming application. Here you can be the Golf King by challenging other players on the same squad. Play this game with player’s more than 50 million regular game lovers.

This is not a mere golf game; rather this is a thrilling Mini Golf game that is enriched with tons of thrills and adventures. Surely, you have hardly played this type of awesome game before.

Mini Golf King APK Pro with Best Experience

This is such an action-packed multiplayer game that you have never experienced. Let your tricks hit the challenge. Mini Golf is undoubtedly a masterpiece among real-time web games.

Mini Golf King

You can upgrade balls, gloves, and even clubs. There is a huge scope to personalize the gameplay in accordance with your own way.

Besides, it is very simple to fire your shooter. This game allows your other friends like your Facebook friends and allows with multiple players.

Unleash your wildest passions for Golf. This game will make your fantasies come true. Obtain higher stages by collecting trophies. You can upgrade golf equipment. Upgradation is necessary to improve your swings.

The gameplay is very easy and interesting. You have to drag the ball and then throw it into the hole. This is more like playing pool. Your aim can make a difference. Shoot the ball carefully and collect more gems.

Your victory largely depends on how tricky your steps are. You can utilize accelerators and jump pads to reach higher. This game can undoubtedly help you stay cool and relaxed.

Are you looking for a strategy-based game? This exciting PvP golf game is highly recommended for you.

 Overview Information

App Overview
App Name Mini Golf King
Developer Rising Wings
Version 3.29.2
Downloads 10,000,000+ Times
App Size 130 MB
Apk Status Available
Updated on Dec 2, 2020

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Mini Golf King Features

This game is interesting for the best and amazing features. Start your turn to be the next golf king. All the exciting features will transcend the level of fun.

  • Multiplayer web game
  • Intuitive control and very simple to play
  • Drag and throw the ball
  • 35+ awesome golf courses
  • Tons of tricks and fun
  • Obtain advanced stages to experience more enthusiasm.
  • Get promotion in the leagues and earn card bonuses and chests.
  • Win three tournaments and earn mega prizes.
  • Connect with your Facebook friends and play this game with them!
  • Play the real-time rounds with your dearest and nearest ones!
  • Get Facebook updates through their official Facebook page: TheMiniGolfKing


Provided Apk Features

  • Unlimited Guideline
  • Unlimited Power shot
  • No Ads

Mini Golf King APK Download

Download this wonderful gaming app from our provided link. You will be pleased to play such an enthusiastic game. This is widely encouraged to play because of its interesting features.

For installation, you have to allow unknown sources from your settings. You cannot install this app without allowing third-party sources.

You need to pay heed to the APK permissions. This app will ask you to give some permissions for technical purposes. You need to permit those.

APK Permissions

  • The picture and Videos
  • Full network access
  • Run foreground service
  • Control Vibration
  • Data from the internet
  • View network connections
  • View wi-fi connections
  • Install Referrer API

You can prostrate these permissions anytime whenever you want. As this is a multiplayer game, it will add some extra capabilities within the groups.

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Mini Golf King Game Rules

This is obviously the golf game but smaller than that. A real golf game has so many rules and goals. But in this virtual golf game, you have only one goal. You have to earn more scores and defeat your rivals.

On the way to this game, you will confront a lot of challenges and modes. But the basic rules are also the type of same. They are-

  • You will get 5 minutes for every single match.
  • The stroke’s intensity, direction, and speed will depend on your “tap and drag”.
  • You will get 5 holes for each match. So, you have to show your talent within these five.
  • Now, this is your turn to bring the ball into the hole. If you successfully do this, you will gain points.
  • When you complete the 5 holes, your match will end then. Or it can be ended due to the time-out.
  • Your competitors will also run the same race. You should bear in your mind that victory does not depend on the first success to bring your ball into the hole. It is the most dependent on those who have gained more points.

Top Highlights

Real-Time Multiplayer

This is such a real-time multiplayer game that allows competing against global players across the world. Never lose the opportunity to bring home prizes and trophies.

Vibrant Graphics Design

This is an interesting game that is featured with lustful graphics. The 3D graphics will bring the golf courses before your eyes with smart resolution. The eye-catchy graphics and animation will surely attract players of any age.

The whole scenario is undoubtedly wonderful to watch. You will come to see more than 35 golf courses. All of them include attractive dynamic backgrounds. Overall, you will enjoy the game more than you expect.

Ease of Control

This is very easy to control the game. You can control all about this game with the touch-screen of your android device.

Mini Golf King Apk download

This is not tough at all to throw your ball down the course. This is as like as you are playing the pool. Here you have to send the ball down by tapping and dragging the ball.

Endless Challenges

This game offers you endless challenges. Every hole of the courses is unique. This is not a super easy game, but easy to control.

You can earn rewards by participating in the weekly leaderboard and tournament. You will confront the courses in various locations.

To be the ultimate conqueror you have to win 3 tournaments. This is not so easy at all. Are you ready to through the challenge?


The Golf King APK is the name of a challenge. This is an exciting game for people of all ages. From kids to middle-aged people, everyone will love to play it. You have to win the game by utilizing your skills.

The secret to success is to practice. There is an English proverb that practice makes a man perfect. The more you play this game, the more you will gain the skill to be the Golf King.

FAQs About Mini Golf King APK

The game is very demandable, and here we mention some critical questions with a good answers for the people.

What are Mini Golf King’s gems for?

Mini Golf King is a golf game that is usually simple forward. That said, in the course of the course, you’ll see multicolored gems littered. These gems increase your score but do not impact whether or not you win. As long as your opponent gets into the hole, you’re still going to win!

How do you get Mini Golf King clubs open?

Win as many chests as you can, play all the free challenge games, enter the tournaments and finish with many balls and clubs, join a team, get even more team chests. You’ll gradually build up club/ball loads. You then need to pay coins for upgrading clubs from winning matches.

How can you obtain Mini Golf King free coins?

By reading more stories and chapters in the game, you will quickly gain Coins and Gold. The resources are gathered through more branches and other stories. Applying Mini Golf King hacks should make enough keys.

What’s mini-golf king albatross?

In golf, an Albatross has never been fortunate for most golfers. It is exceedingly difficult to obtain this score phrase, which indicates three strokes below par on one hole.

What are the Golf King Guidelines?

The recommendations in the match-up for around tell you that the guidelines are intended to show you the general or usual course. Still, you must assess the wind direction and the velocity (this is not the view of international players MPH).

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